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   Chapter 27 Getting Drunk

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"When will the CEO come?" Cici poked Briane's arm with her finger and said, "I don't think my goddess can hold on any longer. The Japanese sake is made from rice, so she didn't feel anything when she drank it for the first time. It would be different after a while. It's all my fault. Why should I order the Japanese sake?"

Brian rubbed the bun on Cici's head and said, "Don't be upset. You didn't expect that Miss Sarah would be in a bad mood after she came back from the bathroom."

"I wonder what happened to my goddess"

When Owen arrived at the Japanese restaurant, Cici fell asleep, leaning against Briane's shoulder, while Sarah was bending over the table.

Owen hold her in his arms and said to Briane, "I took her back."

Cici suddenly woke up from her dream, "Ah! Boss, you are here! Briane, why did I fall asleep leaning against you? How long have I slept?"

Briane did not know what to say.

Owen carefully put Sarah on the front seat and thoughtfully extended the seat. When he tied the seat belt for her, his hand touched her waist. Bang! The back of his hand was hit hard by the drunk woman!

"Hale Chen! Get away from me! The further you go, the better! I don't want to see you anymore! What a loser!"

Owen knew that Sarah's ex-boyfriend was called Hale Chen, so the reason why the woman was in a bad mood was because of that man? After thinking for a while, Owen went back to the Japanese restaurant and paid the bill for Sarah.

On the way to the car, Owen smelled the strong smell of alcohol from the woman. He tried many times to roll down the window to blow the smell away, but because it was late at night and there was no blanket on the car, he was afraid that the cold wind would make Sarah catch a cold.

Bearing the smell of alcohol, Owen took Sarah back to the mansion of the Han family. As soon as he returned to his room, he put her in the bathtub without getting off her clothes. But before he could pour water in the bathtub, Sarah struggled and held Owen tightly.

If it weren't for the fact that her hadn't moved, Owen would have thought that she was taking advantage of him by getting drunk.

Owen helped her take a shower, dried her hair, changed her into clean pajamas, and then carried her to bed.

That night, the two of them slept in the same bed for the first time.

In the morning, Sarah woke up from her nightmare. The sun was shining and the flowers were blooming outside the window.

When she saw herself lying on Owen's big bed, she sprang up from the bed and felt a headache!

Sarah turned around and saw Owen, who was still sleeping soundly like a baby. It was the first time for her to see Owen sleeping. The sleeping man looked gentle and harmless. His thick eyebrows were as strong as swords, and his thick eyelashes were long and black. His perfect face was like a god.

This was Owen, her fake fiance. Although she knew clearly that this relationship was fake, she knew that she had stepped into the abyss he had set for her, an abyss that she could not step out.

Although she was drunk last night, her memory was still there. She saw her ex-boyfriend. Now he had become a male prostitute who sold his body. What was more embarrassing was that the woman he served was a woman she knew.

She returned to the private room and began to drink. Then she was naturally drunk. Someone carried her into the car and helped her take a shower and change her pajamas.

Pajamas? All of a sudden, she became alert. She found under her collar there was a void in the inner part. Fortunately, there was no strange mark on her body. At this time, when she looked at the side face of Owen, she felt complex feelings in her heart, which could not be described clearly. She wanted to get up and wash up, but her head was painful as if it was pricked by a needle. Then she remembered that it was Saturday today. She thought for a while and lay down again.

The moment she lay down, a pair of big hands went into her clothes. Her body stiffened, but soon she softened and fell asleep.

The moment she lay down again, Owen opened his eyes with a complicated look.

After this incident, the relationship between the two was on the right track. Although they were still a little awkward, it still gave people a sweet feeling.

Every time the Sarah and Owen came together in front of everyone, Sarah would hear other people's praise.

"The CEO is so nice to his fiancee!"

"The CEO and Miss Sarah are a perfect match!"

"Oh, I envy them so much! We are here for work, not to see their love. No matter how nice their love is, I don't want to see it!"

"Damn it! When can I find my boyfriend? When can I show off my love to others?"

Cici had made fun of Sarah more than once, but it was useless to make fun of her. Sarah had been trained to be immune to all tease.

The breaking news on micro-blog continued. Because of these few messages, the number of Cici's fans had risen to five million on micro-blog, and the number of their attention was slowly increasing. Sarah was now a medium Internet celebrity.

The shooting of the short film had been put on the schedule. At this most critical moment, the director who signed the contract to shoot the short film asked for leave because his mother seriously ill abroad. The director had already taken a leave to visit his sick mother abroad. According to the shooting contract, they had to either wait for him to come back from abroad to continu

e his work, or to terminate the contract in peace between the two sides. He would recommend others to continue to shoot the contract.

