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   Chapter 10 Meet The Shameless Couple Again (Part One)

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Her foster parents had called her a long time ago if her phone was not powered off.

She turned on the phone in a hurry. Leaning against the side, Owen said in an indifferent and cold voice, but with a strong sense of command, "I warn you! We have signed a contract. There is a confidential agreement in the contract, and we can't reveal the fake marriage to the public. You should apologize to your foster parents and invite them to attend the wedding. I will treat my parents in law as distinguished guests."

"Ha ha... I'm afraid they won't come. If they come, they will ruin your wedding!" Sarah grinned and her phone rang again.

She frowned and looked at the phone. Finally, she picked it up. "Hello?"

"How dare you hang up on me?! Sarah, you ungrateful girl, how dare you?" Sarah's foster father kept repeating his bad words.

Sarah listened silently. She wanted to argue, but she had nothing to say.

Finally, when her father asked her to go back home, she refused in a low voice, "I'm sorry, Father. I can't go back. I must get married. My sister's physical condition was not good, which was an innate disease. Now she was much better. As long as she was not tired, she would be fine. I can't give up the one I love. I'm sorry."

"Ungrateful girl! It's better to keep a pet!" Sarah hung up the phone, feeling guilty.

Looking at her, Owen wanted to say something, but he said nothing in the end. He turned around and went upstairs. After taking something, he left.

Sitting alone at home, Sarah felt depressed.

Two days later, Owen informed Sarah to try on the wedding dress, but he had something to do later and asked her to take the housekeeper to go there first.

In a high-grade customized wedding dress shop, The old housekeeper respectfully took Sarah to the second floor to try on the wedding dress.

The long-trailed wedding dress was incomparably gorgeous, and the neat cut made her figure outstanding.

Standing in front of the fitting mirror, she looked at herself in a daze. She felt that she was so beautiful!

The shop assistant walked up to her, smiled at her and said, "Miss Sarah, you are so beautiful and gorgeous. I think this wedding dress is really suitable for you. Of course, if you are not satisfied with anything else, we can change it. This is just a preliminary product customized according to your size. The details can be changed conveniently."

Sarah looked at the wedding dress and shook her head. It was beautiful and she was satisfied with it, but she was a little confused. Could a wedding dress shop make such a high-grade wedding dress in ten days?

Of course they could and the designer and tailor were both tired with dark circles under their eyes. Now they were all lying in the lounge!

Sarah looked at herself in the mirror and said firmly, "There is no need to change. Everything is suitable."

As soon as she finished speaking, she was about to go into the fitting room and t

ake off the wedding dress. But she heard the voice of two people coming from the first floor.

"This one looks good!"

"Not for you!"

"Then this one is also very beautiful!"

"It's not suitable for you either!"

A man and a woman seemed to be picking wedding dresses, but they had a dispute.

No matter which the woman liked, the man said it was not appropriate.

In fact, it was not that the wedding dress was not suitable, but that the price was not appropriate. It was just that the man didn't want to be straightforward for the sake of dignity.

The voices of these two people was so familiar that Sarah's face changed. She stiffened, lifted the hemline of her dress and walked to the stairway of the second floor, looking down.

When she saw the two people downstairs, she was stunned.

It was them!

Her feet seemed to be stuck by something. Standing at the stairs, Sarah couldn't help trembling. Sarah held the gauze tightly in her hand and stared at the people downstairs -- the two bad people, Lenore and Hale. It was them who spoke a moment ago!

They were choosing wedding dresses?! A shameless man and a shameless woman!

Indeed, Lenore and Hale were choosing wedding dresses.

After taking Sarah's stuff and money, Lenore and Hale were very worried, afraid that she would call the police.

So these two bad guys went abroad.

They had spent most of their time abroad, so they didn't know anything about the domestic news.

Therefore, they didn't know that Sarah, who had been tricked by them, was about become the young lady of the famous rich family in the world.

These two evil guys lived abroad for more than 10 days, and then finally couldn't live there anymore. Because there was no money left!

So she came back secretly.

Not only that, they even swaggered into a famous wedding dress shop to choose a wedding dress. But in fact, they couldn't even afford a piece of the wedding dress in this room. Hale's performance was the best proof.

For this pair of shameless old acquaintances, Sarah sniffed.

She stood at the top of the stairs and sneered at them. She smiled and said, "Long time no see!"

Hearing the voice of Sarah, the figures of Hale and Lenore were obviously frozen, but unfortunately, they had their back to Sarah.

Otherwise, Sarah would definitely be able to see their expressions as if they had seen a ghost at the first time.

They slowly turned around and looked at Sarah. Sure enough, they seemed to be frightened.

In addition, when Hale saw her standing at the stairs of the second floor in a white wedding dress like a goddess, his mouth slightly opened.

She looked so beautiful now!

Looking at the woman beside him, Hale frowned in disgust!

Lenore looked at Sarah's new, shining figure like a goddess, with a trace of jealousy in her eyes. Then there was a question. Why did she suddenly change and appear in front of them in an expensive wedding dress?

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