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   Chapter 10 Fall Into Another Trap (Part Two)

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"Shirley hasn't been back for a long time, so I showed her around."

Hearing that, Yolanda Su turned to look at Shirley and smiled gently. "Shirley, why are you hiding behind your uncle? Although we haven't seen each other for a long time, we are still family. Don't alienate me." Then she walked past Edmund and pulled Shirley to sit on the sofa.

Shirley was a little surprised at the sudden change of her attitude. Then she thought it was normal that they didn't know each other well since they hadn't seen each other for many years.

"Come here, Shirley. This is your cousin, Sophie." Yolanda Su pointed at Sophie Yin, who was sitting on the sofa with a gentle smile. "I still remember that you were playing mud together with Sophie in the backyard when you were young. Each of you looked like a dirty kitten. Now you have grown up and are obedient and sensible."

Yolanda Su chuckled, covering her mouth.

She played mud with Sophie Yin? She didn't remember that she had played mud with Sophie Yin when she was a child. She only remembered that she had played with Charlie when she was a child and smeared the mud on his trousers. Then she ran to his mother and told her that he had shit on his trousers. As a result, Charlie was scolded severely by his mother.

Shirley thought of the scene that Charlie's eyes turned red and he cried out in grievance, "It's not shit, not shit! Shirley is really a bad girl! She smeared the mud on my trousers." She burst into laughter, her round eyes turning into two crescent moons.

Because of the sudden laughter of Shirley, she became the focus of everyone's attention in an instant. Looking at everyone's eyes, the corners of her mouth, which was still curved, froze abruptly, and her face was full of embarrassment.

Shirley cleared her throat and laughed awkwardly, "Yeah, I seem to remember it, heh."

She pretended that nothing had happened. When she watched them chatting, she inadvertently saw a faint smile in the eyes of her uncle, who had already sat next to her. His eyes swept over her faintly. In a flash, he picked up the tea cup in front of the table and took a sip.

All of a sudden, she felt a little embarrassed, as if nothing could escape from Edmund's eyes. He seemed to know everything about her, so she gradually felt uncomfortable.

Shirley sat in the living room for a while and felt more and more bored. She just watched Yolanda chatting with her grandmother and chatting with Sophie Yin from time to time. Her uncle had come back to his room to deal with the documents, so she had nothing to do at all.

Feeling more and more bored, she stood up silently and walked up the stairs quietly from the sofa. When she passed by the study, she heard some noise inside. Seeing that the door was unlocked, she inadvertently looked through the crack of the door and saw that her mother was bending to pick up the pieces of paper scattered on the ground. Her grandfather was holding the table with one hand, and his forehead with the other hand. His face was ghastly pale.

Shirley had never seen her grandfather so angry, as if his whole body was tr

embling slightly. Her mother didn't say a word, and after picking up the paper, she stood still. After a long time of stalemate, she heard her mother's hoarse and suppressed voice, "Dad, I don't think I did something wrong, and I won't regret it."

Her grandfather didn't say anything. He shook his body, sat down slowly and put his hand on his forehead.

"I adopted her and gave her to you. I wanted to comfort you, not to make her an excuse for you to disobey me all the time!" Her grandfather's low voice suddenly sounded in the study, attacking everyone's heart.

At the door, Shirley leaned against the door. She lowered her eyebrows, but her eyes were quiet and indifferent, without any shock or disappointment.

Yes, she knew that she was not a child of the Su family long ago.

She didn't remember how long ago, when she was a child, she heard Yvonne sobbing again and again every night. Her grandfather had come to her again and again, and the two of them had argued over and over again. They even blurted it out unintentionally.

She understood her grandfather's indifference, her mother's tears, and her father who she had never mentioned. Everything was suddenly enlightened.

She had cried loudly, complained about all these unfair things, and had thought about asking her mother impulsively.

But her cowardice and timidity pushed her to the bottom again and again and destroyed all her thoughts.

In the end, she chose to be a good child, to accept everything she had, to work hard to face life, and to thank everything she had now, including not daring to have any expectations.

Although she knew her identity, she still didn't understand the entanglement between her grandfather and mother. She didn't want to ask either. She didn't want to expose the existing beauty and security, so she could only choose to be silent now.

Full of worries, Shirley went back to her room. She didn't want Yvonne to know that she had been eavesdropping behind the door just now. She had to pretend that nothing had happened.

Shirley sat at the desk, propping her head with her hands for a while, and then took out her math homework and put it on the table. Since she didn't know what to do, she would like to complete this math problem that would kill her!

Over the years, what Shirley was good at most was to forget and pretend to be ignorant.

She clenched her fists to cheer herself up, burying her head in the sea of questions to forget the complicated world.

Hmm.... What was this ray?

Hmm... What is x equal to?

Hmm... The area of this geometry... That was killing her.

"Oh my God! Why is the crew cut so abnormal? He has arranged so much difficult homework. What kind of problems are these?" Shirley's head hit the table hard, but she didn't feel any pain. She was almost going crazy because of these questions. She would definitely not choose the science department in the future!

Finally, she finished a piece of examination paper. It seemed that she had lost half of her life. Her whole head was full of the formula, and there was no room for her to think about anything else.

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