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   Chapter 9 She Is My Woman

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Maeryn wanted to resist, but when she saw the and indifferent warning eyes of Flynn, she did nothing.

After the woman slapped Maeryn ten times, Charles spoke.


The woman quickly withdrew her hand and took two steps back.

"Mr. Yue, have you cooled down?" Seeing what Charles was doing, Flynn rubbed his hands with a smile.

The purpose of Flynn's action was obvious.

In order to please him, Flynn even used the woman he loved the most as a bait.

Looking at the accustomed expression of Rita, he knew that it was not the first time that Flynn had done such a thing.

"Mr. Shen, I think our cooperation is meaningless. You'd better find another partner." Charles said with regret.

Suddenly, a nervous look appeared on Flynn's face. "Mr. Yue, didn't we have a good talk before? Why do you change your mind now?"

This cooperation was absolutely a very important one for Flynn, although it might not be a big deal for Charles. He just needed to sign his name on a document with a stroke of the pen.

Flynn promised that as long as he made this qualitative leap this time, his company would definitely climb up to a higher level. But if he lost this opportunity, he didn't know how long it would take him to meet such a good chance again.

"Well, I thought Mr. Shen knew the reason why I did that." Charles touched Rita's hair and stood beside her, giving her infinite courage.

Flynn frowned. He really couldn't figure out where he had offended this big boss in front of him.

"Is it because this bitch didn't satisfy you? Don't worry, Mr. Shen. I can find you countless women as long as you want." After seeing the interaction between them, Flynn said as if he had come to a realization.

"Mr. Shen, I'm sorry. The bitch you referred to is my woman." The more Flynn slandered Rita, the more fake the cold smile on Charles' face became.

In the end, he couldn't even accept Flynn's constant ridicule of Rita, so he said lightly.

"Oh, I see. What?" Soon after Flynn nodded with understanding, he turned around and asked in disbelief.

"Well, do you have any other thoughts about this matter, Mr. Shen?" Charles knew that Flynn would not have any idea, and he would even give Rita to him respectfully.

However, Rita was never a commodity. Even if he wanted to get someone, he would only hear his approval from his mouth. He would never let others trade to him like slaves.

"Ha ha!" Flynn smiled awkwardly twice. Now his heart was full of strange thoughts. He just wanted to give Rita to Charles for one night, in order to let him happily agree to his contract. But Flynn didn't expect to lose his wife. Although this wife was not what he wanted, Charles said in front of him that Rita was his woman, which gave Flynn an invisible slap in the face.

"Mr. Yue, I think Rita is my wife, right?" Flynn asked cautiously.

Charles sneered in his heart and thought, 'Since you know that she is your wife, how can you give her to me without any guilt.'

"Not now. I think you have seen the divorce agreement and signed your name on it." Charles said with relief.


Yes, the divorce agreement was handled by Charles for Rita. No matter how angry she was, she would never think of occupying all the property of Flynn.

But Charles didn't want to see her be cheated.

Before cooperating with others, Charles had to find out all the details about them, so he knew Flynn's financial situation and drew up this divorce agreement for Rita.

Moreover, after he drew up the divorce agreement for Rita, he quickly found a lawyer he could trust.

It was impossible for a person like Flynn to let Rita leave with a penny. Charles couldn't let her give up all her money because of him.

Sure enough, after he entered the Shens' house, he heard something like infidelity in marriage and even going to court.

However, Charles had never expected that Maeryn would slap Rita.

However, she had already done it. After seeing the marks on Rita's face, he touched her face lovingly. Then he ordered the lawyer he brought here to slap Maeryn ten times, just to vent his anger for Rita.

Perhaps, Charles still didn't understand.

Why did he feel so painful the moment he saw Rita get hurt?

Although Flynn forced himself to have a smile on his face, his heart was full of anger, but he could not show it at a


He coughed awkwardly and finally said, "There seems to be a problem with the divorce agreement."

"What problem?" Charles became interested. It was the first time that he had seen such a shameless person. He really wanted to see what excuse the person in front of him could give to him.

"Well, why do I feel that I don't have so much property in common with Rita?" Flynn picked up the document on the table with a troubled look and said incredulously.

Although it was true that the property showing on it was the common property of him and Rita, he knew that it did not mean that he would give it to them willingly.

He had never admitted that Rita was his wife. Otherwise, how could he sleep with others without shame and forget that he had a wife.

Rita and he were just engaged by a piece of paper, and he couldn't make such a big sacrifice because of it. In Flynn's view, this scarification would mean that he was not only stupid, but also had to give up his own interests.

The marriage certificate and the relationship he had been with for so many years were not worth giving up his own interests at all.

In his view, nothing was more important than profit.

"Really?" Charles said sarcastically.

The investigation team found by Charles was reliable, so it was impossible to give him any trouble. Otherwise, they would not be called responsible for their work.

Therefore, when he saw Flynn's complacent expression, Charles just smiled coldly with a glint of mockery in his eyes.

"It seems that this is your excuse. I'm sorry. I think this document is enough for you to recognize the facts now." Although Charles was still having a business manner, his attitude of defending Rita and disdaining Flynn was enough to make that arrogant man angry.

"Charles Yue." Regardless of his contract, Flynn tightly clasped the edge of the table corner with his hands. His fingers were pale. Anger seemed to be unable to prove his mood at this moment.

Charles sat on the chair leisurely. Relax is for a better negotiation!

As an outsider, Rita saw the relaxed smile on Charles' face. Suddenly, the big stone in her heart had been dispelled by the bright smile and she had relieved a lot. Perhaps he had the ability to make her relax, or even let down her guard, and trust others to do what is most important to her.

"Mr. Shen, what can I do for you?" Charles crossed his hands into a tower and looked at Flynn thoughtfully. There was no temperature in his deep eyes, and it was like a huge whirlpool, making people look at it. Even just a glance would make people sink and sink until they were completely lost.

Flynn was stunned. Looking at the confident look of Charles, a great fear quickly spread out like water stained with pigment. This was his advantage. Before the competition started, Flynn had been much weaker in momentum.

"Well, stop talking nonsense. Do you really want to go to the court with me with your weak lies? I think Mr. Shen must have seen such a scene not far away. Now it's a win-win situation. " When Charles saw that Flynn was leaning against the corner of the table in a daze, with some sweat on his face, he felt boring. Only a suitable opponent could attract his attention. As for a person who could not withstand a single blow or even the sarcasm of words, how far could he go? It was nothing more than marking time.

Moreover, Flynn's taste was so bad that he wanted to laugh. He abandoned the pearl-like Rita, but chose the grit-like Maeryn. Everyone knew that this woman approached Flynn's intention.

Only Flynn was still immersed in the hypocritical smile on Maeryn's face. As long as he could use his eyes and see the woman in front of him clearly, he would understand how wrong he was. Unfortunately, he would never examine himself.

He didn't know how many men had slept with Maeryn, and he didn't even know what she had experienced, but he could still say confidently, "My woman is Maeryn. What kind of person are you, Rita? You don't even deserve to be a fertility tool. Even the artificial cultivation in the hospital is much better than you."

His words were like a sharp blade stabbing into Rita's heart, leaving a deep wound on her wounded heart. There was no medicine or treatment. She could only watch the blood flowing dry, and her heart withered like a manjusaka.

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