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   Chapter 29 Ingratiation (Part Two)

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"So she is the wife of the rich family! But she is really beautiful and elegant! I think this dress is too red. I don't know if she can hold it later."

A smart young man had taken out his mobile phone and was about to record it. However, when his mobile phone appeared, Leah found it.

"Young man, you can't do this!" Lean clapped her hands and motioned the students to look at her. "This is a publicity photo of the Han Jewelry. It needs to be confidential! When your professor asked me to bring you here, I didn't want to take you with me. But now that your professor has asked me to do so, I think I can take you with me. However, you are not allowed to take photos of models. If you really like this beautiful girl, you can leave your contact information. When the Han Jewelry has new products, I can send the high-definition big picture to your mailbox. What do you think?"

Hearing Leah's words, all the students present cheered.

"Thank you, Mrs. Leah!"

"Thank you!"

The young man with the phone just now raised his hand and asked, "Mrs. Leah, after the photos are finished, could I take a photo with this beautiful young lady? An ordinary photo is enough! "

"Well, you need to discuss this with the beautiful girl! If she agrees, I won't stop her. But you need to take photos by yourselves. Ander and I won't help you!"

"Oh, yeah! Thank you, Mrs. Leah!"

Because of Leah's words, a large number of young people gathered around Sarah. "Beautiful lady, I have to make an appointment to take photos with you after work! Is that okay?"

That was what Watt saw when he arrived at Anderleah. Sarah, who was in the red dress, was surrounded by young men and women, which made her outstand more among the crowd.

For a moment, the anger on Watt's face could no longer be hidden. How could Owen deserve to take charge of the whole Han Group and find such a beautiful woman to be his wife!

All these should be mine, both the Han Group and the woman!

I must get them all!

Seeing the expression on Watt's face, Briane shook his head and said to himself, 'A beauty is a disaster!" Suddenly, a girl's charming and lovely smile appeared in his mind, and he gently smiled.

Although it was already autumn, the temperature did not fall. After noon, the courtyard was burning under the scorching sun.

Ander had finished two third of his work. After calculating the time and looking at the blazing sun in the sky, Ander announced that everyone could rest for 2 and a half hours and then continue with the remaining work at half past two in the afternoon.

Work was always tiring. Even Sarah, who was only posturing, modeling, and facial expressions was exhausting. Not to mention the students who needed to carry all kinds of stuff, as well as Ander and Leah who were busy with their own work.

When they heard Ander's words, they almost fell to the ground. The lunch was prepared by the servant of Ander and Leah. They were tired and hungry, devouring the food quickly, without noticing the taste of the food at all.

Sarah, on the other hand, couldn't eat at all. It was hot and she was tired. Her stomach was rumbling, but she couldn't eat anything when she saw the food.

At this time, someone shouted outside the yard, "Is Miss Sarah here?"

"Yes, she is here." Some students sat under the shade of a tree in the courtyard to have a rest after dinner.

"Someone has ordered food delivery service for her. Could you please tell Miss Sarah and let her take it?"

Leah had arranged a room for Sarah. When she was about to take a rest there, she heard someone call her and ask her to get the takeout.

"Hello, Miss Sarah. This is the takeout ordered by Mr. Han for you. Please sign for it." As he spoke, a big box was handed in from outside the wooden fence.

Sarah took the box and her arms sank. My God, how heavy was this?

The delivery man smiled and said, "It's a little heavy. If you can't carry it, I can help you carry it in."

Sarah shook her hand and said, "No, thank you! Thank you."

Just after she signed for it, Owen called her.

"It's hot today. I know you don't have any appetite, so I bought you some appetizers and fruits. The food is a little much. You can enjoy it with others."

Before she could reply, Owen hung up the phone.

Looking at the dimmed screen of her phone, Sarah criticized in her heart, "You are an idiot. It is was too heavy. She even could not carry it herself. It's at least ten pounds."

At the door, Sarah opened the big box. Half of the box was fruit and half was cake.

Watt had been watching when someone called Sarah. Seeing that she was receiving the package at the door, he guessed that there was something to eat in it.

"Why didn't I think the idea to order food for her?" Watt stamped his feet and then rushed downstairs to help her to carry the heavy box. But when he went downstairs, two students had already helped her carry the box into the room.

Watt was so embarrassed that he kept walking around like a bee. Even if Sarah didn't give him a good face and even made a detour when she saw him, Watt's ingratiating intention couldn't be dispelled.

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