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   Chapter 7 Do You Deserve It

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Owen moaned, grabbed the back of Sarah's neck, pressed her head on the pillow, and then put his mouth on hers tightly.

Sarah struggled desperately. Her moving body made Owen angry.

Owen's dark eyes darkened. He grabbed Sarah's hand, let go of her mouth, leaned on her and gasped. "I warn you, watch your mouth. Mind your own business. You're just a woman I hired to pretend to be my girlfriend."

"Then please follow the script! Don't do anything between real couple. Let go of me!" Sarah was not a fool. Her face flushed with anger.

Besides, he kissed her just now.

"Do you think you deserve it?" Owen sneered and grabbed Sarah's neck in a low and hoarse voice, his cold and sharp eyes as sharp as knives.

Sarah sneered back and said sarcastically, "You are right! I don't deserve it! Someone else deserves it!"

"You?!" How he wished he could strangle the woman in front of him.

Letting go of the woman in front of him, Owen turned around and went into the bathroom. Not long after, the sound of water coming from inside was heard.

Sarah tidied up her clothes and went to sleep on the sofa with the quilt.

She didn't want to be sleep at the same bed with such an evil man. How could he do that? He was so evil that even he wouldn't let go of his aunt. He just like a beast. Who knew what bad thing he would do next?

When Owen came out of the bathroom, she had fallen asleep on the sofa.

He had taken a bath for a long time.

Sarah seemed restless with her beautiful sleeping face.

She murmured and turned over, revealing her smooth and white legs, shining like snow in the sunlight.

Looking at her legs, Owen felt that his Adam's apple bobbed up and down. The emotion he had just calmed down was turned on again because of her action.

He strode to the bed and turned off the light. He didn't dare to look at her anymore.

The next morning, Phil] asked Owen and Sarah to have breakfast together with him.

Sitting at the table, Sarah looked at Owen and Winnie who acted as if nothing had happened. A disdainful smile appeared on Sarah's face.

She would rather face Goss who had the brainless than the hypocritical Winnie.

The latter looked so gentle and soft, but she actually seduced another man behind her husband's back. It was really disgusting.

Under the table, Owen kicked Sarah. Apparently, he was reminding her to pay attention to her expression.

She was stunned, and then the fork in her hand fell to the ground because of a shake of her body.

She smiled awkwardly at everyone on the table and lowered her head to pick up the fork, only to find that Winnie's leg was rubbing against Owen's.

It was really gross!

She even seduced him in front of everyone!

Sarah's face turned cold. When she stood up, she found that Owen's face was even colder and darker.

Did she feel guilty when she found out the dirty thing he did?

The servant stepped forward, took the fork from her hand and changed a new one for her.

In fact, the servant wanted to help her pick it up, but she squatted down too fast.

So the servant didn't have time.

After breakfast, Owen and Sarah left the Han family's mansion.

On the surface, everyone was happy to see them off, but the expressions in their eyes were different.

After getting on the car, Sarah's face darkened again.

"Who are you putting on a long face?" Owen sneered

"Nothing? Can't I have a rest now?" After the play, they could have a rest. Because the driver was in front of them, there were a lot of words that she didn't say clearly.

Owen's face darkened. The two of them went back to the villa in silence.

Owen was dealing with something in the study.

Sarah was bored. She took a glass of wine and sat by the swimming pool to enjoy the cool air.

She looked at her phone screen and frowned.

Their marriage was fake, and they were just acting. She didn't need to inform her foster parents, did she?

And they were so mean that if they knew this, they would not let it go.

Owen was hard to deal with, and the situation of the Han family was so complicated. It was better not to get her foster parents known what happened to her.

Sarah took a sip of the wine and made the decision.

However, two hours later, when she was lying on the chair in the sun, Owen suddenly stood in front of her.

Sarah was so frightened that she almost fell off the chair.

"What is it? Boss?" Sarah looked at Owen in surprise.

With his hands in his pockets, Owen looked down at Sarah coldly, "Boss?"

"If you don't like it, I can call you Mr. Owen."

"It's good to call you Mr. Owen. It sounds like a lady from the nightclub."

"You!" Sarah was so angry that she almost smashed the glass in her hand.

Obviously, Owen was deliberately mocking her. The temper of the young master was not to be trifled with.

Sarah sneered. It was just because she found his dirty thing and said a few words angrily so that he got annoyed?

Sarah despised Owen even more.

