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   Chapter 30 I Love You Behaving Like This

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Sarah gave the fruits to everyone equally and went back to her room with the snacks.

She didn't know that after she left, several young girls were talking about her in an envious tone.

"The story between the domineering CEO and Cinderella is happening in our life. I always thought it only existed in TV or novels. Why can't it happen to me?"

Another girl cast a sidelong glance at her, "Do you want to meet a domineering CEO? 'I'd better improve myself first! At least you should wear clean clothes to make a good impression when you meet the CEO."

"You're right. Miss Sarah is so beautiful, so elegant and forthright. She is talented as well! I heard that it was she who proposed the set of jewelry produced by the Han Jewelry this time."

"Are you talking about the jewelry Miss Sarah wore in the morning when we took photos?"

"Yes! It's including the necklace, the earrings, the bracelets, the rings and the brooch! They are all very beautiful. I just want to buy them at a glance, but the prices are too high. I can't afford it!"

When Sarah went back to her room and opened the small box, she found that there were more than ten small cakes in it. They were sold in a cake shop near her college. Although they were not expensive, they were very delicious and were her favorite desserts. She just spilled the beans once, but the man kept it in mind.

"Oh mine! What a good memory he has!" Although she said so, there was always a happy expression on her face.

Sarah divided the cake into two parts and was about to send some to Leah's room. When she arrived at Leah's room, she found that there was a quarrel inside."

After thinking for a while, Sarah took the cake back.

Watt was waiting at the door of Sarah's room.

"What are you waiting for at the door of my room?" Sarah shouted, "I've told you that I don't want to see you. Can you stay away from me?"

"Don't you really consider being with me?" Watt asked

Sarah glanced at him and asked, "How do you think you can compare with Owen? Why should I give up Owen and choose you? What's wrong with you? I said I didn't love you and don't want to see you. Why are you still like a plaster?"

Then she pushed Watt and opened the door and locked it from inside.

"But I love you being like this!"

Sarah didn't want to call Owen because of this, but every time she saw Watt, she felt uncomfortable. After thinking for a while, she dialed Owen's number.

Owen's voice came through the microphone. It was not as cold as usual but more gentle. "Is the cake delicious?"

"To be honest, I haven't eaten yet. But I know the cake made by this shop is always delicious. I just said it casually, but I didn't expect you to remember it. Thank you."

"I have told you that you are my woman and I will be good to you."

"But there is one thing I want to tell you." After a pause, she didn't finish her words.

"What's the matter?"

"It's about Watt, your brother. He has been harassing me all the time. I don't understand what he said all day long. No matter how I scold him, it's useless. In fact, I don't want to tell him to you, but I really can't bear him to bother me every day."

"I will take care of it. Don't worry."

Everyone had a good rest in the afternoon, but they were still very tired, especially Ander and Leah.

Leah's eyes were red as if she had cried.

Looking at Leah's red eyes, Sarah was in a shock. Did they quarrel so fiercely at noon? Did Leah even cry?

After that, Ander came over and changed his attitude towards Sarah totally. It was always Leah who was particularly friendly to her before, but Ander had always been only polite to her.

But today, things had changed to the other way. [安雅] was cold to Sandra, but Ander was much friendlier.

What the hell was going on? Sarah wondered. The rest of the photos were taken in less than an hour in the afternoon. After that, Sarah changed her clothes and took a photo with the students.

Then she folded the clothes designed by Leah and sent them to Leah's room along with the fruit cake.

When Leah opened the door and saw Sarah, she pulled her out of the room and began to apologize, "Sarah, I did something wrong. I hope you can forgive me..."

"What's wrong?"

"My brother is an entertainment reporter of the New Oriental Newspaper. Today he knows that we are taking the still pictures, so he sneaked into Anderleah with his camera and took many photos without tell us. After Ander knew it, he strongly demanded to destroy all the photos taken secretly by my brother. I didn't agree, but Ander actually wanted to smash his camera. I just explained a few words, but he started to quarrel with me." After a pause, Leah continued, "This is my brother's memory card. He said that he would only report our gossip news after your new product launch."

Sarah returned the memory card to Leah and comforted her in a low voice, "Leah, I trust you. You can keep this memory card. In fact, I don't think it's necessary to keep it a secret. There might be some benefits if we disclose it in advance. Don't feel guilty. It's not your fault."

