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   Chapter 42 The Script (Part One)

Feel My Unstoppable Love By Yan Huo Characters: 5534

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Yes, Rocky was well-known to the public as an heir of a powerful family in H City, but he was not fool. He was the son of the Secretary of H City, and his mother had just become the person in charge of the Ancient City Area of H city. Rocky and Owen, one was from an official family and the other was from a rich family. If they had the same status, the family with power would dominate. But now the situation was just the opposite. The formula now is simple — money talks. What's more, the central administration now took severe measures against of those who abuse power. His parents had warned him every day at home. He could play, but he couldn't go too far. If he really went too far, he would never have a chance to play again.

Therefore, when rocky saw that Sarah was the fiancee of Owen, he shrank a lot. What's more, Owen was famous on the Internet because of his extremely favoritism towards his wife. Besides, girls who obtained beauty by cosmetic surgery were everywhere, and Sarah was only one of them. He wanted to flirt with Sarah because he thought her beauty would attach prestige to him.

Thinking of this, Rocky stood up and said with a smile, "So you are the future wife of the CEO of the Han Group. I'm so sorry."

Greyson stepped forward and said, "Now you know, can you leave with your friends?"

Rocky said with a faint smile, "I will leave but it is not because I am afraid of anyone, but because I always have principles. I will never take other people's things!" Then he looked at his friends with a long face and said, "Let's go!"

Everyone stood up from their seats and shouted, "Let's go!"

However, Sarah also stood u

away when he knew our CEO's name. I'm so disappointed!"

When Sarah walked over, she found that there were two strangers, a man and a woman.

When they saw Sarah, their eyes lit up. The woman ran to Sarah and handed her business card to her. "Hello, Miss Sheng. I'm an agent of a famous star agency. Do you want to develop in the entertainment industry?"

The man came over and said, "Here's the thing. We have a female supporting role in a TV series withdrew for some reason. We just saw your photo in ancient costume and thought that you and our role fit well. Do you want to be a guest performer? We know that you are the fiancee of the CEO of the Han Group. Maybe you don't like this small budget TV series, but I think it's also a good experience for you!"

Leah drew an 8 on Sarah's back. She immediately understood what Leah meant. Shaking her head, she refused, "I'm sorry. I'm not interested in TV series."

The woman said, "Miss Sheng, don't you really consider it?"

With a smile on her face, Sarah said, "I don't think the Han family wanted to see me on the newspaper every day."

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