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   Chapter 8 Set A Trap For You (Part Three)

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Speaking of her uncle's character, Shirley felt that he really inherited the essence of the Su family. He was indifferent, elegant, rigorous and hardworking, except for his nurtured scheming disposition and so on... He did everything perfectly.

On the contrary, Shirley didn't inherit it at all. To be honest, people would say, "Your granddaughter is so happy every day. She lives a carefree life and has a big heart."

Actually, they tried to say, "Your granddaughter is like a lunatic. She is heartless and can mess around all day long."

Thinking of this, Shirley let out a long sigh. She and her uncle are both members of the Su family, how could they be so different?

Standing at the door, Shirley's mother was explaining her identity to the security guard. The security guard looked up and down with a puzzled expression, and then dialed the number with the phone at hand, presumably to confirm if there was such a person.

Shirley just watched all this silently. Was this really her home? The cold silver gray iron gate didn't block the way forward, but the long frozen family affection.

"Okay, I see. I'll let them in right now." The security guard bowed and nodded, as if his flattery could be transmitted to the other end of the phone. He was very happy.

The security guard replaced his contemptuous eyes with a smile. He opened the door and helped them carry the luggage.

"Master, Miss Yvonne is back," Someone said.

Shirley's grandfather was leaning against the sofa, with a newspaper in his hand. He raised his head and looked at Shirley, who was standing next to her mother. His eyes made Shirley have goose bumps all over her body.

He paused for two or three seconds and then looked back at the newspaper in his hand. "Giselle, take Miss Shirley to look around and get familiar with the environment."

Shirley's grandfather put away the newspaper and threw it on the tea table. He stood up and said in a low voice, "Yvonne, come with me."

Yvonne's body obviously froze, and her expression became a little stiff. But she still smiled and turned to Shirley. "Mom and grandpa have something to talk about. Go look around with Giselle to get familiar with the environment. I'll go to see you later."

Shirley was not a little baby who couldn't live without her mother. Besides, judging from her mother's expression, she knew that she should leave them alone. She just took a look at her mother, nodded obediently, and followed Giselle to the second floor.

Shirley only brought some casual clothes, which were very convenient to tidy up. There was still much time left before Giselle took her to get familiar with the environment, so she looked around the room idly. In fact, it was just a guest room, with white wallpaper, regular bed and spotless furniture.

The only thing that surprised Shirley was the spacious balcony. Someone had even consid

erately placed a deck chair and a tea table, which were the best choices for basking in the sun.

Shirley happily walked to the balcony, lying on the railing. From this position, she could see the man-made fountain set up by the Su family. The garden on the side and the lush camphor added color to the scenery. In addition, the air was full of refreshing scent, which made people feel happy and relieved from their fatigue.

"I'll decide it after I go back."

A cold voice interrupted the silence. Out of curiosity, she looked to the left side of the balcony. For a moment, Shirley's mind went blank. Although the man was only wearing a set of ordinary casual clothes, she could easily recognize him as her uncle. Different from the usual sternness, the casual clothes were more approachable, but she still had to keep vigilant.

Seeing that he seemed to be discussing about work, Shirley didn't know how to greet him, so she just felt relaxed. When she was about to quietly return to the room, just as she turned her upper limbs, Edmund took a glance at her as if he had sensed her, and then he saw her took a super funny action.

Shirley seemed to be frozen. Her limbs were stiff as if they didn't belong to her. Especially when Edmund's eyes fell on her, her brain seemed to stop working and went on strike automatically.

After hanging up the phone, Edmund looked around.

After waiting for a while, Shirley didn't hear any voice from Edmund. When she was about to go back to her room, she suddenly felt that it was impolite to say hello to the elders.

After hesitating for a while, Shirley decided to be a polite child.


"Hi, uncle." Edmund kept silent for a few seconds without any response.

"Bye, uncle." Shirley smiled with satisfaction, turned around and waved away.

"Well, when did you come?" At this time, a lazy voice sounded again, and Edmund automatically ignored her last sentence. As if he had been waiting for a long time, and he greeted her reasonably.

Shirley told herself to calm down. She walked back with a big smile on her face and said, "I just arrived."

"Did Giselle tell you she will show you around?"

"Yes, Giselle asked me to unpack my stuff first. She will show me around when I'm done."

Edmund nodded and took a look at his watch. He didn't say anything. When Shirley really thought that he was asking her to leave in a polite way, he suddenly said, "It's almost noon. Giselle should be busy at this time. I'm afraid she doesn't have time to show you around."

"Okay." Shirley didn't change his expression, in fact, she chuckled in her heart. It was good. She was lazy and wanted to stay in the room to rest.

"Let's go!" said Edmund all of a sudden.

"Where are we going?"

"Let me show you around."

"What?" Shirley blurted out unconsciously, with disbelief on her face.

Giselle, please show up!

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