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   Chapter 52 Have Something On Mind

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After Charlie left, Shirley sat on the chair and read the comic book sent by him. Her mind was in a mess, and she couldn't read it at all. Her interest that had just been brought up disappeared again. She bent over the table and thought about how helpless Yvonne looked when she said this. In addition, she had been hesitating and preoccupied these days. She thought that her mother could do nothing about it. Just as she said, you could only get something after you gave up something.

Now, if she wanted to stay with her mother, she had to choose to be separated from her friends. Shirley turned around and thought that if she had to choose one, it could only be her mother.

Raising a child without any relationship, under the pressure of the elders, being judged by others and doing everything for herself, there was no reason not to choose.

Thinking of this, Shirley let out a long sigh. Although she had thought it over, she still felt suffocated and sad.

In the next two days, unlike usual, Shirley didn't run out as soon as she had a holiday. She couldn't stay at home for even a minute. Instead, she quietly hid in the room and read books, doing homework and reviewing homework.

It was said that the school in City B had very high requirements for students...

I heard that students in City B don't like non local students...

It was said that people in City B were not easy to get along with...

Every word "said" contained the great worry and fear of Shirley...

Early in the morning, Shirley got up early and went to school. After a while, Selina had already arrived at her class. She greeted Shirley warmly and told her what had happened in the past two days.

Looking at such a lively and lively Sabina, Shirley thought for a while and decided not to tell her what she was going to leave. She would talk about it after Yvonne had decided a leaving day and everything was ready. She didn't want to let each other feel the pain of separation too early.

Maybe she was influenced by Sabina's emotion, she gradually forgot about what she was going to leave and chatted with her.

"Bang!" Shirley, who was leaning against the chair and chatting excitedly with Sabina, was startled by the vibration and noise behind her.

She stopped talking and looked back subconsciously.

It was the sound of the chair being pulled out and bumped into the table by Ben behind them, which startled the students behind.

Today, unlike his usual enthusiasm to greet his classmates at school, Ben put on a straight face with restrained anger in his eyes. He put his schoolbag heavily on the table, and then sat on his seat silently, turned his head and looked out of the window. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

Shirley stole a glance at him and stopped saying hello to him. She had never seen such Ben before.

In the memory of Shirley, although Ben was a little bad tempered, he was not as bad as he had been told before. At least, he was well behaved in class seven and got along well with his classmates. Although he did not

e seen.

Are you going to hit me? I just kindly reminded him. I should not to be so impulsive.

Seeing this, Shirley felt remorseful. Why didn't she step in? Seeing that Ben's body moved a little, Shirley stepped back for fear of his getting up and giving her a punch.

However, Ben just raised his head to look at Shirley. He was not sleepy at all. He just pretended not to talk to Hugh.

"Teacher is calling you." Shirley looked at him carefully, pursing his lips and pointing at the platform.

"Ben, come with me." At this time, Hugh stood at the door of the class, with a book in his hand, and stared at him with a straight face.

With a light snort, Ben stood up disdainfully and kicked the chair away. With his hands in his pockets, he looked at Shirley and said in a low voice, "You're so coward."

"He said I was coward?" Looking at his receding figure, Shirley pointed at Ben's table and looked at Sabina in disbelief.

Seeing that Hugh finally left, Sabina took a deep breath. She finally could tell the gossip, which made her suffocated.

She pulled down Shirley's hand and said perfunctorily, "Yes, he said you were coward." The voice of Ben was low, but it was so quiet in the class just now, and the people around must have heard it clearly. But Sabina didn't want to talk about it at the moment. She just couldn't wait to continue what ray hadn't finished. "I'm telling you, he is in class five and..."

"No, he just said I was coward." Shirley frowned and interrupted Sabina.

"I know you are coward. Stop talking about it." Sabina was impatient. She just wanted to end this topic as soon as possible. "He is in class five and..."

"No! Why does he say I'm coward? " Shirley interrupted her again.

"Ah!" Sabina held her head and thought, 'oh my God! Shirley is making a fuss again. She might really be suffocated by the gossip.' She looked at Shirley in pain and asked, "Shirley, do you do it on purpose?"

"No. he said I was coward..."

"Coward! You are the most coward!"



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