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   Chapter 13 About Father (Part Two)

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Shirley clenched her fists. She couldn't describe what was going on in her mind at the moment. Thousands of feelings seemed to gather at this moment, but she was sure that one of them was helpless fear.

Shirley opened the door, but didn't have the courage to step forward. She buried her head in her chest and took a deep breath to get ready. She lowered her eyebrows and wondered who was patting her on the back, comforting her and encouraging her to cheer up and regain her courage.

She raised her head to look at him. Edmund seemed to understand all her feelings. His eyes were so bright and deep, like the dazzling stars and black holes in the universe, which could absorb all her timidity and disguise.

"Let's go." He patted her gently.

Nodding her head, she somehow felt relieved. Her hand grabbed his sleeve subconsciously, as if she had found a support. She clenched her fists against the faint temperature and did not let him go.

Feeling the power from the sleeve, it was so light that it could be almost ignored. But it still made him move. He looked down at the slender fingertips. Although he felt uncomfortable, he did not push them away.

Yvonne walked ahead. She hadn't been here for year, but she could still accurately and quickly find that position, as if it had been buried deeply in the ground and her heart since the moment that man was buried.

Seeing her mother stop and tremble slightly, Shirley, who was following her, knew that they had arrived.

Yvonne slowly crouched down and touched the photo on the tombstone with her white fingertips. Her voice was hoarse, but she suddenly stopped after making a sound. After a long time, her voice became choked, and Shirley could only hear her say vaguely, "York, I'm sorry. I haven't seen you for so long."

"I brought Shirley with me to see you. She is very good, obedient and sensible. Don't worry." As she spoke, she couldn't help but burst into tears.

Shirley walked to Yvonne and wiped the tears on her face. She wanted to comfort her, but she didn't know what to say. The only thing she could do was to call her, "Mom."

Yvonne's body froze. She took hold of Shirley's hand and turned her to the front of the tombstone. "Shirley, this is your father, York."

"Dad." This was just a word, an address. It might be a word that someone had learned from childhood, or the first address he had called when he was a child. But it was not until today that Shirley spoke out this word. She wanted to call it a few more times, but it was like a fishbone in her throat.

Shirley carefully stared at the photo on the tombstone. He had a handsome and clean face, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, elegant and capable. Shirley's eyes fixed on the photo and didn't want to move. She wanted to look a few more times and imprinted his appearance in her mind, just because he was her father.

Boom! Shirley's face suddenly turned as pale as snow, and the blood all over her body gathered into her brain. She felt a dull pain in her temples, all of which came from a line of words carved on the cyan tombstone.

Death: February 10th, 1990.

At this moment, she suddenly understood everything. Why did her mother never allow her to celebrate her birthday? All this was because on the Lantern Festival, the day she was born, her father died.

It was supposed to be a happy day for every family, but the family that had ushered in a new life suddenly collapsed.

The lantern not only represented the reunion, but also represented her birth on that day. However, her father had passed away and disappeared forever.

How ironic! A family would never be reunited, but she had to remember the reason on the reunion day.

It was her birthday, but how could she celebrate it on that day, on her father's death day?!

Shirley withdrew her gaze and pretended to be calm. She took a few steps back, but stepped on a stone. Her steps were in a mess, and her body tilted to the right. Fortunately, Edmund behind her had sharp eyes and agile hands, so she didn't fall down.

The next second, he saw her pale face. Frowning, he asked in a low voice, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just sprained my ankle." Shirley tried to comfort her uncle but felt a little pain when she moved his feet.

Hearing this, Yvonne was a little worried. She looked at Shirley and thought for a while. Then she walked up to her and patted her on the shoulder, as if comforting her, "Go back to the car with your uncle and have a rest." She turned to look at the tombstone and said with a smile, "I'll stay here a little longer."

Edmund helped her sit in the back seat, glanced at her injured ankle and said in a low voice, "It's a little swollen. Remember to ask Giselle to bring some ice for you when you go back."

Shirley nodde

d obediently, "I see." Her voice sounded tired.

