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   Chapter 5 A Handsome Man Like A King

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Owen's black hair was slightly wet, and water drops fell down along his hair, following down passing his honey-colored neck and Adam's apple, rolling through his chest and abdominal muscles under the white bathrobe.

Sarah's mouth kept opened. She looked at Owen in astonishment, and her beautiful black eyes were full of confusion. Apparently, she was attracted by the man in front of her.

She cleared her throat and suddenly screamed, "Ah ~! !"

"Shut up! Don't scream!" Owen threw the white towel, which was wiping his hair, to Sarah in disgust and covered her head precisely.

Sarah pulled off the white towel on her head and checked her nightgown in panic. Fortunately, it was the same as last night when she went to bed.

With resentment in her eyes, she looked at Owen vigilantly and asked, "Owen, why did you come to my room in the early morning?"

After glancing at Sarah with his dark eyes, Owen turned around and sat on the sofa smartly.

With a beautiful smile on his handsome face, he spoke in a low and cold voice, which was like the cold wind in the morning making the Sarah shiver. "Come and see why the woman I hired is so lazy like a pig as she can't get up at this time."

"A pig?" Sarah frowned and chuckled, "Mr. Owen, you didn't tell me when to get up. I'm telling you, you're wrong to break into your female employee's dormitory like this. Ah... What is it?"

Before she could finish her words, a folder flew towards her.

Sarah was almost hit. Fortunately, she was agile. Holding the black business folder in her hand, she blew her hair and looked at Owen arrogantly.

With a sneer, Owen rolled his eyes at the naive woman in front of him.

Sarah opened the folder in her hand with her fair fingers, read it seriously, and kept muttering, "Ryan Han, your uncle of the Han family, male, position in the Han Group..."

"Memorize all these people's information," Owen leaned against the side in a graceful posture and said in a cold voice.

"What? So much information?" Sarah leaned against the head of the bed, looking at the documents of a group of people, and her head suddenly went blank. "Owen, why should I have to remember the documents of your family?"

"Because they are all my enemies. You are too stupid. If you don't know them, they will take advantage of you and you will drag me down."

Sarah rolled her eyes and said, "I turned a page and saw the information about your mother. Is your mother also your enemy?"

"She is your enemy."

Sarah was speechless She got it. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were born enemies.

"What about your grandfather?" Sarah saw the information of the old leader of the Han family when she reached the end of the documents. "Is your grandfather also your enemy?"

Owen smiled coldly and meaningfully.

"What do you mean?" Sarah was confused.

"We are neither enemies nor friends."

"What do you mean?" Sarah was even more confused.

"I mean just like the sentence literally." People in the Han family were indifferent to family affection, and internal strife was constantly going on.

Being able to be the CEO of the Han Group at such a young age, Owen was stared at by others every day.

"I don't understand."

"What do you understand?" Owen's face darkened, and a trace of coldness and harshness appeared on his cold and handsome face. How could he hire such a stupid woman?

Did he find this woman and let her annoy him?

With a smile, Sarah waved the folder in her hand and said, "I know. I'll learn it well."

"Okay," replied Owen.

Staring at the figure of Owen, Sarah looked down at her own situation and said, "Mr. Owen, I want to get up."

Owen looked down at Sarah's neck.

Sarah pulled the bed sheet in front of her.

He strode over to Sarah.

The latter pulled the bed sheet and leaned against the head of the bed, trying to dodge.

"Woman, be smart tonight."

After saying that, Owen turned around and left.

With a bang, the door was closed, and the tall figure disappeared from Sarah's room in an instant.

"What the hell? What does it mean by being smart tonight?"

What did he mean?

Sarah was confused and she felt mentally disturbed.

She looked down at the folder in her hand, which was densely packed with small words on the paper. Then she covered the folder on her face and cried, "God, why are there so many people and so much information? !"

They all looked like elites. What kind of strange circle had she entered? The society of up class was not easy to deal with.

After tidying up, Sarah went downstairs to have breakfast. She saw the cold and handsome man sitting in front of the table, with his handsome face under his black hair.

He looked so serious and handsome when he read the newspaper in the sun.

His whole body was covered with a layer of light golden by the sunshine, emitting a cold aura. He looked so attractive.

"Have you seen enough?" His cold and sharp voice was not warm at all. As soon as Owen opened his mouth, he cooled down Sarah's heart.

Sarah forced a smile and felt regretful. Why did she stop walking and looking at him?

