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   Chapter 49 Crazy Night

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"Can you cook?" Rita cried out in surprise. She regretted saying that, because the image of Charles cooking appeared in her mind again. Charles was focused, handsome and charming.

"What's wrong? Are you surprised? " Seeing the expression on Rita's face, Elbert wanted to laugh, so he asked. Seeing that Rita's face was covered with sauce because of eating crayfish, Elbert reached out his hand and wiped Rita's lips unconsciously. Rita lowered her head shyly and said in a low voice, "I'm really surprised."

"Don't you know? Boys nowadays, who can't cook, can't even find a wife. " Elbert joked deliberately

After hearing that, Rita burst into laughter. It turned out to be the reason.

"Sure. I'll teach my son to cook in the future." Thinking of this, Rita smiled again.

"I thought you drank yesterday. I'll cook some porridge for you today. It's good for your stomach." Elbert said as if nothing had happened while eating. Hearing that, Rita felt warm in her heart. She recalled the awkward situation of drinking yesterday and lowered her head with embarrassment.

Seeing the innocent smile on her face, Elbert felt satisfied and wanted to have Rita.

After lunch, Rita patted her belly with satisfaction and said happily, "Thank you for your lunch. You are my benefactor! "Elbert, thank you very much." Rita thanked him.

"Are you happy?" Elbert asked.

"Yes, I am," replied Rita.

"Then how are you going to thank me?" Elbert continued to ask.

"Thank you so much. But I really don't know how to thank you. I'll treat you a few more big meals in the future." Rita said to Elbert happily. If it weren't for Elbert, Rita would have found a corner to shed tears silently this noon. She didn't even have lunch and felt bad alone.

"Since you can't thank me enough, why don't you marry me?" Hearing what Rita said, Elbert said jokingly.

Hearing that, Rita almost spat out a mouthful of water. Then she laughed and said seriously, "Don't joke, Elbert. There must be a lot of girls chasing you! Then it's my turn. " After saying that, Rita walked up alone.

Hearing what Rita said, Elbert hurried to catch up with her and asked, "It's not as exaggerated as you said. If you want, they can all stand aside. You are the boss! "

Rita smiled as she walked. She shouted, "Don't make fun of me. Maybe I'm not lucky enough." Thinking of that Rita had been divorced, she felt a little more self-abased. Thinking of that period of experience, there was no happiness, only

partner. Therefore, Charles had to ask the driver Malcolm to take him to a dinner party.

After dinner, Rita took a shower and went back to her room to sleep. Rita hoped that everything would go as time went by, as if she was going to sleep. After sleeping, she would forget everything. After taking a shower, Rita fell asleep soon.

It was almost ten o'clock when Charles finished the dinner party. Charles asked the driver to drive the car to Rita and his home. It was already eleven o'clock when Charles came back home. Reeking of alcohol, Charles returned to the place where he and Rita lived. Charles had just entered the room and thought that Rita hadn't come back. Later, he saw the slippers on the ground. He was sure that Rita was back.

Then Charles rushed into Rita's room under the cover of alcohol. When Rita was about to get rid of her sleepy eyes, Charles kissed her again overbearingly. The kiss mixed with bitterness and the smell of alcohol made Rita a little uncomfortable. She pushed Charles subconsciously, saying, "Charles, you are drunk."

Hearing that, Charles raised his head and looked at Rita. In the dark light, Rita couldn't see clearly what was hidden in Charles's watery eyes, nor could she see the expression on his face. She only heard Charles saying in a low voice, "I'm not drunk. Rita, you are so heartless." Then he started to kiss her again.

"Calm down! Charles. " Although Rita didn't understand what Charles meant, her mind told her that it was wrong with Charles, so she tried her best to push Charles away.

"I'm sober. I want you today." Charles kissed Rita.

"Don't do that." Rita resisted powerlessly.

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