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   Chapter 1 Prelude

Miss Your Kiss And Sweetness By Zhao Da Characters: 5962

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"I fell in love with the person I shouldn't fall in love with the most. I knew it was a mistake, but I stuck to the mistake to the end... He was like a deep quagmire that I can't extricate myself from it. Even though I knew it was a bottomless abyss beneath my feet, I was still willing to go all out and abandon everything." Shirley Ning.

8 o'clock a.m., Room 3104, Green Bud Apartment, USA

"Shirley, when are you going to get up? You are going to be late for work!" This was the third time that Hannah Gu had roared like a lion.

Hannah Gu decided that if Shirley Ning still didn't get up this time, she would drag her out of bed to the table and support her eyelids with toothpicks to go to work!

"Bang!" Some creature floated from the bedroom to the living room and sat on the chair.

Hannah Gu was used to such a shock. She picked up a piece of bread with jam and handed it to Shirley Ning. "Are you a pig?"

Shirley Ning brushed away the hair in front of her eyes, took the bread and smiled at the lovely woman in front of her. "I wrote the plan last night until 3 o'clock in the morning. Be considerate."

Hannah Gu glanced at her coldly and turned around. "Okay, okay. You are good at making excuses." She picked up the newspaper on the table and looked at it. Pointing at the front page, she clicked her tongue and said, "I always thought that your newspaper only engaged in financial affairs. I didn't expect that entertainment gossip also involved, and even reported domestic news."

Shirley Ning took a sip of milk and put the bread into her mouth. She said vaguely, "That's because you vision is too narrow. Most of the shareholders of our newspaper are Chinese, and they must have involved in a variety of different fields."

"You are right." Hannah Gu read the article thoroughly, pointed at the photo on the front page and complained, "But the CEO of this company is really handsome. If he is a star, he must have a lot of fans. Unfortunately, he is going to get married. What a pity!"

"Come on, let me see what kind of person can make a heartless person like you feel like this." Hearing Hannah Gu's sigh, Shirley Ning, who had never read entertainment gossip, was attracted. She smiled playfully and grabbed the newspaper from Hannah Gu's hand.

The man in the photo was in a black suit. From his deep and three-dimensional features, it could be seen that he was an indifferent and strong man. But he looked at the petite girl in his arms with his soft eyes, stroking her hair and smiling.

It was written in extra black, "The CEO of the Triumph Group, Mr. Su, probably has married his fiancee. After three years of engagement, Vivian Sheng finally got what she wanted. "

Shirley Ning looked at it roughly, and all her sleepiness was swept away in an instant, replaced by incomparable depression, like something choking in her throat. She felt difficult to breathe.

She put the newspaper on the table heavily, pretended to be cal

m and replied with a smile, "He is very handsome."

"It's hard to find someone who is handsome, rich and affectionate, but he is married. It's so pity." Hannah Gu didn't notice that there was something wrong with Shirley Ning. She folded the newspaper several times and walked to the side of the living room. She muttered, "Why don't we use it to cover the corner of the table?"

Lowering her head, Shirley Ning ate the bread in her mouth silently, like chewing wax. She was drown in bitterness and sadness as soon as she saw that photo.

Hannah Gu walked over, picked up the remote control and turned on the TV. "Do you still remember which channel I watched the talk show two days ago?"

"35? You can check it." Shirley Ning finally finished her breakfast, and reached out her hand for a tissue.

Hearing the reminder, Hannah Gu turned to Channel 35 and frowned when she saw the content. "No, this is news. It's still on the news that we just read in the newspaper."

Hearing that, Shirley Ning's hand froze at once. She couldn't help but look at the TV. All her disguise just now had almost used up all her energy. At this moment, when she saw the video on the screen, the impact on her was from the microwave to the waves. She knew that she couldn't stand it anymore.

The tears in her eyes and the sourness in the corners of her eyes betrayed her true heart at the moment. She tried to blink her eyes to make everything disappear immediately.

"But he looks more handsome in the video than in the photo." Hannah Gu teased while watching TV. She turned her head to look at Shirley Ning and found that there was something wrong with her.

"Shirley, what's wrong with you?" Hannah Gu looked at her, only to find that Shirley was staring at the TV motionlessly, as if she had been sucked in. Hannah Gu poked her in the arm and asked, "Do you know him?"

After a while, Shirley Ning nodded gently as if nothing had happened. She said in a low voice as if she was talking to herself, "Yeah, this is my younger uncle."

Tears were swirling in her eyes, but she stubbornly refused to shed them. The sadness and pain in her eyes were more hurtful than tears.

Hannah Gu was shocked by this scene. Shirley Ning's tears could be stopped, but the emotions in her eyes could never be hidden.

"Shirley, be good!"

"Shirley, if you keep being naughty, I will tell your mother your monthly examination result."

"Shirley, you are a girl!"

"Shirley, come here."

"Shirley, I will always be with you on your birthdays in the future."

"I will always be with you. Don't be afraid. Don't panic. I'm here."

"Shirley, let's go."


The sounds of her name in her memory overlapped those in reality. Hannah Gu reached out and held Shirley Ning's hand. "Shirley, are you okay?"

'Yeah, I'm okay. I have to be okay. What else can I do? I thought I would get you out of my world if I left, but I forgot that you are still my younger uncle.'

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