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   Chapter 7 Set A Trap For You (Part Two)

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When they were having fun, they heard footsteps from behind, followed by a faint voice, "You're back."

Startled, Shirley stopped what she was doing and turned around. She saw a woman in white standing behind her with a pale face. A gust of wind blew her black hair flying in the air.

"Ah!" Shirley screamed and fell to the ground, staring at the woman in front of her.

"Why did you scream? Haven't you seen your mother apply a facial mask?" Yvonne smoothed her hair and patted her chest, startled.

It was not until then that Shirley saw Yvonne, and she gasped, "Mom, you must have seen too many horror movies. Whom are you trying to scare to death by your dressing?"

"When did you become so timid?" Yvonne sat down and pulled Shirley up from the ground.

"No, why don't you turn on the light at home?" Shirley patted the dust on her body and the dog "rice ball" beside her that was scared too.

"I just wanted to take a nap when I was applying the facial mask." She took off the mask and patted her face. "I heard your voice and I suddenly remembered that I had something to tell you, so I came out."

"What's the matter?" Shirley held "rice ball" in her arms and rubbed it back and forth.

"Go back to your room and pack your things."

"What?" Shirley looked at her mother in confusion, "Why?"

"We are going back to the family residence tomorrow."

"Go back to the family residence." It seemed that Shirley didn't get it. She was stunned for one or two seconds. Suddenly, she looked at Yvonne and repeated, "Go back to the family residence?"

Yvonne nodded and said, "You didn't mishear."

"Mom, why? Why?" It was not that Shirley didn't want to go back, but every time she saw her grandfather's serious face, she trembled. Most importantly, no one played with her.

"Your uncle said he was going to move back to the family residence this year. Your grandpa asked us to go back and have a family reunion. Even your aunt has come back. How can we not go back?" Yvonne also seemed to be a little helpless. It could be seen that she was also very reluctant. Since Shirley could remember, she knew that the relationship between her mother and grandfather was not very good.

After thinking for a while, Shirley accepted the arrangement of fate. She gently put "rice ball" into its bed, touched its fur and stood up.

Suddenly, something occurred to her. She stopped and recalled that two days ago, Edmund seemed to ask her if she had made any plan for the National Day holiday.

But her answer seemed to be "no". Shirley patted her own thigh. She understood why at that time, Edmund replied "okay". It turned out that he had an idea since then.

Shirley covered her own heart and sighed with tears in her eyes. It was such a deep trap. One should never judge a book by its cover.

With her heart

broken, she trembled step by step. At this time, she heard a voice behind her, with a faint sense of desolation.

"Since you're back, you can go to your father's tomb to have a look." A hoarse voice was heard.

Shirley stopped and turned around to look at Yvonne, who was sitting on the sofa. Every time Yvonne mentioned her husband, Shirley could feel her strong sadness, which could not be ignored.

Shirley nodded speechlessly. She didn't know what to say or how to comfort her, but she knew what she could do was not to mention anything about her father.

She knew that her father died when she was very young, and she didn't know why. She had no impression of her father at all. When she was a child, she always wanted to look for his photos and know something about him. However, there seemed to be only one photo of her father beside her mother's bed, but there was nothing related to him, and no one ever mentioned anything about him.

When Shirley was young, she often followed her mother and kept asking about her father. But every time she only saw her mother's eyes turn red gradually with sadness and tears in them.

After a few times, Shirley understood not to ask any more questions. She asked the person who had lost her beloved to tell her the process of loss. It was undoubtedly that the wound was bleeding and it only could hurt her mother again. As time flew, she was too old to chase after the old story.

No one who knew Shirley would think of her together with this magnificent and beautifully decorated villa, let alone her home. After all, in everyone's impression, how could a crazy girl suddenly become rich and beautiful?

But we have to remember that one should never judge a book by its cover or measure the sea by a bowl!

In T City, a rich and expensive place, there was a villa in the prime location. It was her grandparents' home, the so-called family residence!

Shirley could count the times that she had come back here with both hands. She seldom came back.

Shirley had little contact with her grandparents since she was a child. His grandfather was the chairman of the Triumph Group, and he always kept his words and deeds the same. That was why in the impression of Shirley, his grandfather always had a straight face. Perhaps only when he saw her uncle, he would show a proud and satisfied expression. When she saw her grandfather, she didn't act coquettishly to the elders like others. Instead, she was more reserved and restrained.

Her grandmother was born in a literary family. She was elegant and intellectual, and was very kind, but she did not feel close to her.

Her uncle was the son of her grandfather in his old age. The elders in the family loved him very much, but he wasn't spoiled too much, and he didn't have the insolent temper like other rich guys.

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