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   Chapter 44 Sleep In Separate Beds

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Nick looked at Owen. Apparently, he was very satisfied with Owen's appearance.

Leah and Greyson also looked at Owen.

Sarah was shocked. "Are you sure?"

"It doesn't matter." "Now that you can be the image representative of the Han Group to shoot short films for their jewelry products. Why can't he shoot short films with you?"

Greyson echoed, "Yes! As long as I think of our cold and domineering CEO showing his weakness and deep love in the short film, I will tremble with excitement!"

Looking at Greyson with a faint smile on his face, Owen said, "It turns out that you always think I'm cold and domineering, right?"

Greyson hurriedly waved his hand, "No, No. I was talking nonsense just now! Nowadays, bossy CEO was popular! But our CEO is not bossy at all. Staying with him every day is like bathing in the spring breeze!" After saying that, Greyson lowered his head and went back to his seat.

All the people present couldn't help laughing, and even Owen had a slight smile on his face.

Nick looked at Owen and picked up the script, "This story doesn't that simple. In fact, there are several passionate scenes in it, but they were not clear. One is that the two fell in love when they met on the Lantern Festival, and the two had a kissing scene.

"The second one happened in the wedding night. Although it's the wedding was interrupted, it's still a passion show. The last scene was that when the princess fed the general's son with the pill, the princess voluntarily helped the unconscious general's son to eat it, and then helped him absorb the energy. This scene also needed them kiss each other.

"If you don't want to lose face, I can find a male actor I know to act the general's son."

Speaking of this, Nick paused and smiled, "He is shooting an ancient costume play in the Ancient City Area. It's not a big deal to ask him to come." Then, Nick took out his phone and was about to make a call.

But just as he pressed the first button, a hand took his mobile phone away. Nick was happy in heart. 'It's all in my control. In order to let you cooperate with us, I have temporarily added a few more intimate scenes!"

"I agree!" Owen said coldly.

"In that case, let's have a good discussion about clothes and makeup."

In fact, when Nick came to H City this time, he had brought a full team, including those who were responsible for the light shooting, clothing, makeup, tools and martial arts guidance. There were more than a dozen people. As long as they finished their discussion, these people could get everything ready before starting the filming. All they needed to do was to shoot carefully.

The discussion didn't end until ten o'clock in the evening.

Sarah yawned and led Owen back to the room on the third floor.

"Why don't you take a shower first? There are two rooms here. We can have one for each." Said Sarah.

Owen still didn't say anything, but looked at her with burning eyes.

Sarah was alert and subconsciously held h

didn't forget that you put the word 'seem' in your words when you said you like me, right? Even you are not sure whether you like me or not. How dare you get angry with me?"

Sarah licked her lips and continued, "You set the fake marriage contract and the time, but now it's you who broke the rule. You are like an emperor who likes to dominate everything, but don't you don't know that the human heart is hard to be dominated? You like me, so you want me to like you. I know! But I don't dare to do that. I don't dare to like you. Do you know that?"

After hearing Sarah say "I don't dare to like you", Owen's absent-minded eyes lit up a little.

He asked dully, "Why?"

"Huh? Why?" Sarah continued, "Because you are Owen and I am just a nobody. How can I know what you are thinking? You can fall in love with something casually. Once you get board of it, it will become endless boredom. And I am that thing. Can you make sure you will like me forever?"

Owen was stunned.

"Yes, you can't. Have you ever thought about what I should do if you don't love me anymore? What should I do?" Sarah asked.

Owen fell silent.

Sarah turned her head away, tears welling up in her eyes. "That's why I feel confused and insecure when I'm with you without that contract. However, during the contract, you can only be good to me. You have to protect me when I am hurt, and you have to still care for me when I am helpless, because this is the content of the contract, and you have to abide by it. During the contract, I also need to cooperate with you, care about you and love you with all my heart. This is the contract."

Owen held her in his arms silently. That night, he slept in the next room and it was the first time they slept in the separate rooms.

Last time, they slept in the same bad for a whole night because Sarah were drunk. Since then, they basically slept in the same bed. Although they didn't have sex, they were still habitually sleeping together like the old couple.

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