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   Chapter 9 He seemed To Like Staring At Her

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The driver looked back at Owen quietly. The latter raised his slender hand slightly and asked the driver to get out first.

The driver lowered his head and got off the car respectfully.

Owen stared at Sarah's sleeping face for a long time.

She didn't wake up until she felt someone was staring at her in her dream. Plus, she didn't sleep well in the car.

When she woke up, she was so frightened that she struggled to get up and leaned against the door.

She swallowed hard and looked at Owen. "Mr. Owen, I'm sorry. I fell asleep."

Owen didn't say anything, but continued to stare at Sarah.

Sarah leaned against the car door and looked at Owen.

She felt that Owen seemed to like to stare at her, especially when she was asleep.

Was it because she looked like his former lover?

That day in the Han family's mansion, although Owen interrupted his mother and Goss, she understood what they meant.

She looked like his former girlfriend.

But since he was so infatuated with her, why didn't he find his former lover and make her back?

Could that girl not stand him so she ran away?

Or had she married anyone else?

Sarah was very curious, but she didn't dare to ask. Judging from the expression of Owen at the Han family mansion that day, she knew that his former lover was someone who could not been mentioned before Owen.

Whoever mentioned it to him would be unlucky.

The two of them stared at each other in a daze. After their eyes met, Owen pursed his lips and said in a low voice, "Are you awake?"

"Yes, I'm awake." She woke up for a long while.

"Then get off the car!"


They got out of the car and went back to their rooms.

Suddenly, something occurred to Sarah and she knocked on the door of Owen's room.

After Owen opened the door, Sarah was shocked by what she saw.

Owen's honey-colored skin was shown in front of her. His upper body was bare, and his perfect chest and abdominal muscles showed the masculine beauty of a man. He was as beautiful and handsome like a model.

A white towel hung on his neck, and water drops were falling from his black hair, along his chest all the way to his lower abdomen, and flowed into his white bath towel.

Sarah stared at his belly and swallowed hard.

With a sneer, Owen said, "Woman, your eyes discovered what's in your mind clearly. What do you want to do as you knock at my door at such a late hour?"

"I want to..." With a flattering look on her face, Sarah said, "I want to apply for a rest on the weekend."

Owen did not speak.

Seeing that Owen didn't say anything, Sarah raised a small finger and said, "It's okay to take a one-day break."

She was so tired that she had to rest.

Otherwise, even if she could earn several million, so it was meaningless to her.

She would be exhausted by then.

"Okay! You can have a rest!" Owen looked at her and finally agreed.

Sarah was so excited that she almost jumped up from the ground and kept stamping her feet and dancing.

"Hush!" Owen glanced at her. The servants downstairs had already went to bed.

Sarah nodded in a hurry.

Looking at her, Owen frowned and asked in a low voice, "Do you have anything else to tell me?"

"yes!" Sarah nodded seriously, frowned and asked him seriously, "Can I take a rest tomorrow? Or you can change it with my vocation day."

Owen closed his eyes and did not reply for a short while. .

This woman was really weak.

"Okay!" Owen agreed in the end.

Sarah smiled and said, "Thank you."

"Are you still here?" Owen raised his eyebrows.

"I am leaving!" Raising her eyebrows, Sarah turned around and was about to leave. If she didn't leave, Owen would do something to her again.

Sarah noticed that Owen's Adam's apple was throbbing.

On the second day, she didn't get up until the sun had risen high in the morning. She stretched herself in the warm sunshine outside the window and sighed to herself, "Life is so beautiful!"

Owen went to work early in the morning. As the president of the Han Group, he was busy with his work every day. So he also showed off their love with Sarah everywhere. He was like an iron man.

Sarah admired Owen's physical strength.

She sat in front of the computer and watched video programs.

She happened to see the program she and Owen had made a few days ago was broadcasted.

Standing in the audience's angle again, she listened to the nonsense of Owen. The love story he told was really beautiful.

However, Sarah got goose bumps all over her body.

When she was marveling at the ability of Owen to make up lies, she heard her phone ringing.

When she took the phone and saw the number on the screen, she almost dropped it.

As soon as she picked up the phone, she heard her foster mother's voice coming from the receiver, "Sarah, are you going to get married? !"

Sarah bit her lips and said to the phone, "Yes, I'm getting married."

"Do you still care about our parents? Don't you know why we raised you? Didn't we treat you well enough? You want to learn design, so we will pay a big sum of money for it! Don't you know why? Let me tell you, I don't agree with your marriage! You can't get married before your sister gets married! Break up with that Owen right now! Don't think you can be ungrateful by hook up with the rich. I tell you it's impossible. If we hadn't adopted you, you wouldn't have known where you were."

