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   Chapter 43 The Script (Part Two)

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Updated: 2020-09-23 00:03

"But you are the spokesperson of Han Group!"

"But it's not my will to endorse the Han Group's jewelry products!" Sarah reaffirmed.

"Please respect my wife's choice. I think you can find a more suitable one!" A low voice came from the gate.

Hearing the familiar voice, Sarah turned around and saw Owen. She ran to him and hugged him.

Looking at the woman running to him, Owen also smiled happily.

Greyson muttered, "They haven't seen each other for only one day. Look, how intimate they are now!"

Nick patted him on the shoulder and said, "That's the magic of love."

Owen walked over with Sarah and said to the two managers, "She won't step into the entertainment circle. The reason why she endorse the jewelry for our company is that we really can't find a suitable star, and I don't want her to experience the instability in the entertainment circle. Besides, I don't think man is willing to let his beloved woman enter the entertainment circle. You know it very well."

The two left dejectedly.

"Boss, you are awesome!" Greyson began to flatter again.

But Owen ignored him and only gave him the back of his head.

Touching Sarah's face, Owen asked, "Have you been wronged before?"


Seeing the two of them like this, Leah smiled and said, "Can you two go upstairs to exchange your sweet words? There are so many people here. I'm afraid that we'll be jealous until tomorrow!"

Sarah said to Leah angrily, "It's you who didn't bring Ander here. Everyone knows that as long as you are with Ander, other couples can only envy you two!"

Everyone joked and went upstairs.

At dinner, Nick handed the revised script to everyone and said, "The script is

the red wine on the table and took a sip. "How is it? Is everything okay?"

Sarah handed the script to Owen, "Have a look!"

After reading the script, Owen handed it to Leah. Leah closed the script and said seriously, "To be honest, it's a common story, but everyone likes this type of story - waiting for someone for a thousand years. How romantic!"

Greyson hurriedly took the script over and read it through, "Although the style of this story is a little stereotyped, it should be very beautiful when it was made into a film! I wonder if the director is professional enough..."

Nick picked up the grapes in the plate and threw them at him. "What do you mean? You doubt my ability? I'm a real outstanding student who graduated from Capita Film Academy. I'm a genius in scriptwriter, editing and director! I didn't want to come when my senior brother asked me to help him. He really had something to deal with at home, and he couldn't break the contract, so he could only invite me to take over the post! "

Sarah knocked on the wooden table slightly and asked, "Now the problem is who will act the general's son."

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