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   Chapter 46 I Like You

Your Presence Lights Up My Heart By Lu Meng Characters: 9621

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After Rita left the hospital, she went home directly. Elbert wanted to ask Rita out for dinner, but she refused politely. She was so tired that she wanted to go home and have a good rest. When Rita got home, she didn't find Charles. She wanted to go back to her room to sleep, but she was worried that Charles would come back too late at night, get drunk, or eat nothing. So she cheered up and made some porridge. After it was ready, she put it on the table. Then she slowly walked to her room and fell asleep.

It was a silent night.

The second morning, when Rita got up and came out of her bedroom, she found that the porridge she cooked yesterday was still there. She thought that Charles must not come back yesterday. But it was normal that he wouldn't come, so she didn't think too much and went to work after tidying up.

This was the first time that Rita went back to the company since she signed the contract last time. As usual, she came to the company. Everyone was not surprised to see her, and no one cared about her at all. They did not ask what Rita had been doing these days. They were all busy with their own work. Without thinking too much, Rita went back to her seat and began to work.

When she was about to get off work, Rita went to the bathroom. Before she came out, she heard people talking about her.

"Look at the delicate and pitiful look on Rita's face. She is good at acting! I didn't expect that Mr. Charles would like this. "

"Yes, you are right. How smart do you think she is to make Mr. Charles bow to her?"

"Exactly. I didn't expect that Rita was a divorced woman before."

"Oh, Mr. Charles, he has a strong taste. It's really hard to understand. "

"The only thing she can do now is to give herself a chance to get the position. It doesn't matter what methods she used. As long as she can get the position, besides, Mr. Charles is handsome and rich. That woman is really lucky. "

"Exactly. I thought Mr. Charles liked a goddess like Cecelia. I didn't expect that."

"What do you think of the design of that woman, Rita?"

"Who knows? Maybe she didn't design it herself!"

"No way! I see her working overtime every day. She still works hard. "

"Don't you know that she has to put on a full play?"

"If that's the case, then it's Mr. Charles who helped her sign the contract before."

"It's hard to say. Otherwise, how could such a big company see her with her own strength?"

The three women were talking, which was like a play. Although Rita heard clearly in the bathroom, she didn't have the courage to face it. Her chest was constantly undulating, and she felt very painful. She could only cover her chest with her hands and silently shed tears in the bathroom. She didn't know why she became a person who wanted to be promoted and used every methods in the eyes of these colleagues. She just wanted to work har

he two.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Charles pulled out the chair for Rita like a gentleman and asked her to sit down. Then he called the waiter and began to serve the dishes.

"You brought me here for dinner." Rita asked after tidying up the napkin.

"Yes, maybe no." Charles's words were still so simple and clear.

"That's good. I have something to tell you." Said Rita, as if she had summoned up her courage. Charles didn't seem to hear what Rita said and kept looking at the time.

There was an ambiguous atmosphere in the air. This should be a particularly formal dinner between Rita and Charles. It was not easy for Rita to get used to such a high-end place, because in her eyes, Charles could almost live in the same room with her.

"Let's have some red wine." Charles said to the waiter. The waiter turned around and went to find the red wine.

"Miss, this is your flower." Rita raised her head and saw a large bouquet of roses in front of her. It was unbelievable. Subconsciously, Rita realized that it might have made a mistake, so she looked at the waiter in confusion.

"It's for you." Charles walked towards Rita with a smile. He took the roses from the waiter and handed them to Rita. Rita didn't know what was going on. She stood up subconsciously, looked at Charles and said, "what's this?"

"Of course it's for you." Charles said lightly. After saying that, Charles took out a ruby necklace from his bag and handed it to Rita with a smile.

Rita was a little surprised. At this time, no matter how stupid she was, she should know what Charles meant. He asked her out for dinner, sent her roses, and even sent her gifts. No matter how stupid she was, she knew that Charles really confessed his love to her.

Rita was a little nervous. There was still expectation in her eyes, but that expectation disappeared in an instant. Rita seemed to be slapped ruthlessly in reality.

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