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   Chapter 29 Who On Earth Stole The Ring

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All this was seen by Cecelia. When Cecelia saw the affectionate look in Charles's eyes when he looked at Rita, and the tall and handsome man next to her, she cursed in her heart, "a divorced woman is still seducing many men here. What a bitch!"

The more Cecelia thought about it, the angrier she became. Charles would rather drink alone than dance with her. Cecelia was jealous to death. So when she saw the crystal emeralds jade in her hand, she not only came up with a plan.

Seeing that Rita went into the bathroom, Cecelia found the right time to follow her. Cecelia pretended to go to the bathroom by herself, and then quickly came out and waited for Rita beside the bathroom. Sure enough, Rita came out with her bag. Looking at Cecelia in front of her, Rita recognized the legendary fiancee of Charles. But Rita didn't want to talk to her so much, so she lowered her head and washed her hands. When she was washing her hands, Cecelia exclaimed, "ah, mouse!" She screamed. Subconsciously, Rita turned around. Cecelia found the opportunity, then she put her ring in Rita's purse.

"Where is the mouse?" Rita asked with concern as she looked around.

After a series of actions, Cecelia felt that she had achieved her goal, so she said, "Oh, maybe I was wrong. Let's get out of here quickly." So Cecelia left the bathroom in a hurry. Without any precaution, Rita went out with her handbag.

After dealing with the managers of other departments, Charles saw that Rita came out of the bathroom, so he was about to look for her, but Rita didn't seem to see Charles and walked directly to Elbert. Not only did Charles feel disappointed.

Seeing that Rita came over, Elbert took a bottle of champagne and handed it to her. Rita accepted it with a smile. While drinking the champagne, Rita looked at Elbert and asked casually, "why did you come to me today?"

"Didn't you sign a contract with Aria?" Elbert took a sip of champagne and slowly brought up the topic.

Rita said happily, "How do you know? Today's party is for the signing of this contract. This contract is very important to the Yue Group. After signing it, everyone is very happy. " Rita murmured to herself happily.

"Yes, it's also an honor for Aria to cooperate with The Yue Group. Besides, there was such an excellent designer, so the contract was signed smoothly." Elbert continued. "Rita, in fact, I am just..."

"Mr. Elbert, why didn't you tell me in advance that you came here? I'm ready to welcome you." Seeing that Rita and Elbert were chatting happily, Charles felt unhappy and went forward to greet them on purpose.

"Mr. Elbert?" Puzzled, Rita looked at Elbert and then at Charles. Looking at her reaction of Rita, Charles thought that this stupid woman must not know the identity of Elbert, or Elbert did not say, or she pretended.

Seeing Charles come over, Elbert said awkwardly, "we are family. you don't have to be polite."

The more the two talked, the more confused Rita became. What happened.

"Elbert, do you know Mr. Charles?" Asked Rita cautiously, looking at Elbert.

"He is more than just a friend. He is the CEO of the Aria group." Charles answered for Elbert.

"What?" Not only did Rita open her mouth in surprise, but she also thought that Elbert had told her earlier that he was the operations manager of a company. Rita had always thought that it was true, but she did not expect that.

"I'm sorry, Rita. I lied to you before." Elbert said apologetically.

Looking at Elbert with some embarrassment, Rita thought she had done a lot of embarrassing things in front of him. She thought he was also a nobody like her, but she didn't expect that. Rita was upset and happy but she couldn't speak her feelings out. Maybe there were two kinds of emotions in her heart.

"Since you all know each other, I won't introduce you to each other. Let's talk about it in advance so that I can be prepared. " No wonder Charles was a CEO. No one could find anything wrong with him no matter in work or speaking. In fact, it was rare to see Charles at work for Rita.

"You're welcome. I didn't mean to be polite to you, so I came here directly." Elbert said politely.

When the three of them were exchanging greetings, there was a commotion not far away.

Charles looked through the crowd and found that Cecelia was crying there, surrounded by a group of people. three of them had no choice but to walk over with them to see what was going on.

