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   Chapter 28 Ingratiation (Part One)

Feel My Unstoppable Love By Yan Huo Characters: 5879

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Leah had made five sets of clothes of different styles for her in the past ten days, one of which was red improved Chinese traditional costume.

Sarah fell in love with this improved Chinese traditional dress at a glance. She pointed at the red dress and said, "Leah, can I try on this dress first?"

"You have sharp eyes. This Chinese traditional dress is the inspiration I got from your design drawing. It's also the main one of all these dresses. Your company designed a set of jewelry with ancient elements, so I designed a red improved ancient Chinese traditional dress to go on with the phoenix. But I guess when you wear this improved Chinese traditional dress to shoot the video, there will be some pedantic people to speak low of me. "


"Maybe it's because I don't respect Chinese culture and change it at will. Of course, maybe this one can only be regarded as a dress, and it can't deserved to be called Chinese traditional dress at all."

Sarah hugged Leah and comforted her, "Leah, don't worry about those people. I think the clothes are beautiful, and the one who wear them must look beautiful. As long as they can be accepted by ordinary people, that's enough."

"Do you think everyone is as kind as you?" Leah sighed, "You haven't seen those keyboard men outside. Public clamor can confound right and wrong."

"Who says I haven't seen keyboard men before?" Sarah said in a low voice, "When I was first with Owen, I was maliciously slandered by my previous best friend, and then all the rumors about me began to spread online. If it weren't for the clarification of Owen later, I would not have had the courage to go out."

"Well, let's not talk about something annoying. Although these dresses are customized with your measurements, I'm afraid that some parts of your body might have changed in the past few days. You'd better put them on and let me have a look." As she spoke, she glanced at Sarah's breasts.

Sarah put her arms around her chests unconsciously, "Leah, what are you talking about?" Then she went into the bathroom with the clothes.

Leah had been waiting outside for five or six minutes. When she found that Sarah hadn't come out yet, she knocked on the door. "Sarah? Why haven't you put on your clothes yet? "

"I... I'm dressed! But I'm too embarrassed to come out." She was a little embarrassed that she was almost not able to walk with this dress.

"Come out, let me see how it is on you."

As soon as Leah finished speaking, the door of the bathroom opened a crack. The girl poked her head out, and Leah pulled her out.

Considering that the dress was to show off the jewelry, the red improved Chinese traditional dress used the elements of the Tang Dynasty's skirt with three quarter sleeves, in order to show off the bracelets and rings. The dress was short in front and long in back. Leah went over to make the dress in a good shape. It was not until then that Sa

rah found that the part of the dress that was dragged on the floor could be shaped into a beautiful fan-shaped one.

Leah slowly pushed her to the huge mirror in the room and said, "Look at yourself carefully. Do you think you are beautiful now?"

Sarah was shocked by herself in the mirror. She had never thought that she could become so beautiful. The bright red dress set off her snow-white skin, and the low cut skirt revealed the large area of delicate skin on her chest. Because the dress was mainly used to show off jewelry, there was no complicated pattern, only there were many hidden patterns and gold threads at the bottom of the dress that could not be noticed without a close look. When she walked, the dark lines and the golden lines could be seen alternatively, which were breathtaking.

"You're so beautiful. It suits you very well!" Leah's face showed the kind of expression that you didn't disappoint me or you deserve my carefully-designed clothes.

Then, Leah made Sarah's hair into a bun with only a few strands of hair hanging down at her back. The bun was inlaid with red silk flowers, which made her look like an ancient girl. However, the makeup Leah used was not like a lady from the Tang Dynasty. The main reason was that young men and women in this era didn't like those makeup.

In order to get the best effect, Leah applied heavy makeup to her, especially the eyeliner. The eyeliner was very long, and the eye shadow was bright red. Leah stared at her for ten minutes, and finally put on a very unique eye makeup for Sarah. Every time she looked at herself in the mirror, she always felt that there was am extremely beautiful girl in the mirror who was so attractive.

It was so beautiful that even she herself couldn't believe it.

Leah looked at Sarah and said, "I am told that you are going to be engaged. Have you found the makeup artist?"

Lowering her head, she said, "I don't know yet. Owen hasn't said when he will get engaged..."

"Remember to inform me in advance when you are engaged. I can help you make up and let you appear in front of everyone beautifully."


When Sarah appeared on the green lawn in the red improved Chinese traditional dress, all the young men and women in the yard stopped their work.

"My God! So beautiful!"

"Is she the new model? Why haven't we seen her before? Even the news of the Han Group has only exposed her a few times, but we haven't seen her face..."

"I don't know which is more beautiful, the dress, or the person. I can only say that the dress and the person go so well!"

"I think she looks familiar! Ah! I got it! She is the fiancee of the CEO of the Han Group! A few days ago, she was cheated on by her best friend. Later, her best friend was gossiping about her on the forum. Later, Mr. Owen held a press conference to refute the rumor for her. I happened to be shopping in the mall at that time. I watched it. "

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