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   Chapter 41 A Useless Trash

Feel My Unstoppable Love By Yan Huo Characters: 10494

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"Ricky, what would you like to drink? Let me serve it!" The boss waved his hand and said briskly.

Rocky walked to Sarah. When his hand was about to touch Sarah's shoulder, she left in a flash.

Rocky put down his hands awkwardly. "What is everybody waiting for? Find a sit to sit!"

Sarah, Leah and Nick, who followed them later, found a table for four people and sat down at it. Sarah did not say a word, and Leah spoke first, "When I attended the fashion week in France, I went to a coffee shop and I had a cup of coffee there. The shop was especially fragrant and pure. But I forgot its name. Let me think about it. Ahhh! I remember it. It's Mandy's Cafe! Since I gave birth to my second baby, I haven't gone abroad. Unfortunately, there is no coffee shop in A city that can make coffee as good as Mandy's Cafe."

When Leah mentioned Mandy's cafe, the owner of the coffee shop was very excited. "Oh, my wife can make this kind of coffee. She drank this kind of coffee in her French teacher's house by chance and then went to ask how to make such coffee. I've also had it before. It's very pure. Especially if you don't add any coffee partner, it's more fragrant and pure."

"Where is your wife?" Leah asked.

"My wife has been pregnant for eight months, so I didn't let her out. The ancient city hasn't been fully developed yet. I've hired a part-time employee in my shop. That's how my shop is running."

Rocky sat opposite to Sarah. The seat was saved for Greyson, but he hadn't come yet and was making a phone call.

"Hot Girl, I haven't asked your name yet."

"My name is Sarah Sheng. Don't call me as Hot Girl. After all, it's the same to call any woman around." Sarah said with a smile, but her tone was obviously unfriendly.

"Gee! Sarah Sheng!" One of the female companions brought by Rocky's friend exclaimed, "Isn't Sarah Sheng the model who shot the advertisement for the Han Jewelry?"

"What? So you know her!" Rocky said in surprise and joy.

The girl continued, "I saw on the Internet that an employee of the Han Group posted a photo of Miss Sarah on micro-blog. I also saved a lot of her pictures. You can have a look. It's really amazing! The clothes, makeup, photography and the model were all perfect. Don't worry. I'll send the pictures I saved to you right away."

Rocky turned on his mobile phone and saw the pictures sent by the girl in the WeChat group. He looked at the photos one by one and praised, "Miss Sarah is a model. She is really beautiful and attractive! Is this the photo of the new products you made for the Han Group?" Rocky pointed at one photo in which Sarah was wearing the ring and earrings.

Sarah nodded. At that time, her phone rang. She secretly took it out and had a look. It was a WeChat message from Leah, which said, "That woman knows that you are Sarah, but she only says that you are a model. Did the reporters in the previous press conference reported that you are Owen's fiancee?"

Sarah replied, "This group of people did not have the same target. If you observe the owner of the coffee shop carefully, you will know that he wants us to leave as soon as possib

an he could not help having sex with me? I hate you! I hate you so much!"

"It's so ridiculous! You can't control your body. If he wanted to do it, you do it with him. How can you blame me?"

Leah, Nick and Greyson, who came in later, were also shocked by the conversation between the two women.

Looking at the traditional-fashioned Sarah, Lenore knew that she and Owen were about to get engaged, and that she had become the latest spokesperson of the Han Jewelry under the Han group. Sarah and Lenore used to be the closest friends, and the two of them were so close that they almost talked everything to each other. But now, the gap between the two were too huge. One was like the white clouds in the sky during the Spring Festival, and the other was the worst soil under men's feet.

Thinking of the gap between the two of them and all the hardships she had suffered in the past few months, Lenore couldn't help but shed tears. "Sarah, could you please let me go? Can you ask him to let me go? I can't stay in A city anymore, even in H city. Can you help me? Look at you, you are dressed like a fairy now, and I, I am the lowest thing, even inferior to a beggar." At least the beggar had dignity, but she had no dignity at all.

Sarah was also very distressed to see Lenore like this. From the makeup and dressing of Lenore, she had guessed her current career. "I can't help you. It's because you chose this path by yourself. If you had chosen to leave A city and go to a small city far away from A City, with your identity as a university graduate, you would have founded a good job!"

Lenore fell to the ground and cried.

Several men went up to help Lenore up, but they couldn't help taking advantage of her. Sarah shook her head and sighed when she saw that.

The girl who knew the truth curled her lips when she saw Lenore fall down so soon. "What a useless trash!"

Looking at this farce, Rocky's mind was running quickly. He opened the mobile phone browser and searched for "Sarah Sheng".

"Damn it!" Rocky cursed when he saw the information he found on the phone.

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