"Mr. Owen, you look so serious when you read the newspaper. A serious man is the most handsome, so I can't help but take a few more looks at you. Well... Now I'm hungry!"

"You are so straightforward!" Owen glanced at her and raised his chin at her.

Sarah hurried downstairs and rushed to the table.

The French breakfast was extremely delicious. While eating, she peeked at Owen secretly.

In the villa like a castle, a handsome man was like a king. God, why was she here?

She was here for debt!

There seemed to be a voice in her mind, reminding her specially.

Sarah was discouraged and her face darkened.

On second thought, If she persisted for one year, she would not have the debt.

After three years, when the contract was over, she was a rich woman.

Besides, she was going to work in the jewelry company of the Han Group. She was so excited at the thought of it.

Sarah couldn't help laughing while holding the fork in her hand.

Owen stared at the changing expression on Sarah's face.

His cold and sexy lips curved and he smiled suddenly.

Just a moment later, his cold eyes suddenly lowered.

The familiar but strange figure appeared in his mind. She had left him for many years.

But Sarah was not her. Owen shook his head helplessly.

She continued to have breakfast as if nothing had happened.

However, the frown between his eyebrows betrayed him.

His heart was disturbed, and there was another wave in his heart, which had not been rippling for many years. He was so unprepared when the wave was so aggressive.

The night came quietly. Dressed in a red dress, Sarah sat on a black Lamborghini, rubbing her hands nervously.

"Are you nervous?" A deep and magnetic voice rang in her ear. Although it was cold and harsh, it felt hot.

Owen's burning breath sprayed on Sarah's face, and she frowned in disgust. Her pretty face was almost twisted into a ball.

She slightly raised her body, leaned against the door beside, raised her neck, and looked at Owen vigilantly. "Owen Han, don't think that you can do anything you want!"

Watching the car driving farther and farther up the mountain, Sarah felt a little nervous, although Owen had already told her that he would take her to the Han family's mansion to meet the people of the Han family.

"What? Don't I do anything I want?" Owen's cold eyes narrowed slightly, and an imperceptible smile flashed across his eyes.

He lifted the corner of his mouth slightly, and held Sarah's chin with his hand. He looked at the extraordinarily beautiful woman in front of him. She was beautiful, not enchanting. She was radiant and pure. She was so beautiful that he couldn't take his eyes off her face.

Owen's deep eyes made her a little more nervous. He looked at her as if she was a familiar but a strange person. What kind of emotion made him look so contradictory?

"What are you doing? !" Feeling the slight coldness on her chin, Sarah suddenly realized that Owen seemed to like pinching other people's chin very much. She pushed away Owen's hand in disgust.

Owen stopped, straightened his suit with his slender and beautiful fingers and sneered.

His low voice sounded unhurriedly, not as playful and evil as before, but more cold and unrestrained, making Sarah's heart tightened, "Remember, in the Han family's mansion, no one can believe except me. Everyone should be guarded against except me."

"You need to be more guarded against! Like a hungry wolf..." Sarah muttered in a low voice, looking at Owen with her eyes wide open.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing!" Sarah waved her hand in a hurry. Then she blinked her big eyes at Owen and asked, "How about your mother? Shall I guard against her?"


"Oh, to be honest, don't you have a bad relationship with your mother?"

"Good, but she won't like you."

Sarah did not know what to day and had to keep silent. Well, what he said must be true! This was the second time that Owen had said that his mother would not like Sarah.

Sarah thought that Owen's mother must be a difficult person to get along with.

The car drove on the bumpy mountain road and soon arrived at the villa halfway up the mountain.

The luxurious villa was like a magnificent palace, majestically standing on the hillside.

The old house of the Han family was indeed magnificent. No wonder it was the top of the rich world. How rich the Han family was!

If Sarah was surprised by Owen's villa, then she was shocked by this castle, just like an imperial palace.

"Wipe your mouth water." Owen sneered.

Obviously, he was laughing at her for being ignorant.

"I'm not drooling." Sarah was so angry that she wanted to slap the man in front of her to death.

"Let's go!" Owen stretched out his arm slightly and gave an order that seemed no one to refuse. Then, holding Owen's arm, she obediently walked into the gate of the Han family's mansion.

"Mr. Owen."

The servants at the door stood in rows. When Owen and Sarah walked past them, they bowed to Owen.

Sarah suddenly had a feeling of watching a parade.

What was more, they stepped on a red carpet.

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