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   Chapter 49 Hypocrite

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Hearing what Alisa said, Paul's face turned green and he hurriedly pulled her back.

Mandy snorted and held her mother in her arms.

"The Wang family? You can't afford to offend my husband now. Why didn't my good father tell you that I married a good man? "

Alisa looked at Paul with hatred, and he immediately winked at her.

Paul put on a fake smile.

"Mandy, your aunt has been abroad all the time. Of course she doesn't know that you have married the eldest son of the Lin family. Don't blame her. She didn't mean it. "

Didn't meant it?


Mandy couldn't help sneering in her heart and saw clearly the hypocrisy of Paul.

It was impossible that he really wanted to treat her mother well, but he had other intentions. Otherwise, how could he still protect Alisa?

Hearing this, Alisa's eyes widened.

She looked at Paul in disbelief. After getting the positive reply, jealousy and unwillingness appeared on her face.

"You? Marry Andrew? Don't scare me! Everyone knows that Andrew never flirts with women, nor... "

"Aunt, you should know clearly what kind of power my husband has. I advise you to be careful when you speak. If you offend me, my husband and the whole Lin family will not let you go! "

Mandy said in a neither too high nor too low voice, which was just enough to deter people. The determination in her eyes had never been seen before.

Coincidentally, Andrew came to the hospital to pick up Mandy.

The moment he strode in, Alisa almost knelt on the ground.

"Mandy, why is the ward so busy today?"

Andrew smiled, as dazzling as the sun, but with a hint of gloominess.

Mandy suddenly had someone to rely on in her heart. She walked towards him with a faint smile and held his arm.

"Aunt, let me introduce to you. This is my husband, Andrew, the CEO of Lin group."

She said indifferently, raising the corners of her mouth slightly. Her hand holding Andrew's trembled slightly.

Andrew felt the tremor, but said nothing.

Alisa was stunned, but she was more afraid.

She quickly forced a smile, and her old face almost twisted.

"Oh, it's Andrew. Did our Mandy cause you any trouble?"

Although Alisa said so, she was confused and unwilling. She wondered why Mandy suddenly became the wife of Andrew.

With an expressionless face, Andrew protected Mandy, which made Alisa jealous.

"Mom, are you feeling better?"

He ignored Alisa, walked to Elaine's bed and called her mother kindly.

The smile on Alisa's face suddenly disappeared and her whole face fell.

Mandy glanced at Alisa and walked to Elaine's bed.

"Father, mother! What happened? "

At this time, Emma rushed over, but when she saw the scene in the ward, her face suddenly turned gloomy.

"Mom is fine. Don't worry."

Seeing that Andrew came and protected her so gently, Elaine sighed in her heart and shed tears.

Mandy felt heartbroken and kept wiping her mother's tears with a handkerchief.

But Andrew smiled lightly, "Mom seems to be in good health. How about going out for din

. Of course, the two of them had feelings for each other.

Alisa snorted and thought to herself, 'I know you don't dare.'

"Well, tell me how that bitch hooked up with Andrew first."

Emma said in a shrill voice before Paul said anything.

"What else can she do? She must have slept with Andrew! "

The reason why her father called Mandy back to the Zhuang family was that he wanted to marry her to the silly son of the Wang family. But unexpectedly, she suddenly announced that she was going to marry Andrew.

She had never heard of such a boyfriend.

Therefore, she was sure that Mandy must have climbed into Andrew's bed to be Mrs. Lin.

Hearing her daughter's words, Alisa was almost certain.

"That's right. Her mother is always like that. It's not strange to have such a daughter."

Then she glanced at Paul.

Paul smiled awkwardly.

"What should we do now? I don't want to see that bitch's face for the rest of her life. "

Emma looked unhappy. She was so angry that her teeth trembled at the thought that Mandy had married such a good man.

Alisa comforted Emma, knowing that her daughter and herself were not reconciled.

"Don't worry. I will find you a better man."

But Lin family was so powerful that they couldn't get in touch with Lin family at all. This was also the reason why Paul had been flattering Mandy.

Emma was depressed. It was even more unfair to see that Andrew treated Mandy so well today.

"Mandy doesn't deserve a man like Andrew at all. Only I can match that kind of man!"

Emma said angrily.

Alisa could do nothing about it. Although she was also very angry, the current situation was indeed on the side of Mandy.

But she was still worried that since Mandy had become Andrew's wife, she would definitely take revenge on her. It would be bad to make trouble for them.

After telling this doubt to Paul, he waved his hand confidently.

"Honey, don't worry. That girl's weakness is her mother. As long as I win her mother over, she won't do anything to us. "

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