She didn't know why she was born to hate people who cheated. In Sarah's eyes, people who cheated on each other we

re very hateful and had a natural enmity.

She was not only disdainful, but also very hateful.

Noticing the disdain in her eyes, Owen was speechless. "Let me tell you, I have nothing to do with Winnie."

"You are right." Sarah nodded expressionlessly.

Owen clenched his fists and said coldly, "I do not care whether you believe it or not! Watch your mouth. Don't put on a long face."

"Yes!" Sarah nodded respectfully.

Owen felt that he was even angrier.

With his back to her, Owen walked away. After taking a few steps, he turned to Sarah and said, "I'll take you to an event tonight. Have a good rest and adjust your mood. It's not easy to make one million a year. You'd better be dedicated to my work."

"Got it." Sarah's annual salary of one million reminded her of her position in the Han family.

She was hired and she shouldn't meddle in other people's business, even if she couldn't like it.

The night came.

Wearing a red dress, with Owen hand in hand, she walked into the charity banquet.

As soon as the two entered, they attracted everyone's attention, as if they had brought a spotlight.

In the eyes of everyone, Owen took a seat with Sarah.

During this period, a playboy, who was full of vulgar, came. He glanced at Sarah and giggled at Owen, "Mr. Owen, where did you get this beauty? You have a good taste! How about we two change with each other? Mine has no other advantages but is comfortable to use."

The young master of the Liu family, Tom Liu, raised his thumb and pointed to his female companion.

At first, Sarah didn't understand what he meant. But as soon as he said that, she understood in an instant.

Sarah was so angry that she clenched her fists.

Owen looked sideways at her and then at Tom. He said coldly, "This is my fiancee."

"What?" Tom staggered and almost fell to the ground. He didn't expect that this woman was the fiancee of Owen. He thought she was just a playful woman.

But Tom didn't need to think it over since Owen had never played with a woman. Tom just rushed over and talked nonsense.

Tom also came to his senses. He lowered his head, bowed and looked at Owen and Sarah, apologizing, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I drank too much tonight and talked nonsense. It's nonsense. Don't take it seriously."

After apologizing, Tom glanced at Owen's face secretly.

There was no expression on Owen's cold face. After a while, he suddenly smiled at Tom.

The smile made Tom shiver with fear.

Owen said in a low voice, "I think Mr. Tom is indeed drunk. You'd better go back to your seat and have a rest. And the dinner party is about to begin."

"Yes, yes. I think it's time for me to go back and have a rest. We can't delay the dinner." Tom seemed to have been pardoned.

When he ran back and passed by Sharon's seat, Tom glared at Sharon.

Sharon was such a bitch. She deliberately misled him to offend Owen!

Sharon sneered and ignored Tom. She didn't care about the upstart at all.

If he were not a fool and rich man, who would have offended Owen? She had planned to use him to insult Sarah, but she didn't expect him to be so weak.

When she turned her head and saw the two sitting side by side not far away, she clenched her hands.

Why the woman beside him was never her?

It used to be that woman, but now it was Sarah! She was as good as them! He liked that kind of innocence and beauty. A coquettish woman? What was so good about that kind?!

As the music started to play, Sharon loosened her grip and turned around to look at the reception desk.

However, Owen suddenly turned to look at her and sneered coldly.

Owen had seen clearly that Tom and Sharon stared at each other just now.

The auction went on in an orderly way. Looking at the auctions one by one and listening to the offers one by one, Sarah was in a daze.

Rich people's games were so boring.

However, in the end, things seemed to become a little interesting.

The last one was a necklace that had some history and could be called an antique. It was said that a foreign aristocrat personally made it for his beloved woman.

During the Second World War, the aristocrat and his beloved woman were separated. Half a century later, they met again through crowds. Both of them were still single. They finally spent the rest of their lives hand in hand.

Loving for a hundred years. No matter whether they were with each other or not, they would still stick to each other and never forget their love. This kind of love was what every woman yearned for.

As soon as the necklace came out, they attracted the attention of all the women present. Everyone hoped that the man beside them would love them forever! Such a feeling was even stronger for the women today as the men at presence today were all rich, who was easily seduced by other beauties. There were too many temptations, and loyal love was more extravagant in the circle of rich people.

However, the women still longed for it, so the price kept rising.

"The starting price is ten million!" After the auctioneer's voice, the last item was officially auctioned.

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