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   Chapter 48 A Slap

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The others in the Secretary Department held their breath, but they watched the battle secretly from the corner of their eyes. They were extremely excited.

"Don't you know what I'm talking about? I married into the Lin family by some means. Isn't it the rumor you who spread? "

Sophia patted her head as if she had suddenly realized something. Her expression made Mandy feel sick.

"Are you talking about this? No, how could it be called a rumor? That's the truth! "

Mandy didn't expect that Sophia would be so shameless to say such words.

She clenched her fists in anger.

When Sophia was at school, she had already learned how to distort right from wrong. She didn't expect that she would use this trick this time.

Mandy couldn't help but get angry. She walked quickly to Sophia, and her complacent and provocative face made her particularly disgusted.


There was a moment of silence. Everyone was shocked by the sudden slap from Mandy.

There was still a trace of red on Mandy's fingertips. She couldn't help trembling and wanted to give her another slap.

She had endured it for too long.

Since the day when she was slandered by Sophia at school, she had endured it till now. But today, she couldn't help it.

Mandy clenched her hand, feeling extremely happy.

Sophia covered her red right eye and looked at her in disbelief. Her eyes turned red with anger.

She had never been beaten since she was a child, but today she was beaten by the bitch Mandy. How could she let it go?

"How dare you hit me?"

Sophia was furious. Her vicious eyes stared at her like snakes.

Mandy put forward a cold face.

"I have no reason not to beat a person who spread rumors and slandered me several times."

She knew that Sophia wouldn't let her go easily, but she didn't expect that Sophia would still use this dirty method to hurt her behind her back.

It was true that it was difficult to avoid a hidden arrow. It was she who had overestimated Sophia, thinking that she would use a more bright method to deal with her.

Sophia raised her hand and was about to return it.

But when her hand was about to fall, she was held tightly by a powerful hand.

When she turned around, she saw the dangerous and cold face of Andrew.

"How dare you slap my wife in public?"

With an unbelievable look on her face, Sophia pointed at Mandy and shouted, "She hit me!"

With an unquestionable coldness and threat on his lips.

He turned around and held Mandy's hand with a doting look. Their ten fingers clasped together which made everyone present understand that he would never allow anyone to bully her.

"You deserve it! Rumor was spread everywhere that the wife of the CEO of Lin group sold her body for position, which humiliated Lin Group's reputation. If grandfather knows this, it will not be as simple as a slap. "

Andrew's tone was particularly light, but there was a hidden threat in it, which made Sophia's face instantly pale and unable to say a word.

Andrew held Mandy's hand tightly, as if comforting her not to be afraid.

cene that Alisa used a vase to hurt her mother the other day flashed through her mind again. At that time, Mandy was too young to protect her mother at all. But now she was different. She wouldn't allow anyone to hurt her mother anymore.

"Little bastard, how dare you talk to me like that?"

Alisa rolled up her sleeves and was about to slap Mandy, but was dragged back by Paul.

"Paul! How dare you protect this bitch? "

Paul didn't expect that Alisa would come back at this time! If she ruined his plan, all his previous efforts would be in vain.

"Honey, I'll explain it to you when I go back. Don't be impulsive!"

Bang! Five fingerprints fell on Paul's face.

Alisa was a tough woman. She wouldn't give anyone face if they didn't get along well with each other.

He had no choice but to take out his phone and call Emma.

At this point, only her daughter, Emma, could stop her.

"Bitch! Get out of here with your little bastard! Get out of my sight! Don't let me see you again! "

Alisa was out of breath and her chest heaved violently. However, just cursing couldn't solve her anger. If possible, she would like to cut Elaine and her daughter into pieces.

Mandy bit her lips, and the bloody smell instantly spread in her mouth.

Her mother's speechless cry made her heart ache, and Alisa's abuse made her extremely angry.

Sure enough, it was not a good thing to have a relationship with Zhuang Family. She should have left with her mother long ago. But when her mother was seriously ill, only Paul could save her.

Mandy only regretted that she was too young to protect her mother.

She straightened up and looked at Alisa.

"Aunt, I advise you to get out first! This is my husband's hospital, not yours! "

Hearing this, Alisa squinted and instantly captured the key information of her words.

"Husband? You mean the stupid son of the Wang family? Oh, it seems that that silly boy is quite good to you. Is he willing to save your mother's life? "

Her eyes were full of viciousness, like a poisoned knife.

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