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   Chapter 53 This Person Is Not Simple! (Part One)

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When Ben came back from office, the second class was already halfway through. His face became gloomier. He frowned and gritted his teeth, trying not to lose his temper. He walked into the class without knocking at the door and pulled his chair back hard, making the whole room clatter and sit down with his long legs down.

It didn't look like he was released by the teacher after the conversation, but like he came back with more anger during the half conversation.

The Chinese teacher of this section was the former head teacher of Ben. Yes, the female teacher who was crying because of him was called Jayla.

Miss Jayla was glad that she didn't see him, but when she heard the knock on the door and turned around to see Ben, her lively face stiffened. At this time, Ben rushed back to his seat with an unhappy face. She didn't want to care about him more, but frowned and said nothing.

The students who had been quietly listening to the class quietly were all attracted by this turn of movement and sound, and all of them looked at Ben.

Noticing that no one was listening carefully, Jayla pounded the table gently and coughed. She said in a somewhat soft voice, "Okay, okay, come and see the blackboard!" In order to emphasize two times, she pounded the blackboard again.

"Rat-a-tat." The students slowly moved their eyes back to the blackboard, but the atmosphere in the class was not as calm as before, but gradually became restless. No matter how hard Jayla stressed the discipline, there were still few voices in the class.

For Shirley, Jayla's lecture was like a book, without any vivid sentences or extra-curricular extension, and with a gentle tone, as if she was hypnotizing, making Shirley, who had not had a good rest, even more dizzy.

But fortunately, when she couldn't hold on an


"Then you have asked for leave from your head teacher?"


"What?" Startled, Shirley grabbed Ben's arm and wanted him to sit down.

Ben made a gesture to her to keep her voice down.

Shirley covered her mouth with his hand, lowered her head and looked around in a low voice. "You're skip the class. The score will be deducted in the end of the semester!"

Ben also lowered his voice and looked at her. "I'm not afraid."

After saying that, he stood up, shrugged his shoulders and put the chair aside indifferently. Then he swaggered out of the class.

Looking at him, Shirley was so shocked that his chin was about to fall. It was the first time that she had seen such a bold person since she entered No. 2 Middle School. He was so arrogant. Why did he let her keep her voice down? He thought he was going to sneak around.

Shirley came back and saw more than half of the people in his class had seen what had happened just now. She shook her head helplessly and sighed. How generous he was!

The whole morning passed peacefully, and Hugh didn't come to the class either. But in the afternoon, when he rushed into the class aggressively, he looked straight at this side.

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