At that time, Watt and Lind, Leah's younger brother, went out of Anderleah with their camera. When they walked out of

the courtyard door, Lind took out his mobile phone and clicked on a video, which was the video of the quarrel between Sarah and Watt.

"Sure enough, you are professional. You can even shoot a video in secret so well."

"If I didn't ask you to go upstairs and wait for her in advance, could you take the video? I guess you can't even take a picture of her hair!"

"Ha ha, I didn't expect that you would ask me to dig out such big news!" Lind chuckled and said, "I want to think carefully about this tille, which makes people to click it once they see it. It is better to call it 'Abnormal Love in the Rich Family: a Young Brother Loves His Sister-in-law, and Asks her to Be With Him!' What do you think?"

"It's up to you. You must be professional in this kind of thing."

"Well, well, I guess I will be promoted to the editor director this time. When it's done, I'll treat you to a big dinner!"

After the work ended, Owen came to pick up Sarah. Seeing that Owen had come, Briane drove back to the company first. This car was the company's car.

Leah invited Sarah and Owen to have dinner together, but Owen thanked her and refused.

Owen called Watt outside and punched him in the belly. "You should know why I hit you very well. I hope this matter is over, because there are some things that you can't imagine, because you don't have that ability."

Watt didn't expect that Owen would make a move as soon as he said it, and he didn't spare any strength. His belly was so painful that it seemed to be knotted, and his waist couldn't stand straight.

After seeing Sarah and Owen get on the car together, Watt looked at the receding car and smiled, "When this video is released, I'll see how you two are doing! Even if I give you what I can't get, I will make you sick after you get it. "

On the second day, when Sarah and Owen were about to go to work after breakfast, Owen had received a message from his secretary, asking him to watch the news.

"Repost: gossip, gossip! 'Abnormal Love in the Rich Family: a Young Brother Loves His Sister-in-law, and Asks her to Be With Him?' Who the hell is the fiancee of the CEO of Han Group? She attracts the two young men of Han family fall in love with her!"

Owen asked his secretary to call and ask who was the first one to spread the news.

"It's the New Oriental Newspaper!"

"New Oriental?" Sarah was stunned. Didn't Leah's brother belong to the newspaper? But yesterday, her brother just took still pictures of them. How could he know the conversation between her and Watt that day?

Did he go upstairs to take pictures of her and Watt instead of leaving?

Thinking for a while, Sarah called Leah.

At this time, Leah was still sleeping. It was not until Sarah made three phone calls that she heard Leah's voice.

A dazed voice came through the phone, "What's up, Sarah?"

"Leah, your brother not only took our photos in Ander Leah yesterday, but also took the video of me quarreling with Watt upstairs!"

"What? !" Leah's face turned pale with fright. "What should we do now?"

"Send me your brother's phone number. I'll ask him what's going on!"

Sarah repeated the number reported by Leah, "1335712XXXX..."

As Sarah read, Owen clicked on the screen and called the number soon.

"I'm Owen, the CEO of the Han Group. Now I am asking you to delete the video you secretly recorded last night. Why? Because you recorded my fiancee's video without her permission, which violated my fiancee's portrait right and privacy right. I can even sue you for slander! Our group has always been cooperating with your sister Leah. If such a thing affects our relationship with Anderleah, your sister will really lose more than gain."

Sarah also took out her mobile phone to browse the news. As expected, the news was on the first page, and the video had been clicked by an astonishing 500 thousand number of times. It was only 8 o'clock in the morning. If a few days later, it would be easy to break through five million.

On the other side of the phone, Lind nodded in a hurry. "I'll delete the source file soon, but you have to find a way to delete the copies of it."

"You don't have to worry about that. I'll get rid of it soon."

After hanging up the phone, Owen went to arrange other things. Ten minutes later, he said to Sarah, "You can have a rest today. The short video will be shot in two days. I will go with you then. I won't let Watt go easily this time. "

Three or four hours later, the reposted articles on the Internet were removed by the people Owen sent one by one.

Although the original video information of the reposted article was gone, as long as it was recorded on the Internet, it would naturally form a point. It could still be seen by anyone who wanted to.

"Watt, I'll give you a chance. Go back to the old house for dinner tonight and bring two bottles of beer. As long as you understand what I mean."

Sarah's micro-blog became popular again, and the number of fans had reached an astonishing about one million and two hundred thousand. Since she didn't have a comment function, no one could vent their anger on her.

So a new topic appeared on micro-blog? "Is she attractive?" A new storm was approaching her.

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