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   Chapter 7 Be Responsible For You

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It seemed that Riri was still the way Flynn called Rita a long time ago. At that time, the two of them were still in love with each other and countless sweet words piled up into a big lie.

But when they finally got married, it was more like a tomb.

Flynn's attitude towards her had performed a somersault. There was no sweet words, not even a white lie. The only communication between her and Flynn seemed to be quarreling and scolding every day, and the reprimand from the superior to the subordinate.

But in Rita's heart, there was still a kind of innocence and beauty. Flynn was her first love. It was said that first love was beautiful, and so was it for her.

"Do you think such an obvious perfunctory lie can touch me?"

Unconsciously, there were a few tears on her face. She said in a choked voice.

It was obviously dull on the other end of the phone. Then Flynn begged, "Riri, I know you won't believe me. But please trust me this time. I won't lie to you about this."

It seemed that it was because Flynn's voice was too pleading, or perhaps it was because the soft heart of Rita was touched, even if Charles asked her to stay, she decided to go back home. Without any hesitation, Rita took a taxi back to her home.

"Rita, you are back," she said to herself.

Rita opened the door hopefully.

Even though she had already had a warning in her heart, when she saw that there were no balloons, no cakes, but only cold and ruthless rooms in the house, and with no one else, she sneered and threw her bag casually on the sofa. Then she sat on the sofa dispiritedly.

There was sounds of footsteps behind her. Even if she closed her eyes, she could still know the source of the voice. She said, "You lied to get me over here. What do you want?"

"Nothing. I just want to see your desperate face." As Flynn spoke, he walked slowly to the side of Rita and sat down on the sofa.

The soft sofa sank in an instant. Flynn smiled and he wanted to put his arm around her shoulder, but he failed. As soon as his hand touched her body, she dodged quickly.

Although being treated like this, Flynn withdrew his hand without any embarrassment and sneered, "What? Do you think I have a good temper now?"

"No, how could it be possible? I always have the highest respect for you in my heart." Rita raised her voice with sarcasm.

Flynn seemed to be irritated, and in the next moment, a clear slap mark was imprinted on her face.

"Rita, how dare you?" Flynn finally couldn't stand with the sarcasm of Rita. He clasped her neck tightly with a ferocious expression on his face.

"Really? But I don't think it's enough." Rita's voice was full of coldness and provocation. She raised her eyebrows slightly.

"Good, good." Flynn was so angry that he laughed. Looking at Flynn's eyes, Rita's pupils contracted instantly. She grabbed the hand of the sofa subconsciously. But now there was no way back.

Flynn hit her neck with his palm, and she fell to the ground with a groan.

Seeing that Rita was in a coma in front of him, Flynn didn't feel sorry for her at all. He even wore a smile on the corner of his mouth.

"Since you like Charles so much, I think he will be very happy if I give you to him. You have done your last duty. At least I can make a big business deal."

Flynn was so angry that he could do anything now. However, these were what he had always wanted to do.


Furrowing his eyebrows, Charles walked into the suite in the hotel and couldn't help sneering at Flynn's arrangement.

The reason why he came here this time was that he wanted to terminate the contract with Flynn, a man who could beat his wife and casually fire her just because of a woman's provocation.

Charles didn't want to cooperate with him at all.

Flynn seemed to think that he had read Charles' mind. On the contrary, he had misunderstood Charles' mind.

Charles wanted to terminate the contract because Flynn was Rita's husband but he didn't treat her well.

But Flynn thought of what Charles would see later, he really became to look forward to it.

"Hmm!" A voice came from the bed


After hearing the voice, Charles' face did not change at all. Obviously, he was very clear about Flynn's thoughts and plans. Flynn could have met him elsewhere, but he intended to meet him in a hotel. Such intention was obvious.

Charles slowly walked over, and his facial expression changed when he saw the woman lying on the bed.

"Rita." He said in a hoarse voice, and his hands were even trembling slightly.

Rita didn't hear Charles' voice at all. She seemed to be very uncomfortable and even twisted twice. When she opened her eyes, she indistinctly saw the figures, who had been talking, in front of her.

'It's so hot. I want ice. Who can...?' Rita thought.

Charles looked Rita her sullenly, subconsciously pursed his lips, and reached out his hand and touched her hair. His heart was full of anger.

Perhaps he was angry because Rita didn't have any vigilance, or because of something else. The only thing Charles knew was that his heart was full of anger now.

It was even more intense than the burning of Rita's body.

But soon, Charles felt something wrong. He didn't need to look at himself in the mirror to know that his face must look very bad.

When he saw her like this, the most important thing he should do was to leave immediately.

Unfortunately, Flynn also put enough drug in his tea.

Charles didn't have such strong self-control. He felt the fire in his body and had many other thoughts.

He looked at Rita in front of him, opened his mouth, silently said sorry from the bottom of his heart, and then walked towards her without hesitation.

When everything was over, Charles stood awkwardly beside the bed, looking at the panic-stricken Rita with an extremely cold expression on her face.

"Charles, I didn't expect you to be such a person." Rita couldn't believe what Charles had done to her. She looked at him angrily and shouted inevitably.

"This is your first time!" Charles said with difficulty. He walked forward two steps slowly, as if he wanted to touch her hair.

However, it seemed that Rita was even angrier at his action.

"Don't touch me." Rita dodged and said.

Charles was refused again and again, and his face was a little unhappy. But he knew that Rita was a real victim. It didn't mean that he could do anything to her even when he was under the effect of the drug.

Honestly, he was still sober at that time. If he had controlled himself, nothing would have happened after that.

Even though Charles didn't say it, his heart was full of guilt.

"So what?" Speaking of this, Rita seemed to be insulted more. She screamed sharply, and her eyes were finally filled with fear.

"I will be responsible for you." After thinking for a long time, Charles said this sentence that seemed to ease the embarrassment, but neither of them take it seriously. What's more, after hearing what Charles said, Rita was almost angrier.

"Do you mean a compensation? I'm a married woman. Do I need you to be responsible for me?" Rita's voice was a little shrill, and the quilt slipped down a little because she didn't hold it tightly.


It was not until now that Charles finally realized that he should never argue with an angry woman, because in the end, it was all his fault. Whatsoever, it was indeed his fault.

"Let's just treat this as a deal, and then we don't need to talk anymore." What Rita said seemed reasonable, but it still made Charles furious.

"Do you still want to go back to Flynn?" Charles finally calmed her down and didn't agree to make a deal with her.

"I..." said Rita in a dry voice. She had just vented her anger on Charles, and it was also because of Flynn, who made this trap.

Even if she knew that Flynn hated her, she never thought that Flynn would give her to another man one day.

This was the man she liked, and this was her husband.

Sitting on the bed, Rita laughed at herself.

Flynn was forced to marry her, so he stayed with other women every day and never looked at her.

Rita was never the kind of woman who could not bear loneliness. She had never thought of going to find another man.

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