Unfortunately, the man he recommended lived in a remote village and couldn't be contacted at all. Watt sent Cici to the southwest to bring the man the director recommended back.

Since Cici went out for business, the hard photo shooting a few days later would have to be supervised by another one.

So Watt made use of his privilege to make himself the supervisor.

Looking at the pictures on the computer, Watt burst into laughter. He felt that he was really attracted by Sarah, especially after he saw so many beautiful photos of Sarah from Anderleah.

On the day when Sarah was going to take photos with Anderleah, she received a message from Cici.

"My goddess, I'm on my way back. I'll come to our company in about two days. You have to tolerate a lot these days. Remember, not to be alone with Watt. He is more lascivious than you think. He doesn't care if you are his sister-in-law or anyone else. As long as he is attracted by you, he will definitely take actions first. Keep an eye on him!"

Soon, it was the day for taking those still pictures. Owen had something else to do and couldn't send Sarah to Anderleah himself, but he promised again and again that he would go to Anderleah to see her. Watt's car was a very eye-catching Ferrari in bright yellow.

At that time, Watt leaned against the car and gazed at Sarah who walked out of the office bulding in a white dress. He looked at the young and beautiful woman with a confident smile on his face. He deliberately used something to stop Owen, so that he could drive her to Anderleah.

Looking at the smile on Watt's face, Sarah sneered in her mind. At that time, a low-key Mercedes S350 stopped in front of the office building of the Han Group. Holding the hemline of her dress, Sarah got on the car. She lowered the glass of the window and said to Watt, "Director Han, I'm sorry. If you are waiting for someone, I'll go to Anderleah first."

Before Watt could react, she rose to glass of the window and said to Briane who was sitting in the driver's seat and said, "Let's go." On the surface, it was Watt who accompanied her to take the still picture, but in fact, it was Briane who followed them. Braine's job was to ensure the samples of the Jewelry to be safe!

After all, these samples were the first set of jewelry handmade by the factory experienced handcraft men. It was beautiful and meaningful.

Seeing the car steadily accelerating and then getting into the road, Watt was so angry that he kicked the car hard. The pain from his foot made him have to stop. Then he got on the driver's seat in a huff. The yellow wind sports car's engine was as loud as thunder, and the speed made all the passers-by and other drivers angry.

When Sarah arrived at Anderleah, it was earlier than the time they appointed with Ander and Leah. However, Ander and Leah had been waiting in the courtyard early in the morning. When they saw a car parking outside, the two of them came out to greet the guests.

"Good morning, Ander. Morning, Leah."

"Good morning, Miss Sarah. You look gorgeous!"

Sarah greeted Ander and Leah. Standing behind Sarah, Briane carried a tightly packed box in his hand, which was actually a small safe. Although the price of this set of jewelry was only about one hundred thousand, it would take 35 days to make the next set if it was lost. The time was more precious than one hundred thousand dollars.

"Let's go inside and have a look at the clothes I specially designed for you! I believe you will like it at the first sight!" Leah said with a smile.

Sarah passed through the yard and noticed that there were many young people in uniform in the yard. They gathered together in groups of two or three people and built all kinds of scenes.

Leah explained, "This is student from the Costume Design Department of A University and MY Art College. They are here to watch and learn. Their teacher and I are classmates. Every time I have any work, they will come to help and learn. I don't know if they have learned something, but it's true that we have many helpers!"

Hearing this, Sarah smiled knowingly.

Several sharp-eyed young students noticed Sarah and whispered, "Is this the mysterious beauty in the micro-blog last time?"

A girl said, "Is she the spokesperson of Han Jewelry this time? It's a little far away. I can only recognize that the dress she is wearing is a high-end customized Chanel dress. "

A boy glanced at her and said, "Girls like you can only notice her clothes. Don't you see her back so beautiful?"

"Hump, isn't that right. Aren't you noticing her beautiful back? Superficial!"

At the porch, Sarah saw the National Golden Retriever lying under the eaves. She smiled and touched its head. She asked, "Where is Anson?"

"We have sent him to the kindergarten!"

"No wonder I don't see him."

"Did you come here alone this time? Where is Miss Cici?"

"She went to the northwest to invite the director of this short film. The publicity director of our company came with me this time, but I got rid of him."

"Is that Watt?" Leah asked.

Sarah nodded, "Yes!"

"This man is evil. We have met him before."

"If it's not necessary, I don't want to have any contact with him. Forget it. Let's go to see the clothes." urged Sarah.

She really couldn't wait to see Leah's works!

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