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   Chapter 10 I am indeed Charles' Woman

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"However, although you say that Rita is your woman, it seems that she hasn't agreed yet. It's ridiculous for you to make a fuss about such a woman here." Flynn suddenly thought of this and put on a smug smile again. In his opinion, Rita was still a shadow of him and followed him all the time. She was worthless at all, and was even a thing that he could give up easily.

As long as he showed a little kindness to her, that stupid woman would definitely give up the ridiculous idea of divorcing him.

"Rita, this divorce agreement seems a little ridiculous. I can forgive you for betraying me yesterday. Is there any problem?" Flynn said the name of Rita, but looked at the direction of Charles with undisguised provocation in his eyes.

It was ridiculous. Charles couldn't help laughing.

Flynn, Rita and he all knew clearly who was to blame for what had happened yesterday.

Who on earth drugged her and even put Rita on Charles' bed? Flynn was even afraid that it would not be enough, so he added philter in Charles' tea as the last shot.

Charles was well prepared, but he didn't know where Flynn got the colorless and tasteless philter.

Even after he drank it, he didn't feel any difference in time. Instead, he didn't completely lose his control until he saw Rita, leaving the two of them no time to react.

And as the initiator of all this, Flynn pretended to be generous and forgive these two victims.

Even Charles couldn't be counted as a victim. In this game, Rita was the one who got hurt the most.

She lost her job, even if it was not a good job, and she was misunderstood by Flynn because of Charles' deliberate approach, and then knocked out and sent to her bed.

"Don't you think your words are too ridiculous?" Before Charles could say anything, Rita raised her head. Her little face was full of tears, but with something called firmness.

"Who sent me to Charles' bed yesterday? I think both you and I know it. Don't think of any excuses for yourself." Rita restrained herself from slapping Flynn hard. Her whole body was trembling and her eyes were red.

"Rita!" In Flynn's plan, there is no such change as Rita. He didn't expect that she would openly resist him. For a moment, he could not help but be angry from embarrassment. He glanced at her, and the meaning in his eyes was self-evident, reminding and even warning her not to say so much.

"I am indeed Charles' woman," Rita said with a self-mocking smile.

At this moment, Rita was so desperate that she didn't even have any idea. She just wanted to take revenge on Flynn. When she looked at Flynn's unbelievable eyes, she couldn't help but smile with self-mockery.

What kind of existence was she to Flynn? Maybe, in his heart, she was just a puppet that could be used or even traded.

Even if Rita had already known Flynn's thoughts, at this moment, she could not help but be surrounded by great sadness.

'Forgive? Ha ha.' Among these people, Flynn is the most unqualified to be forgiven. He sent Rita to Charles' bed, and even made her lose her precious virginity. Even as her husband, Flynn never wanted to have sex with her, and she never thought of giving her first time to a stranger whom she could only get along with well.

Indeed, Charles was just a stranger to her.

Flynn could give her to others without any shame just for a relatively important contract. Even at this moment, he could hypocritically say he forgive her. All of these were caused by him, but now he said the word "f

orgive" to the victim.


Flynn gave Rita to Charles and didn't mind her developing a relationship with Charles, but all of this could only be accepted when he was the beneficiary.

But now, it was obvious that Charles didn't like Flynn giving a woman to him at will. Charles even wanted to cut off the cooperation with Flynn.

This was something Flynn didn't want to see at all.

It was a double whammy.

Regardless of Flynn's fierce eyes, the corners of Rita's mouth curved up, and the meaning of ridicule was self-evident.

Then, to everyone's surprise, Rita suddenly wrapped her arms around Charles' neck, stepped forward and gave him a kiss.

She tasted it slightly and returned to her seat. Then she looked at Flynn and asked, "Do you have any other questions now?"

Flynn seemed to have been patient, but now he suddenly couldn't bear his anger. He raised his hand high, trying to slap the woman in front of him who was constantly challenging his endurance.

"Humph!" Flynn's hand was grabbed and thrown down. There was no smile on Charles' face. After the gentle smile that he had been wearing disappeared, his expression became very terrible at this moment.

"Flynn, are you testing my limits? I have told you clearly that Rita is my woman. How dare you hit my woman in front of me?" Charles said in a gloomy voice. The emotionless and upturned corners of his mouth looked particularly terrifying at this moment.

"Well, before Rita sign the divorce agreement, I'm afraid that she is still my wife. Are you entitled to her man? How can you say that Rita is your woman?" Flynn was very happy. Now he seemed to have found a mistake of Charles.

"Oh, so you know that you are the nominal husband of Rita." Charles didn't lose his sense of propriety. "I think you don't even perform the most basic obligation. Even if we sue for divorce, we still have a one hundred percent chance of winning."

"……" Gritting his teeth, Flynn watched Charles take Rita away triumphantly.

"He won't let it go." After leaving the Shens' house, Rita sighed in her heart that she was still too reckless. If it weren't for Charles today, she would probably have no way to handle the situation and end it.

Although she also knew Flynn's personality, she was still so reckless to break in, and even let Charles and Flynn's cooperation blow up.

Flynn was extremely cautious about the contract. He even fired her for a small mistake.

Of course, she thought this contract was also very important to Charles.

Because of her, he had no choice but to break his contract.

Charles froze for a moment when he heard that. Seeing his reaction, Rita instantly felt more and more guilty.

"Your contract." Said Rita in a trembling voice.

"It's okay. It's not your fault." It turned out that she was upset because of this matter. Charles wanted to laugh.

He was afraid that he had made a mountain out of a molehill by taking advantage of this matter of Rita. As for Flynn, it was no longer a secret that he was greedy for small advantages and even used jerry-built materials for design.

He had already had a candidate for the cooperation, but Flynn got ahead of others. However, looking at the Rita's design draft, he also thought it wasn't a bad choice.

If there was no follow-up problems, and no other better works appeared, Charles might choose Flynn at the end. But because of Flynn's action of firing Rita, Flynn had completely given up the idea of cooperation with him.

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