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   Chapter 11 Fall Into Another Trap (Part Three)

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Her chaotic brain forced her to the balcony to find a quiet place. When she saw the deck chair on the balcony, she tilted her body and fell on it.

It was getting dark, and the sky was splashed like ink. A faint fragrance floated in the air, and she felt peaceful and relaxed.

Her eyelids became heavier and heavier, as if they were lifting a thousand pounds stone and could not open. When she was in a daze, she heard a voice.

"What are you doing?"

The cold voice was like a thunder, pulling her back to reality. She suddenly opened her eyes and saw a tall man standing in front of her, with his arms crossed in a lazy posture. She trembled and almost rolled down from the deck chair. Fortunately, she held the handle tightly so that she didn't fall down.

Shirley stood up sulkily, tidied up her clothes and gently called, "Uncle."

"You didn't answer Giselle's knock on the door just now. I thought something happened to you, so I came to see you," he nodded and explained. Then he looked around Shirley.

Seeing the puzzled look in his eyes, she explained quickly, "I just did my match homework and I couldn't solve some of the problems, then I felt a little dizzy and wanted to have a rest. I didn't expect that I would be a little sleepy."

Shirley pointed at the desk, which was in a mess. She hurried forward to tidy it up.

All of a sudden, a slender and bony finger picked up the examination paper that Shirley had just spent half of her life on. He started to look at it, and Shirley found that the longer he looked at it, the deeper his frown became.

Seeing the serious expression on his face, Shirley felt that she was about to lose her balance. When she was about to reach out her hand to take back the examination paper, he raised his head to look at her, pointed at the question on the examination paper with one finger and said, "This, this and this."

He paused for a moment, turned it over and continued, "There are still a few more."

After pointed out the questions, he put the paper on the table and smiled.

Shirley was scared and laughed awkwardly, "Uncle, I'll correct it right away."

"Except for these, the rest... is all wrong."

Shirley was stunned and her face was full of disbelief. It was impossible that she had made so many mistakes. When she picked up the examination paper, her face redder and redder, as if she had applied rouge. Well, she really didn't know the answers of these questions.

She grabbed his arm in admiration and couldn't believe that he had finished checking her examination paper in just a few minutes. It was amazing!

So... "Uncle, can you teach me?"

What was a lackey? This was called a lackey. Who was shameless? Shirley could be shameless.

He shook his head and said, "I'm busy."

The implication was that he refused her request directly. Obviously, he didn't have time to waste on it.

Shirley curled her lips. That was her uncle's usual cold style. She naively thought that her uncle had changed his mind, but in fact, that was called charity. She was blinded by his handsome appearance!

Then she followed Edmund to downstairs. Giselle was setting up the dinner table. Shirley saw Yvonne at the first sight. She ran past Edmund to her.

Sitting on the sofa and nestling in Yvonne's arms, she suddenly whispered something in her ear, which made her cover her mouth and smile happily.

After dinner, Shirley sat in the living room and texted Charlie, telling him what had happened today. When she talked about her math examination paper, she became more and more excited.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to her! She could ask Charlie for help! Her uncle was too busy to take care of her, and Sophie Yin was busy doing her homework, too. It was a good excuse for her to go home ahead of time.

Holding the phone in her hand, Shirley giggled and replied to Charlie complacently, "Charlie, I have a good idea. Please don't worry about me."

After sending the message, Shirley sat in the corner and managed her expression silently. Everything was ready.

With a particularly anxious look on her face, Shirley turned to Yvonne and said uneasily, "Mom, I suddenly think of something."

"What?" Without raising her head, Yvonne just looked at the magazine in her hand.

Seeing this, Shirley covered the magazine, forcing Yvonne to raise her head and focus on her.

"Mom, my math teacher has assigned a lot of homework, and I don't understand some of them. Besides, we have homework in our math group."

"So what?"

"So when are we going home? I can ask Charlie to teach me. In addition, I can also complete our group homework." Finally, she expressed her ultimate purpose, feeling very comfortable.

It could be seen that Yvonne had been thinking about it carefully. She attached great importance to everything related to Shirley's study.

Seeing the hesitation on Yvonne's face, Shirley knew that she would have a chance. Although she wouldn't go home immediately, she would come back a few days earlier. Shirley planned to tell her how helpless and anxious she was now, so that Yvonne would agree with her idea.

"I can teach Shirley." Suddenly she heard a slow and cold voice.

'Who is it? Who is talking?' Shirley became really anxious and the next second she found that Edmund was sitting on the sofa opposite to her and looking at her.

"Good idea. Shirley, your uncle can teach you." It was obvious that Yvonne had changed from being in a dilemma just now.

Feeling that things were getting out of control, Shirley quickly replied, "Mom, Uncle is very busy with his work. He is not free." Shirley cast a glance at Edmund. Didn't he say he was busy just now? Why was he free now?

"You are right." Yvonne seemed to feel pity. "Then we will have to..."

"It doesn't matter. I can free up some of my time for Shirley."

Like a thunderous sound from the ground, Edmund's answer exploded Shirley's mind into pieces. At a glance, the culprit was still leisurely leaning against the sofa with a calm face.

In less than ten minutes, Charlie received a short message from the other end of the line, "I'm screwed, and I have to stay here for a few more days!"

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