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   Chapter 50 Places She Wanted To Go

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Alisa's face turned green with anger when she heard Elaine's name.

"Bitch! How dare she drag you when she is dying!"

Paul smiled and held Alisa in his arms. "Honey, I'm doing this for the sake of our Emma, aren't I? I don't want to be forced to look at a sick face all day long. "

His words dispelled Alisa's anger.

Emma sniffed with disdain. Thinking that she must marry a better man, she suddenly came up with a new idea.

It was better to seduce Andrew directly than to find a better man.

But on second thought, Emma immediately denied her idea.

Andrew took good care of Mandy. He must like her very much. How could he be tempted by her?

"You piss me off!"

Emma smashed her fist on the table and was very angry with her own thoughts.

On the one hand, she was not convinced that Mandy was married well, but she subconsciously felt that she was not as good as her.

"All in all, the most important thing now is to win over Elaine and her daughter. Only in this way can we benefit the Zhuang family. For the sake of the overall interests, I'm sorry to make you suffer. "

With a guilty look on his face, Paul made himself a good husband and a good father. However, this role was for Alisa and her daughter, not for Elaine and her daughter.

Worried that Alisa's appearance yesterday would hurt her mother, Mandy went to her mother's ward the second morning.

But when she was about to open the door, she heard a familiar but harsh female voice.

"Sister, we have fought for so many years. It's time for us to let it go."

It was Alisa's voice. With a frown, Mandy walked in and gave Alisa a cold glance.

"Mom, have you had breakfast yet? I brought you some porridge."

In the face of her mother, Mandy was always patient and gentle.

She opened the porridge box in her hand, and a faint fragrance spread out as soon as she opened it.

"I made it myself."

Mandy smiled sweetly, ignoring Alisa.

However, she found that her mother looked a little embarrassed.

"Mandy, mom has just had breakfast."

She winked at Mandy, and she soon understood that it was the breakfast sent by Alisa.

For a moment, Mandy became sullen.

In face of her kind and soft hearted mother, Mandy was sad for her misfortune and angry at her submission.

Although kindness was a virtue, her mother was too tolerant, so she let Paul and Alisa bully her.

However, every time they bullied her, her mother quickly forgave them and never cared about it. She had never taught Mandy a lesson to smooth things over and never spoke ill of Paul and Alisa in front of her.

She had been obedient to them for many years. She aged quickly and looked much older than Alisa of her age.

Mandy sighed, closed the porridge box and put it on the bedside table.

Then she looked at Alisa vigilantly and coldly.

"Aunt, why are you here?"

Alisa's attitude changed too fast, which made her feel ridiculous.

Just like Paul, his hypocritical smile almost couldn't hold on. He still pretended that everything was

hy he asked her if she had any place to go today. He took this opportunity to take her to have fun. Not only did he fulfill his grandfather's wish, but also made her happy.

Andrew coughed and looked away from her.

"Nothing. I just think that you are not in a good mood recently and I happen to have time, so I want to take you out for a walk."

Mandy was surprised. She didn't expect that he would say such sweet words.

After all, he always put his work first. Even at midnight, if he had work to do, he would get up to solve it.

The two of them only had one day's free time on their wedding day. On the second day of their marriage, Andrew hurried to the company.

Sometimes, Mandy thought that what Andrew loved most should be his career. Otherwise, how could he be so careless about his marriage?

"HMM... In fact, I'm fine. You don't have to spare time for me. Your work is the most important. Don't... "

Before she could finish her words, she found that Andrew looked at her angrily. She was so scared that she didn't dare to make a sound.

Inexplicably, Andrew was a little irritable. He took off his glasses and his face fell slightly.

"How about taking it as annual leave?"

Originally, he wanted to say that he owed her a wedding trip, but somehow he couldn't say it.

Mandy was a little surprised, and Andrew's tone was inexplicably indicating that he could not be refused. After thinking it over, she nodded with hesitation.

Andrew felt relieved. He changed his sitting position and his face was not as dark as before.

"Okay, tell me where you want to go. I'll ask someone to arrange it."


When she was asked this question, she still couldn't answer it.

She remembered that when she was in college, she had made a list of many places she wanted to go. She hoped that she could go on a trip with Jacob after graduation.

But everything had become a fantasy. As for those places she had thought over in her mind for countless times, had become her eternal regret.

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