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   Chapter 30 Surprise For Rita

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After everyone heard Charles's introduction of Elbert's identity, everyone present, including Rita, was shocked.

Seeing this, Charles was sure that Rita would be framed as a thief , so he was about to take the blame for her. However, Elbert took action first. He stepped forward and put his right hand on the shoulder of Rita. He looked at everyone and said lightly, "I'm sorry. This ring is a surprise for my girlfriend, Rita. I planned to confess my love to her after the party, but I didn't expect it to happen."

Elbert stressed the word "girlfriend" deliberately when he spoke. Rita looked at Elbert in shock. She knew that Elbert said that to help her. Noticing that Rita was looking at him, Elbert gave her a look to make her believe him.

Seeing this, Cecelia was very angry. Looking at the determined look of Elbert in front of her, she couldn't tell the fact no matter how she was sure that the ring was hers. After all, Elbert is so rich and prestigious. If she continued to say, she might not be able to deal with this. Rita! This bitch was so lucky. She would not let Rita go next time. 'What a shameless woman! She already has Elbert, but she still seduces Charles. Bitch!' Cecelia cursed in her mind. Her face turned pale. She then said helplessly, "Maybe I remember it wrong."

Maureen saw Cecelia saying like this and she didn't dare to say anything more. At this time, Charles looked at everyone and said, "It turns out to be a misunderstanding. Let's continue to enjoy the banquet." As soon as Charles finished his words, everyone left.

Elbert pulled Rita aside. When Charles saw it, he wanted to stop them, but he felt that it was unnecessary at the moment. A soft corner of his heart began to ache again.

Seeing that Charles was standing there in a daze, Cecelia immediately picked up her long dress and leaned over, pretending to be aggrieved. "Charles, I'm sorry. I lost the ring aunt gave me." At this time, Charles was upset. Looking at Cecelia, he was not in a good mood, so he didn't say anything, shook off Cecelia's hand and left. Seeing Charles treat her like this, Cecelia was very angry. Her face turned red and her fists clenched tightly. Charles would talk to her occasionally before Rita came. Now Charles seemed to hate her.

Being pulled aside by Elbert, Rita's eyes were a little red and swollen. She looked at Elbert shyly, lowered her head and said slowly, "Thank you." Elbert knew that Rita would definitely take his confession of love as a thank-you thing, but it was good for him to find a serious opportunity to express his love in the future. Hearing what Rita said, Elbert felt more sorry for the girl in front of him. Elbert looked at Rita and said firmly, "I know you didn't steal it."

Hearing Elbert's words, tears streamed down Rita's cheeks. In fact, she knew that everyone thought that the ring was stolen by her. After all, it fell out of her bag. No matter how hard she tried to explain for herself, no one would believe her.. However, Elbert in front of her trusted her so much that Rita was so moved. Thinking of this, Rita's tears fell again.

Elbert gently wiped the tears from the corner of Rita's eyes, and then deliberately blamed, "Silly girl, it's easy to get old if you cry." Hearing that, Rita tried her best to hold back her tears and smiled.

"I can't believe you are the master of the Aria Group. We have known each other for a long time, but you didn't tell me. You have hidden yourself well," said Rita jokingly.

"I'm just afraid that someone won't dare to talk to me anymore if I did so." Elbert finally saw Rita's smile and felt much better in an instant.

"Nonsense! How can I not to talk with you?" explained Rita.

"Don't say that. It's possible." Elbert looked at Rita. Hearing what Elbert said, Rita lowered her head shyly and smiled. Elbert was right. If Elbert told Rita from the very beginning that he was not an ordinary boy, but the young master of the Aria Group, she wouldn't make friends with him. She really didn't want to have anything to do with those people now. But after all, Elbert had saved and helped her several times, and it was hard to repay her gratitude to Elbert.

After the party, Elbert said that he wanted to send Rita home. But she refused Elbert again and again because she lived upstairs, the Yue's Hotel. Looking at the embarrassed expression on her face, Elbert didn't force Rita again, so he drove his BMW away.

