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   Chapter 6 Set A Trap For You (Part One)

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After the head teacher talked about the safety issues of the National Day holiday in the last class, the class bell finally rang, which everyone had been expecting for a long time.

For the new high school students, the first long holiday was undoubtedly attractive, and this ringtone represented freedom.

Shirley packed up her schoolbag and thought about how to spend this long holiday. Should he go on a trip with her family or gather with her classmates at home? Well, she needed to think about it carefully.

"Charlie, where are you going on the National Day holiday?" As soon as Shirley walked out of the classroom, she saw her neighbor, Charlie, waiting for her at the door.

Strangely enough, no matter how many times she had moved, Charlie would always live in the opposite house or downstairs, and be in the same school with her.

It seemed that Charlie had put a tracker on Shirley's body. Every time she went out to play until late at night and didn't go home, he would accurately find her position.

"I don't know. I have never thought about it." Seeing her come out, Charlie walked to the stairs first, surrounded by his classmates who were laughing and joking.

"Well, I should have known it earlier." Charlie was always like this. He seldom made plans for himself. For him, he just took things as they came, which was his attitude towards life.

A lazy person like him should have bad academic results, but every time he took an examination, he was ranked first or second in the whole grade. Though he was a boy, he had a delicate and pretty face. Shirley who had a mediocre appearance and grades, felt ashamed because of him.

"Hah." Charlie laughed awkwardly and habitually rubbed her hair.

"Don't waste your time thinking about any plans. Anyway, your final plan is to buy a lot of snacks as food. You can eat or sleep at home."

Charlie's words hit the nail on the head. Taking countless vacations in the past as an example, they all ended up like this.

Shirley had a feeling that she was stripped naked and laughed at like this, "Look at this little body like a bean sprout." She felt that way.

She raised her head and glared at Charlie, as if she wanted to cut him into pieces. "Don't touch my hair as you like just because you are tall. Besides, this holiday will definitely be different from before!"

"Are you jealous that I'm tall? Why don't you just grow taller?" It was easy for Charlie to irritate her.

Well, since the second year of the junior school, Shirley had maintained a height of 165 cm, and she showed no sign of growing taller to this day. On the other hand, Charlie grew so fast. He jumped directly to 180 cm and had no intention of stopping.

"Okay, okay. I'll tell Auntie that you're in love again." Shirley always had a way to make Charlie surrender.

"Well, you won. I won't lower myself to the same level as you." Charlie raised his hand in surrender.

"That's a good boy." Shirley gave him a glance and was extremely proud.

Shirley and Charlie walked side by side towards the bus station. They chatted casually, "Will Michelle come back today?"

Michelle Xia was the younger sister of Charlie. She went to the senior high school for girls. Because she lived in the school, she could only come back once in half a month. Shirley, who had been together with Michelle since childhood, really missed her very much.

"Well, she should be at home now. My mother cooked a lot dishes tonight and asked you to eat with us too."

Hearing this, Shirley's eyes were full of excitement. Thinking of the sweet and sour fish, the eight-treasure chicken and other delicious food cooked by Charlie's mother, she almost drooled.

Shirley quickened her pace unconsciously and walked to the bus station in

a hurry. Seeing this, Charlie couldn't help laughing.

Hearing the laughter, Shirley pretended to be calm and explained, "I miss Michelle too much. I can't wait to see her, not for food."

It could be seen that the more she explained, the more suspicious Charlie would be, as if he knew everything.

"Hurry up. Don't you miss Michelle?" Shirley dragged the lazy Charlie to the bus station, fearing that it would take them one more second to get home.

Shirley went back to her own home first. She found that her mother had left a note on the table before she came back. She changed into some casual clothes and prepared some dog food for her dog. After everything was ready, she ran upstairs.

It was Michelle Xia who opened the door. Shirley hadn't seen her for a long time. She hugged her excitedly, and then pulled her closer to look at her carefully. At last, she looked at her with a little pity and asked, "Michelle, were you bullied by someone? You look much thinner. Tell me who did that. Your brother and I are going to get even with them!"

Although Michelle Xia was a few months older than her, Shirley was like a big sister in character. Michelle Xia was like a spring in summer, while Shirley was like the blazing sun in summer.

Hearing that, Michelle Xia covered her mouth and smiled softly. "No one bullied me. I'd like to be thin."

"You are thin enough. You can't lose weight any more. You should eat more."

At this time, Charlie came over and heard this sentence. He couldn't help complaining, "Do you think that Michelle is a foodie like you? She can't eat that much."

Shirley, who was chatting with Michelle Xia, was interrupted by Charlie. She looked at him unhappily and said, "You don't know how to care about Michelle. Why don't you ask her how she is doing?"

"As soon as you came here, you keep talking to Michelle. Do I have a chance to ask her?" Charlie glanced at her, sat down, took a banana and ate it slowly.

Seeing that Shirley still wanted to fight back, Michelle Xia hurriedly reached out to stop her and interrupted, "Shirley, my mother's dinner seems to be ready."

At this time, Charlie's mother had already prepared the food and put it on the table. As soon as Shirley smelled the fragrance, she was attracted away. She had already forgotten about Charlie. She grabbed Michelle Xia's hand and ran to the kitchen to help.

"You are just a foodie." Looking at them, Charlie couldn't help laughing and whispering. Although Shirley didn't hear him, Michelle Xia, who was standing behind Shirley, heard him clearly.

She looked back at him and made a gesture to him. She said in a low voice, "Brother, stop."

Hearing that, Charlie curled his lips and didn't say anything more. He turned on the TV and focused on it.

That night, Shirley was very satisfied with the food. While eating, she praised Charlie's mother for her good cooking. Hearing that, Charlie's mother kept smiling. There was only Shirley who enjoyed her food most at the table, and the final result was that she was too full to walk.

After chatting with Michelle Xia for a while, Shirley walked home willingly. When she opened the door, she found that the room was still dark. She felt depressed and wondered where her mother went at this time. Normally she should be at home at this late hour.

She turned around and turned on the light. Seeing that the note she had written was still on the table, she walked forward and threw it away. The next moment, she saw her own puppy "rice ball" looking at her with eager eyes. She walked over and patted its head. Seeing that it nodded up and down with the frequency of her patting, she couldn't help laughing. Who said that the Huskie was silly? Look, it was so good at teasing its master.

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