Seeing that Cecelia was crying bitterly, Charles walked up to her and asked with concern, "what's wrong? Cecelia, "said Miriam," Mr. Charles, Miss Cecelia's stuff is missing. " Charles thought it was not a big deal, so he said, "it doesn't matter if you lose it. Just buy another one."


g that, Cecelia cried even harder. While sobbing, she said, "no, that's a ring that your mother gave me. She said that it was a ring from your Yue's ancestors and that she wanted to handle it to a future daughter-in-law. I didn't expect it to be lost. How can I explain it to Aunt Megan? " Cecelia seemed to say every word unintentionally, but every word was warning everyone present who had an improper desire for Charles. Her words not only proved her identity, but also showed her position in the Yue clan.

Charles didn't think too much. He just wanted to deal with the current situation. So he said, "don't worry about my mother. I'll tell her later, it doesn't matter if you loses her things."

After persuading Cecelia, Charles looked at everyone and said, "it's okay. Don't mind. Have a good time today."

Before he finished his words, Cecelia cried even louder. While crying, she deliberately shouted, "I was wearing it on my hand when I went to the bathroom just now, but when I came out, I took it off and washed my hands. After that, I forgot it. I didn't see it when I went back just now. Someone must have taken it." Cecelia hinted deliberately. "And she is from our side."

The more Cecelia said, the angrier she became.

Everyone looked at each other and didn't know how to deal with it, so one of the girls said, "Miss Cecelia, do you mean all the girls present?"

Hearing this, Cecelia replied with embarrassment, "in fact, it's not like that. Did anyone go to the bathroom just now and take it away by accident?"

"I saw Miss Rita and Miss Cecelia coming out of the bathroom one after another." The crowd suddenly said. All of a sudden, everyone's eyes were focused on Rita. Being stared at by everyone with malicious eyes, Rita felt a little flustered, as if she had really stolen Cecelia's ring. She said, "I didn't see the ring." Seeing that her plan was about to succeed, Cecelia added on purpose, "it seems to be true just now. I'll go out first, and Rita will go out with me."

Hearing that, Charles knew that Cecelia was intentionally or unintentionally leading everyone's target to Rita, so he immediately said to Cecelia, "there is no evidence. Don't accuse others casually without any evidence. Well, this matter is over." Charles wanted to end this matter as soon as possible.

"Mr. Charles, you are obviously protecting her." Maureen, who was standing next to Cecelia, said on purpose.

Everyone looked at Charles. Although they didn't say anything about Charles and Rita, they were discussing it in secret. After Maureen finished her words, Miss Rita saw that Charles, as the president of the company, was rendered speechless, she felt very sorry. She thought that it was all because of her, so she stepped forward to help Charles out. She said lightly, "I didn't take the ring. You can search it."

Looking at the righteous look on Miss Rita's face, Charles felt very sad, but he could do nothing.

At this time, Maureen deliberately stepped forward and said, "since you have a clear conscience, dare you show everyone your handbag. Let's see if there is anything in it. "

Rita didn't know why everyone was suspecting that she took the ring, but in the current situation, it seemed that if she didn't let everyone see her handbag, it meant more that she took it. So Rita opened her handbag without saying a word and poured out all the things in it.

"Splash!" all the things fell out. emeralds jade ring also fell out. Rita opened her mouth wide in surprise, and everyone in the company was surprised. Only Cecelia smiled as if she had succeeded. All this was witnessed by Elbert. Elbert finally understood that it was a wonderful play.

"It's really you, Rita!" Maureen said first.

Rita didn't know what was going on. She struggled desperately and explained, "it's not me. It's really not me. I don't know what's going on." Rita looked at everyone with beseeching eyes, trying to tell everyone that she didn't steal the ring, but everyone's eyes were full of shock and indifference. When she looked at Charles, Charles's eyes were full of disbelief.

"What else do you want to say, Rita?" Maureen asked aggressively.

Rita burst into tears and explained powerlessly, "I don't know what happened. I really didn't take it. "

"She didn't take the ring." Elbert stepped forward and said affirmatively.

All the people in the company turned their attention to Elbert. Then, Maureen was very dissatisfied with him who came out halfway. she said with disgust, "who are you? Why do you say that?"

Elbert said slowly, "who am I? You can ask Mr. Charles."

Then everyone looked at Mr. Charles. Charles replied flatly, "this is our partner, Elbert, the master of the company of Aria."

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