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   Chapter 8 It Was The First Time She Heard About It

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Then, the rich ladies and rich daughters began to bid crazily, with a minimum price of one million higher each time.

"Eleven million."

"Twelve million."

"Twenty-two million."

"Thirty million!"

The bidding price went up to thirty million, and no one raised the price.

However, in the last few offers, most of them were from Sharon, and each time she bid, the price wasn't added by one million, and even eight million was added in the last bid.

It seemed that she liked this antique necklace very much and was determined to get it.

Just when everyone thought that the necklace would fall into the hands of Sharon and that Sarah was about to finish her work and go home to sleep, Owen's voice suddenly rang in her ear.

He turned his head slightly, looked at Sarah and asked affectionately, "Do you like it?"

"What?" [盛玉心] was stunned.

Owen widened his eyes.

Sarah nodded wildly and said, "Yes! I like it very much!"

He was trying to humiliate her. There was no need for Sarah to stop him. The emotional dispute between Sharon and Owen had nothing to do with her.

Besides, Sarah couldn't stop Owen actually.

Owen reached out his hand and touched Sarah gently. His motion was so soft.

Then he raised a high price that shocked the whole audience, "Eighty million!"

Owens low and deep voice rang out unhurriedly, which shocked the whole audience as soon as he made a move.

The bidding price directly leaped over the Grand Canyon, causing everyone to be stunned.

Sharon stopped smiling awkwardly.

She turned her head to look at Owen in disbelief. She muttered, but finally did not raise the price. Instead, she secretly looked at Sarah.

It must be the bitch Sarah who asked Owen to do this. She asked him to compete with her on purpose.

The woman was jealous and could do anything. Holding her hands tightly, Sharon stared at Sarah with viciousness in her eyes.

[盛玉心] turned her head silently. It had nothing to do with her?

With a cold smile at the corners of his mouth, Owen suddenly stood up. When the host announced that he had won the necklace, he held the hand of Sarah and walked gracefully onto the stage.

Owen took the necklace. Under the spotlight and the cameras, he raised the necklace in his hand and said to everyone, "Gentleman's Kiss is the name of this necklace. Today I will give it to my beloved woman, Sarah. I hope my love with Sarah will be as faithful as the story about this necklace."

After Owen's emotional show of expressing his love to Sarah, Owen picked up the necklace with his slender fingertips and personally put it on for Sarah.

The reporters kept taking pictures with their cameras.

In the dazzling light, Sarah was held by Owen and photographed by the reporters in cooperation.

Sharon sat down in the audience, her face covered with shame. She was so angry that she almost went mad.

A reporter asked deliberately.

Because Owen's mother had a very close relationship with Sharon, everyone thought that she would be the wife of Owen, the Lady of the Han family in the future.

In terms of family background, no one was more suitable than Sharon.

The Shao family was just a little richer than the Han family.

As a result, a woman suddenly appeared from nowhere.

Everyone's curiosity was inspired all of a sudden, and the reporters threw out sharp questions, "Mr. Owen, you say that this lady is your beloved woman, and admitted your love for her in front of everyone. And before the auction began, did you also say that this lady is your fiancee, right? Are you proposing by buying this necklace? When did you get engaged to this lady? What do your mother think of Miss Sarah? Miss, it seems that you haven't appeared in front of the media before. May I ask you, who is your father?"

How did they ask such a question? She really wanted to answer him in this way!

It was an era that one's background mattered! Why should she be asked her father under such a circumstance?

Facing the questions of the reporters, Owen smiled and answered them one by one, "I haven't known her for a long time. She is not from a famous family. But I really love her. My mother has already seen her. My family welcome her to join my family. Today is a surprise for her. I've already proposed in private, and Sarah has agreed to marry me."

"Do you mean that your wedding date has been set?"

"Yes. Later, I will inform you of the specific time. Welcome to my wedding." As Owen spoke, he walked out with Sarah in his arms. The reporters asked something else, but he refused to answer any more.

They didn't stop taking photos until they got on the car.

The car drove away in the crowd of reporters.

After disappearing from the sight of the media reporters, Sarah breathed a sigh of relief.

Then she quickly put her hand behind her neck, unbuttoned the necklace, took it down and stuffed it into Owen's hand.

She did this in one go and her motion was as quick as lightning.

Owen lowered his eyes to look at the necklace in his hand. He deeply doubted how much Sarah disliked the necklace as she thought it is poisonous.

Looking at the faint twitch of the man's mouth next to her, Sarah smiled and said, "The necklace is too precious. I'm afraid that I might break it."

Owen looked at her suspiciously.

Turning her head away, she looked out of the window at the night view passing by.