She leaned her head down and didn't say anything. She was so depressed that she couldn't breathe. She wanted to scream, but she was too weak to do that. She just endured it silently with a bitter face.

"Have a good rest. Don't think too much." Edmund's gentle voice flowed through Shirley's heart like a mountain spring, sliding across waves of thoughts, and everything seemed to become calm and stable.

Shirley was amazed. She didn't know that her uncle's voice had such a magical power. She looked up at him and felt warm in her heart when she saw the comfort in his eyes, which relieved her strained and depressed mood.

Presumably, Yvonne was worried about Shirley and didn't stay in the cemetery for too long. She went down the mountain in a hurry and took her back to the family residence.

It was almost noon when they left the house and now they had a long way to go. When they came back, it was almost evening. Giselle and other servants were busy preparing dinner.

As soon as Shirley arrived the family residence, she couldn't wait to go back to her room and lie on the bed. She felt so tired on the way. She couldn't bear the amount of information she received today.

In a daze, she didn't even know when she had fallen asleep. She had already thrown aside her uncle's advice to ice her feet.

However, it caused all the pain she was suffering now. Her ankle was swollen like a bun. She limped downstairs. It was late at night, and she had slept too much. Perhaps Yvonne didn't ask anyone to disturb her because she felt sorry for her injury, but she didn't expect that she had slept for so long.

Right now, Shirley was really starving and staggering. Her sadness had been defeated by hunger. She just wanted to satisfy her stomach that had been grumbling all the time.

She hobbled to the kitchen. First of all, she had to take some ice cubes to apply to her feet, although she didn't know if it would work after so long. Second, she had to take some food to fill her stomach.

Shirley knew where the ice cubes were, so her primary goal was to find what she wanted to eat. Of course, she didn't care about the rice or noodles. The key point was snacks. She first found bread, milk and chocolate. Thinking that there were a few bags of crisps in the room, she felt it was almost enough, so she took out ice from the lower layer of the fridge. Occasionally, she found some colorful packing bags. She opened them and found that it was her favorite ice cream.

All of a sudden, Shirley's eyes lit up with joy. No matter it was spring, summer, autumn or winter, her enthusiasm for ice cream couldn't be stopped. She picked up one and walked towards the stairs with a pile of snacks in her arms. She couldn't wait to take out a hand to open the package.

"What are you doing?" A cold voice passed through the quiet night.

Startled, she froze in place. She felt that every part of her body tensed. The things in her arms fell to the ground one by one. Her body was like a stuck machine, slowly turning around little by little.

A slender and handsome man stood in the living room. Although he was handsome, he looked like a ghost in the dark night, which frightened Shirley.

The man approached her and saw the stuff in her arms, the half-opened ice cream bag and her swollen ankle. He asked helplessly, "What? Are you going to ice your feet with ice cream?"

Shirley, who had just been relaxed, stiffened again when she was teased by Cary. At this time, Edmund had poured a glass of water and returned to the living room. He found that Shirley still stood in the same posture as before. "Why are you so timid?"

"Uncle, why don't you go to bed at this late hour? What are you doing here?" Hearing Edmund say she was timid, Shirley was really unhappy. She was famous for her boldness in their neighborhood!

"Drink some water." Edmund shook his glass and continued, "Why don't you go to bed at night?"

Shirley pointed at the snacks in her arms and said confidently, "I'm hungry." She glanced at him and whispered to herself, "Besides, I just woke up."

Hearing her words clearly, he raised the corners of his mouth unconsciously, but was covered by the movement of drinking water.

Seeing that he didn't say anything, Shirley didn't want to stay here any longer. She held the snacks in her arms tightly and said respectfully, "Uncle, it's late now. I won't bother you anymore. You should go to bed early. Good night."

As soon as she finished her words, she went upstairs in a hurry. There was no sign of injury at all.

Seeing that she was walking as fast as flying, he shook his head and chuckled. Sure enough, she was still a child. That was good. She didn't have too much psychological burden.

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