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   Chapter 47 Confrontation

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Sophia wore a smile on her face. No one knew what she was up to.

"No, you misheard me."

Alice said with a guilty smile, and Sophia chuckled, pretending to be obedient.

"Mandy and I are good friends. That's why I feel close to her when I see her. Don't think too much. "

After saying that, Sophia showed a sweet and lovely smile.

The people in the Secretary Department changed the topic, so no one mentioned it.

However, an idea came to Sophia's mind that would ruin Mandy's reputation. Therefore, she put down her airs and began to cotton up to the people in the Secretary Department.

She pretended to be not afraid of chores and often brought snacks to the people in the Secretary Department, trying to build a good relationship with them and isolate Mandy.

The people in the Secretary Department liked her very much.

Only Amanda was lukewarm towards her and didn't talk much, so she didn't attract the attention of Sophia.

"By the way, Sophia, do you know that Mandy and Mr. Jacob were

nlike others, Amanda was sure that she wasn't a woman by all means.

"Thank you for telling me this."

Mandy clenched her hands, with her nails slightly embedded in the flesh. Only a slight pain made her feel reasonable.

No wonder the people in the company looked at her with stranger and stranger eyes, and no wonder many people looked at her sideways. It turned out that Sophia was behind all this.

At ten o'clock in the morning, Mandy walked into the Secretary Department in black high heels, expressionless.

Of course, Sophia was also there.

When she heard the noise, she turned around and squinted at Mandy. Noticing the anger on her face, she was inexplicably excited.

"Did you spread a rumor behind my back that I married Mr. Andrew because I slept with him?"

She tried her best to sound as calm as possible, so that she wouldn't look too ferocious.

A trace of contempt flashed through Sophia's eyes, but he quickly pretended to be innocent.

"Mandy, what are you talking about?"

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