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   Chapter 9 Fall Into Another Trap (Part One)

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At this time, Shirley really felt the feeling of passing the day as if it were a year, no, a second was like a year.

Her uncle walked leisurely in front of her. He raised his arm from time to time, pointed at the rooms and told her what they were and what they were for.

However, at this moment, Shirley felt her legs were so heavy, with her head down and there was no strength left in her. She didn't hear what he said at all. The only thing she did was keep saying yes.

All she could think about now was that if he hadn't come back, she would have been having fun with Michelle and Charlie... She was so bored that she wandered around with an elder and her mind was in a mess.

Depressed, Shirley raised her head and sighed.


"Why are you sighing?" Edmund, who was walking in front of her, seemed to have extendable ears and could hear her from such a distance.

He stopped, turned around and looked at Shirley, who was expressionless. He frowned when he saw her listless.

Seeing the displeasure on his face, Shirley couldn't help shivering. But in order to live a happy life during these days, she bravely raised her head and looked into his eyes.

If she couldn't fight head-on, she had to break into the enemy's camp from the side. Thinking of something, Shirley smiled slyly. Her pure eyes showed a cunning look.

She ran to him from behind and grabbed his arm, pretending to be very familiar with him. She pointed to the side casually and glanced at it. She didn't see what it looked like at all, but she looked at him with a smile and said, "Uncle, the flowers are so beautiful and so tall."

With a deep frown, he looked at the petite girl beside him. The black head was right next to him, and it kept jumping, just like... Well, just like a hare just got out of the cage.

"Haven't you seen rape flowers?"

"What?" Surprised, she turned around and remembered that her uncle had told her that Giselle liked to plant vegetables by herself. This was their own vegetable garden.

She smiled awkwardly and touched her nose. "Yes, I've seen them before. How could I never see rape flowers?"

Taking a glance at her, he chuckled, turned around and walked towards the path with camphor trees on both sides.

Hearing that, Shirley pursed her lips and caught up with him. She explained for the sigh just now, "Uncle, I was worried about you just now!" In fact, it was a little, no, very guilty to say something against her will. She was so guilty that she didn't dare to look into his eyes. She could only pretend to glance at him unintentionally.

"Oh? Because of me?" He looked at her with interest, encouraging her to go on.

The more he looked at her, the more confident she became. She opened her mouth and said, "Uncle, you are usually so busy with your work, so there must be too many things waiting for you to deal with in the company. Thinking of this, I feel sorry for you, so I can't help but sigh." In order to show her sincerity, she deliberately covered her chest and made a heartbroken expression.

"But I think it's a good thing to go back to the family residence to have a rest, but work is still very important. You must put the overall interests first. I think if you want to go back to work, Grandpa and others will understand!" Finally, she spoke out what she really thought. She breathed a sigh of relief and looked at him expectantly.

After listening to Shirley's "sincere" speech, Edmund wanted to laugh. He looked at Shirley with his deep eyes, but said nothing.

After a while, he turned around and walked straight forward. He didn't turn around to look at trotting Shirley until he saw a wooden chair and sat down.

Shirley gasped slightly. Edmund's legs were so long that his step was nearly twice as long as hers. She ran to him and stood beside him without sitting down.

After calming herself down, she found that he had no intention to answer her question. She cleared her throat and reminded him hesitantly, "Well... What do you think of what I just said, Uncle? "

His eyes met hers, but he didn't answer her question. Instead, he asked, "What do you think of this place?" He looked around as if he was appreciating the scenery.

Shirley looked around and nodded. Without thinking about anything else, she pretended to be relaxed and answered, "It's good. The air is good, and the environment is not bad."

Feeling that he was a little off topic, she continued, "Uncle, I heard you talking on the phone just now. It seems that you have something to deal with in the company. You have to deal with it as soon as possible. Don't worry about me and walk around with me." She smiled innocently and blinked her big bright eyes.

Looking at Shirley's expression, how could he not know what she was thinking at the moment? For some reason, an idea suddenly came to his mind to tease her.

He nodded and said helplessly, "Yes, I'm very busy." As soon as he finished speaking, he saw a light called "hope" in the eyes of the little girl in front of him.

Then he changed the subject, "But people always have to rest. It's a good chance for them to relax during this vacation. What do you think?"

"What?" Why was it different from what she thought? She was really confused and blinked at him.

"Since you just said it's good here, it doesn't matter to stay a few more days."

It was just a trap! Shirley felt a heavy blow to her heart.

"Uncle, but... I just..." Shirley stammered for a long time and didn't say anything. Then she saw her uncle gracefully raise his head and look at the watch on his wrist.

"Let's go back. Your aunt should be here at this time." Before she could say anything, he stood up, straightened his sleeves and walked forward without hesitation.

Shirley opened her mouth, but then closed it helplessly. She regretted that she had just been spineless but encouraged herself in her mind, 'It doesn't matter. I will have a chance to get away from him in the future.'

As soon as they entered the room, they heard laughter and conversation from the living room.

She looked at her aunt and her daughter, Sophie Yin, who she hadn't seen for a long time. She was two years older than Shirley, but much more beautiful than her. Her skin was white and beautiful, and her figure was slim and elegant. Her temperament was also gentle and modest. Everything felt natural and comfortable.

Everyone seemed to be very happy. They had been chatting with Shirley's aunt about their daily lives, and they didn't even notice that Edmund had come back. Giselle, who was beside them, reminded them.

Shirley's grandmother noticed Shirley who was standing at the door. She waved and said kindly, "Shirley, come here. This is your aunt. You haven't seen each other for a long time. I guess you have almost forgotten her."

Shirley puckered her lips and called her aunt obediently. Yolanda Su just nodded and smiled as a greeting. But when she saw the man behind Shirley, she was overjoyed. She laughed from the bottom of her heart and called him kindly, "Hi, Edmund! You're back!"

Edmund walked up to her and pulled stunned Shirley behind him. He greeted, "Sister."

"Where did you go just now? I didn't see you at home when I came back." Although Yolanda Su was more than forty years old, she took good care of herself and there was no trace of time on her face.

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