The truth was that she had been adopted by her foster parents who were superstitious since

she was a child, and it was inevitable that she had been influenced by some old thoughts.

She didn't like antiques.

After all, it belonged to the deceased.

Owen looked at the back of her head, then lowered his eyes and casually put the necklace aside, as if he didn't care about it at all.

The necklace worth eighty million was like a pack of cheap facial tissue in his hand.

Sarah sighed again in her mind, 'What a rich man!'

When she got home, she took a quick shower and felt so tired that she collapsed on the bed. Money was not easy to earn, and it was not easy to pay off debts either.

Sarah fell asleep soon and didn't wake up until dawn.

The second day, she woke up under the gaze of Owen.

In her dream, she suddenly felt someone looking at her. When she opened her eyes, she saw a face in front of her. She screamed and hid towards the head of the bed.

After keeping a distance, she saw clearly that the man in front of her was Owen. " Mr. Owen, are you going to die? Why are you here? Why are you here again?"

Leaning against one side, Owen folded his arms and sneered at her, "You are really a pig. Why haven't you gotten up yet?"

"Because she hasn't woken up yet!"

"It's half past seven!"

"So what?"

"You have twenty minutes to pack up. We have to go out before eight o'clock."

"Where are you going?" Sarah scratched her messy hair and felt more tired than anything else to act with Owen in the past two days.

She felt so tired that she couldn't sleep enough.

"Be serious with your job, woman."

"All right. Your dedicated actress will get up soon. Please go out now and don't break into my room again. When do you want me to get up? Can you let me know in advance?" Sarah pulled off the quilt, stretched herself and got out of bed.

Then she saw that Owen was still standing there motionlessly. She raised her beautiful little face and looked at Owen with a smile. "Mr. Owen, aren't you going out yet?"

Looking down at his watch, Owen said, "You still have seventeen minutes left."

"You!" Sarah rushed into the bathroom and shouted at the door, "Mr. Owen, please get out!"

Looking at the bathroom door, Owen smiled. He turned around and walked out of the room.

After breakfast, the car drove away from Owen's villa.

Sitting in the car, Sarah was so sleepy that she yawned. "Now you can tell me where you are taking me, right?"

Sarah rubbed between her eyebrows.

"Go and record an interview program."

"What? !" said Sandra cheerfully. "Are you a CEO or a star? Why do you still need to be on TV?"

"The people at the top of the Pyramid are naturally under constant attention."

Sarah did not know what to say.

Seeing the serious narcissism on Owen's face, Sarah was speechless.

She was completely lost at what to do with him.

In front of a media building, Owen walked in with Sarah. On the way, countless women blinked their eyes and looked at Owen, their hearts beating and their faces blushing.

Some people looked at her with admiration or jealousy.

For this, Sarah laughed in her heart.

Those who only got to know everything from the surface would go crazy if they were allowed to stay with Owen for one day.

Sarah was about to go crazy, but the three-year contract had just begun. It was only the third day, but she felt as if three centuries had passed.

Nothing was more suffering than listening to Owen's serious nonsense.

Sitting in front of the camera, Owen seriously told the audience their love story.

Sarah listened to his nonsense and looked at him gently from time to time.

The host said that their love story was really unusual. He didn't expect that the love story between Mr. Owen and Miss Sarah would start like this.

Hearing this, Sarah felt it so unusual as well! It was the first time that she had heard of it.

After the program was finished, another car came to Owen's house.

Looking at Sarah, Owen said, "I have something to deal with in the company. You go home first."

"Okay!" Sarah nodded and got on another car.

The cars separated from the cross and sped away.

When she met the red light, the car stopped. Bored, Sarah looked out of the window. When she saw the car parking next to her, her heart almost stopped.

Enemies are bound to meet in a narrow road. In the back seat of the luxury car next to her sat Sharon, who had competed with Owen for the antique necklace last night.

Sharon also saw Sarah and stared at her fiercely.

Sarah was speechless. It was not her who slapped her in the face.

To be honest, she also thought that Owen had gone too far.

It was annoying for her to stick to him, but he wouldn't be so disrespectful!

Sarah didn't know what Sharon was up to last night.

But later she knew.

In the next few days, Owen continued to take Sarah to various activities without stopping.

Sarah was exhausted. It was more tiring to keep her elegant all the time.

In the following activities, Sharon seemed to deliberately target Sarah and they ran into each other a lot.

Owen always gave Sarah a hard slap in the face. Although Sarah had the strength to rub her hands, she had no place to use it.

Because before she could react, Sharon was defeated by Owen already.

After more than a week's display of affection, on the tenth day, she finally couldn't hold on.

In the late night, in the car back to the Han family, she fell asleep in a daze.

When the car arrived, she still didn't wake up.

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