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   Chapter 5 Saved By Accident

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Rita knew that she had said something wrong, but now Charles was about to end the meeting, so she had to follow him.

After taking the business card on the table, she left the private room with Charles.

But he seemed to have something else to do. After saying goodbye to Rita briefly, he suddenly turned around and walked towards another direction.

It was late at night when Rita came out of the restaurant. It was almost nine o'clock when she got home.

She drove into the community and wondered if Flynn was at home.

She lowered her head and walked listlessly for tens of meters. When she was about to arrive at her own villa, a pair of big hands suddenly pulled her into a car.

After being pulled into the car, she saw Flynn sitting on the driver's seat.

What a coincidence! Did Flynn park his car downstairs on purpose to wait for her to return home?

At first, she was a little angry, but when she saw Flynn's cold eyes, she was shocked.

"Rita, why do you come back so late?" The expression on Flynn's face was a little strange. She could't tell whether he was questioning or testing her.

"Nothing. I was just driving on the street to relax my mind." Seeing that Flynn's eyes became more and more gloomy, she began to feel uneasy.

This man was very dangerous now. He was no longer the man that she knew.

After answering indifferently, she wanted to open the door and get off, but was stopped by Flynn's strong arms.

"Really? You look unnatural when you lie, and you like licking your lips." Flynn pretended to be interested and leaned over to look at her.

After being exposed, Rita tried her best to keep calm, but she didn't know that he had already got a plan.

A sinister smile appeared on Flynn's gloomy face. He approached her bit by bit and suddenly lifted her chin with his hand.

"Judging from your expression, it seems that you want to tell me that it's not true, but there is something that you can't prove. As your husband, it's my privilege to check your body..." Flynn said coldly.

Rita was frightened by his restless behavior. She pushed him away with both hands and turned to the window to stop him from kissing her.

Flynn hadn't had sex with her since their marriage for three years, so she was still a virgin.

However, he wanted to prove her words in this way. Was there anything more humiliating than this?

"Flynn... Let go of me! Why don't you go for Maeryn?" Rita tried to hide herself, and her voice was hoarse and flustered.

At this moment, Flynn had suppressed her. In the narrow space of the car, she could hardly move.

"You are different!" Flynn said firmly, "Rita, don't you want a child? I'll give you the chance tonight!"

Flynn acted more and more violently.

Just as she was about to run out of her accumulated strength, she suddenly managed to open the door and ran out.

The first thing Flynn did was to stop her. He grabbed her arm tightly, pulling her into the car with all his strength.

For a moment, she felt that her arm was almost dislocated. She had no strength to compete with him, and soon she was dragged back to the car.

But when she was about to run away again, the business card and cuff links in her pocket were scattered on the seat. This time, Flynn's hand was faster than hers.

Flynn loosened his grip on her arm and discarded her like an unwanted toy. He saw that the cuff link of the last time had turned into a pair, and beside them was a name card of Charles.

Flynn understood something. Then his anger erupted like a volcano, showing all on his face.

"Bitch! You were indeed dating a man!" Flynn threw the business card aside in the car and stretched out his hands, trying to capture Rita who tried to escape.

The door was half open. Rita shouted for help, but there was no response.

Finally, in the critical situation, Rita poked Flynn's eyes with her fingers and escaped.

She fell down on the cold slate, and then quickly got up and continued to run away, followed by Flynn's angry curses.

She ran out of the community. At this time, an oncoming car almost knocked down the absent-minded Rita.

Rita fell to the ground. The light of the Bentley in front of her was bright, and she suddenly felt that the car looked familiar.

"Why are you sitting on the ground? Get up and get in the car!"

Hearing the familiar voice, Rita looked up and saw Charles poke his head out of the window. His sharp face was particularly charming in the moonlight.

"Get in the car!" Seeing that Rita was still sitting there without any movement, Charles growled impatiently, and his eyes were as cold as winter.

It was not until then that she remembe

red that Flynn was still chasing after her. She didn't run too far and he would find her soon.

She got into Charles's car quickly. Before she sat down steadily, the car turned around smartly and then drove away.

Rita awkwardly leaned back on the passenger seat. Her messy hair, mixed with sweat, fell on her forehead, and there was a distinct red and swollen mark on her face.

Rita didn't have time to pay attention to her clothes now. She leaned back on the chair wearily, with fear in her heart.

She knew clearly how unreasonable Flynn was in the past three years. How could he tolerate what happened today? Even if it was just a guess, he would never let her go.

He could squander his love with other women, but he insisted that she must be absolutely faithful.

Flynn was still proud of his ridiculous attitude.

"Thank you so much this time." After a moment of silence, she turned to look at Charles who was driving.

Charles nodded, with a weird smile on his face. He reached out his hand and handed his suit to her. Seeing her puzzled eyes, he said helplessly, "Your cloth."

It was not until now that she noticed the embarrassment that her face flushed instantly. She took the clothes handed over by Charles, put them on her body awkwardly and leaned against the passenger seat.

After what had happened to her just now, she had no extra energy to care about the people around her.

She was so weak that she leaned against the passenger seat limply.

The sudden accident made her unable to think. She just wanted to stay quietly for a while. She fell asleep quietly.

At first, Charles was still driving. But from the corner of his eyes, he noticed that Rita had fallen asleep. He subconsciously stepped on the brake and slowly stopped the car at the roadside.

It was totally an accident for him to meet Rita again today. He just passed by there because of something urgent. After he finished his work, he wanted to go back to the company directly.

However, he saw the quarrel between Rita and Flynn from inside the car.

He didn't want to stir up trouble, but he turned the steering wheel unconsciously, drove towards them and almost made Rita hit his car.

Seeing that Rita dodged Flynn's attack in disorder, his heart was full of anger. It was a shameful thing for a man to hit a woman, no matter what the reason was.

However, Flynn didn't feel ashamed. On the contrary, he was still very complacent. Just because a woman would follow his orders.

He even sought for and played with women outside. It was a very happy thing for him to bring a woman to his banquet without any shame, and his wife had no right to interfere at all.

Perhaps Flynn was like a flower in a greenhouse, a prince living in an ivory tower. He had never experienced any ups and downs, but he had no idea what others would think of him when he did such things.

Charles really didn't understand Flynn's mood. In a word, he didn't appreciate people like Flynn at all. But he still had necessary cooperation with the Shen family's company, so he didn't have to conflict with Flynn for an unnecessary thing.

But today, he still did improper thing. For a woman who was not necessary, he even directly broke the deadlock.

He knew what Flynn was suspecting. That cuff link didn't mean anything to him, so when he saw that Rita tried her best to return one single button to him, he gave the other to her as a gift.

Flynn had a strong desire of control. Although he could tolerate himself looking for women outside, he couldn't tolerate his wife to do anything wrong to betray him.

So when he saw the buttons in Rita's hands, which were obviously men's buttons, his heart was full of anger. He even did not hesitate to suspect that Rita also was a skittish woman. That button was the evidence that Rita also had affairs.

And now when he saw that Rita got on Charles' car without hesitation, he was more sure that Rita must have gotten on Charles' bed.

This bitch. When she came back, he would teach her a good lesson and let her know who was the boss. Flynn slammed his things on the ground without grace.

Rita slept soundly until the second night.

Because of all the disputes the day before yesterday, she was exhausted physically and mentally. When she touched the soft bed, she fell asleep without any precaution. Charles was thinking to ask her to change into a pajama. But he looked at her, who had fallen asleep, and felt more and more helpless.

He sighed slightly. When he was about to stand up, he was quickly pulled back by Rita's hand. Before he could resist, he heard her muttering, "Don't go. Just stay with me for a while."

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