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   Chapter 50

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Edmund frowned and saw all her little movements. Seeing that she walked without a crutch, he frowned deeper.

His voice was cold and emotionless. "Where's the crutch?"

With a guilty conscience, Shirley lowered her head, pouted and rolled her eyes. When she was at Edmund's house, she threw her crutch aside as soon as she had the chance. She always felt it was too inconvenient, but Edmund kept staring at her and didn't allow her to do it. She finally came back home and wanted to relax. She was caught right away. What a bad luck!

She stole a glance at Edmund and saw the coldness in his eyes. She shivered as if there was cold wind blowing. An unknown feeling of fear came out from the bottom of her heart. She said in a trembling voice, "In the room."

"Stand still." Hearing that, Edmund pursed his lips and took a look at her. Seeing that her fluffy head was quietly standing in front of him, he could not help but feel helpless.

Shirley didn't dare to move any more. She stood obediently against the wall and waited for him in silence. Then she saw that Edmund turned around and walked into her room to take out his crutch, with a serious and no smile on his face.

Shirley quickly reached out her hand and put it under her armpit. She smiled at Edmund and said with a soft and flattering voice. "Thank you, uncle."

Edmund had seen through her trick and didn't answer her.

He sat on the sofa, crossed his arms and looked at Shirley up and down, as if he wanted to see through her.

Shirley followed him and didn't dare to speak. The nervous expression on Edmund's face made her flustered. In fact, it was a question without a crutch. She didn't understand why he was so serious.

"Where did you go just now?" Finally, Edmund stopped staring at Shirley and looked away as if he didn't care about it at all.

"Go to ask Charlie about the question. There is a question I didn't understood." Shirley's voice was still low. Looking at the expression on Edmund's face, she pointed at the door and said cautiously, "It's upstairs. There's an elevator near it..."

Shirley wanted to explain her behavior and tried to tell him that it didn't matter if she went in this way. But when she saw the deep eyes of Edmund, her voice became lower and lower, and she became more and more unconfident, covering her mouth.

"What about the result? Do you understand now?" Instead of listening to the rest of the words of Shirley, he continued to ask what he wanted to ask.

"Yes, I'm listening carefully!" That was to say, since she had made a mistake, she would try to save her face by learning hard. "Uncle, look, these are the only problems..." Then she took out the exercise book in her hand and wanted to show him which problem it was. But when she took it out, she regretted.

She had just looked through a few comic books in the elevator, and now they were placed at the top. As soon as she took them out, the colorful cover came into view. Seeing this, she felt her heart tightened, as if someone was pressing her throat. Her heart beat violently like the sound of beating drum in her ears. She hurriedly wanted to take it back, but she saw Edmund was looking at it.

When he saw the messy covers, Ed

too much on her mind at night, she didn't sleep well. When she got up in the morning, she felt dizzy, not as sober as yesterday. She came to the examination hall listlessly. She could feel that today's state was obviously not as good as yesterday, and that the way of doing problems was obviously not as clear as before.

Finally, the examination was over. Lying on the table, Shirley felt so exhausted that all the burden on her body had been removed. She had tried her best. It all depended on God.

"Shirley, what's wrong with you?" Sabina returned to her seat and asked when she saw the downhearted Shirley.

"I always feel that something big will happen recently." Shirley turned his head slightly, pointed at the ceiling and squinted at Sabina with profound eyes.

Seeing that she was so sensitive, Sabina burst into laughter and knocked on her head. "What can happen? It's just over. Do you think you are a God?"

Shirley sat up and spread out her hands with a smile, but she was preoccupied with something. She muttered to himself, "Fortunately, I can have a good rest on the weekend tomorrow. I'm so tired these two days."

After school, Shirley went back home to have a good sleep. As usual, Yvonne stayed in the study and didn't come out.

Shirley didn't wake up until the second morning. After a good sleep, she stretched herself and got up. When she walked out of the door, she saw Yvonne having breakfast at the table.

After washing her face and brushing her teeth, she walked up to her and shouted, "Good morning, mom!"

Seeing her daughter smiling at her, Yvonne said, "You're awake. Come and have breakfast."

Shirley nodded and put the bun into her mouth. Seeing that Yvonne had been looking at her, she could feel her mother's passionate gaze. She knew that her mother was finally going to speak out the problems and thoughts that had been troubling her these days.

As expected, Yvonne put down the thing in her hand, her eyes flickering, and she looked at Shirley with a tangled expression, as if she was thinking about an excuse. After a while, she said hesitantly, "Shirley, I have something to tell you."

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