"Mom! Don't be so excited. I..."


What? Do you want to break up with that man?"

"I..." Sarah pinched between her eyebrows and looked embarrassed.

On the other side of the phone, Sarah's foster mother sneered, "I raised you for your sister. If anything happens to her, can you bear the responsibility?"

"I..." Sarah couldn't bear the consequence.

However, Sarah felt that her foster parents' idea was ridiculous.

But Sarah was indeed adopted because of their ridiculous ideas. Otherwise, she might have been frozen to death on the street, or she might have been bought by a beggar group. After she was raised, she might have her hands and feet chopped off to beg everywhere.

Compared with her death or miserable life, she was living a good life now.

Her foster parents never mistreated her materially, but they also treated her mentally.

Of course, there was a reason why they were kind to her materially. Her foster parents treated her well for their own daughter.

For a long time, Sarah couldn't figure out the reason. Her foster father was anxious. He grabbed the phone and scolded angrily, "Ungrateful girl you are! I have raised you up, but now you want your sister's life! Let me tell you, you have to be responsible for her! If anything bad happened to her, you can't live. You lived for her, or do you think we are willing to support you? It's not that you can't get married, but after your sister gets married and becomes someone else's family, you don't have to protect her from disaster! Then you can get married!"

Sarah frowned and sighed. She couldn't blame her foster parents for superstition. After all, they raised her up. They also believed that it was a real idea to prevent a disaster for their daughter by another girl. The biological daughter of her foster parents, also known as her sister, had been weak and sick from childhood, and could not be cured in any way. When she was a child, she had been seriously ill and almost dead many times.

Later, under the guidance of some phonies, they adopted Sarah, who they believe could help their biological daughter from the disaster.

Since then, their daughter was actually much better. Although she was still very weak, she had never been informed of a critical illness.

Since then, the parents of the family had been more superstitious. They never treated her harshly, because they believed that the better her life was, the more their daughter could be brought up.

Her foster parents lived in the south of the country, and they were members of the local rich and powerful family.

The people of the Shen family often regarded themselves as the descendants of the nobility. The family still maintained the traditional life mode, and there was still a creature like the patriarch, who was still in a high position.

In the eyes of ordinary people, these were a little strange and ridiculous.

Sarah's foster parents were just ordinary people. They were known for being mean, but they were very generous to their two daughters.

They didn't need to say much about their own daughter.

It was completely because of superstition that Sarah could protect her own daughter that they treated Sarah so well.

Now that Sarah was going to get married, it seemed that no one would protect their daughter from the disaster, so her foster parents didn't want her to get married no matter what reason Sarah had. And they would fall out with her in a minute!

Sarah's father was still cursing on the phone, and her foster mother cut in from time to time. She kept cursing Sarah for being ungrateful.

Sharp words were like knives.

Sarah listened helplessly. They also ordered her to go back immediately and not to stay in the city.

It was not because Sarah was ungrateful that she didn't want to go back. It was just that the life in such a strange family was too depressing and there were many strange ceremonies every day.

She frowned helplessly and made up her mind to tell the truth. "Listen to me. I'm not really going to marry -- ah!"

A great force came from her wrist, grabbed her phone and quickly cut it off.

With a scream, she looked up and saw the gloomy and stern face of Owen.

"What... What are you doing? It hurts!" Sarah rubbed her wrist and looked at Owen with dissatisfaction.

Why did Owen come back at this time?

Owen sneered. Fortunately, he came home. "What do you want to do?" Holding Sarah's phone, Owen looked at her and asked.

"Nothing! What can I do?" Sarah murmured and reached out to grab her phone.

As a tall man, Owen stood still. With a casual wave of his hand, Sarah, who was sitting on the chair, couldn't reach his hand.

Even if she stood up, she couldn't reach him!

"Who were you talking to just now? What are you going to say? Do you want to tell others that you are not really going to get married?" Owen looked at her and said in a low voice.

"Yes, my adoptive parents called. I can't explain. If I don't inform them of my marriage, they naturally felt bad, and they don't want me to get married! Speaking of this, it's all your fault! If you didn't take me to TV and beat the gongs and drums everywhere to say that you were going to get married. My adoptive parents won't know."

"How dare you complain about me? As the woman I hired, you should know that your responsibility is to cooperate." Owen threw the phone back to her hand and the latter found that it was powered off!

When did Owen turn off her phone?

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