After Elbert left, Rita dragged her tired body upstairs. After entering the suite, Rita turned on the light, threw her shoes away and fell asleep on the sofa. Rita opene

d her eyes and thought for a while. It was not a permanent solution for her to stay here. She had been busy before because she had to sign a contract with the Aria Group, so she had no time to look for a house. Now that she had a rest tomorrow, she could go out to rent a house during her rest. At first, Rita was thinking whether she should live at home or not, but as soon as this idea appeared, she immediately dispelled it.

If she really went back home, in addition to facing her mother's daily chatter, she had to face the ridicule of her father and the sarcastic comments of her sister. There was no need for her to find trouble for herself. It was better to rent a house and she would feel at ease.

After making up her mind, Rita picked up the computer and searched for the rent information online. She searched online one by one and found several suitable houses, which were close to the Yue Group. Then she could live alone. She opened it and checked the rent, which really frightened her! The rent was 4,800 a month! She had just worked in the Yue Group, and her salary was only six thousand or seven thousand. How could she live if she paid the rent. Rita thought with distress.

Just when she was troubled, Charles came back. Seeing that Charles came in expressionlessly, she immediately turned off the computer nervously. Looking at her series of actions, Charles was a little dissatisfied. He was already in a bad mood when he saw Elbert help her today. When he came back, he saw what she did on purpose secretly! He was even more dissatisfied with her.

Charles walked to the sofa and sat beside Rita. He looked at her and said indifferently, "Give it to me."

"What?" Puzzled, Rita looked at Charles and wondered what Charles was up to.

"Computer." Charles said without looking at Rita. Rita knew that what she did just now must have been seen by Charles. She felt guilty and she was really stupid. 'Forget it. It doesn't matter.' Rita handed the computer to Charles obediently. He opened it and found that it was a rent information. He was very unhappy. He had been very unhappy about what happened today, and now he saw that she was going to move out. So, she didn't want to see him so much, right? The more Charles thought about it, the angrier he became. He threw the computer aside and stood up.

Without turning his head, Charles said flatly, "You don't have to move out. I'll move out tomorrow." Then he turned around and left. Looking at the tall and slender figure of Charles, Rita said,

"Charles, I didn't steal the ring today." Rita didn't know why she wanted to explain it to Charles, but she regretted saying it.

"I know." Charles said indifferently without looking back, "That's what Elbert bought for you." Then he walked into his bedroom and never came out. Rita wanted to stop Charles and tell him that it was not what he thought, but she said nothing.

Somehow, Rita felt that Charles was angry with her. But she didn't know why. She wondered if it was because of the ring tonight. But she had tried to explain just now. Charles didn't care about it at all. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that she was flattering herself. In this way, the two of them had been depressed for the whole night.

On the second day, Charles got up early and went to work. He didn't want to disturb Rita when he saw her sleeping on the sofa peacefully. Looking at her, he couldn't help but think that he was too selfish. In order to see her every day, he chose to live with her, but let her sleep on the sofa every day. Thinking of this, he felt really self-righteous. In private, it was understandable that Rita wanted to move out. Thinking of this, Charles felt that it was his fault. In this way, Charles was in a daze all the way. On his way to work, he had been thinking about this matter. When he arrived at the company building. Charles walked quickly to his office and called Sexton.

Charles asked Sexton to do two things. First, to check the surveillance video yesterday. Second, to buy a small apartment near the company.

Before Sexton sent the video to Charles, he suspected that someone had tampered with it. He didn't expect that it was really Cecelia. Charles didn't know how much hatred Cecelia had for Rita as Cecelia did things like this. If Elbert hadn't shown up in time, he didn't know how the situation yesterday would have ended.

Sexton chose a small apartment with two bedrooms for Charles, which was closer to Yue Group than the Yue's Hotel. Looking at the house, Charles picked up his cell phone and called Rita. He smiled happily.

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