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   Chapter 46 Gossip

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At this time, Jacob had poured a full glass of wine and specially raised it to Andrew.

"Thank you for attending this nephew's wedding. You must eat and drink well today!"

Sophia also raised her glass, but her heart was filled with anger.

The people on the table raised their glasses one after another, and Mandy also raised her glass.

Andrew whispered in her ear and told her not to drink too much. His deep nasal voice slowly sprayed on her face, making blush a little.

Sophia had been staring at her all the time. When she saw her indifferent expression, her face turned pale with anger.

She had thought that her wedding with Jacob would irritate Mandy, but she didn't expect her to be so calm.

She couldn't help but walk to Mandy and sneered.

"Mandy, I'm married to Jacob. Let's forget the past, okay? We are still good friends. How about we get along well with each other in the Lin family? "

She put the cup in front of Mandy and looked at her expression carefully.

The relatives at the same table were all a little confused, but the cousins who knew the relationship between the two people before kept it a secret and pretended to talk about something else without commenting.

The corners of Mandy's mouth twitched slightly. She thought that she didn't provoke Sophia, but she came to provoke her.

It seemed that Sophia was really trying to let others know the relationship between the two.

Mandy raised her glass and smiled.

"But I've always treated you as my good friend and never mind what happened between us."

After saying that, she smiled again and drank up the wine in her glass.

In this way, it not only made her look honest, but also made Sophia look petty.

Having nothing to say, Sophia had to drink the wine in her glass.

In this small confrontation between the two, Mandy won, but Sophia gritted her teeth secretly and swore that she would make sure that Mandy would have a hard time after she entered the Lin family.

As soon as their wedding ceremony was over, Jacob couldn't wait to arrange Sophia to work in the Lin group.

As soon as she came back home from work with Andrew, Mandy saw Jacob showing his respect to her grandfather with Sophia.

"Great-grandfather, do you think there is any spare positions in the Lin group? Can we arrange Sophia in?"

The obedient look of Jacob made Mandy roll her eyes subconsciously.

Sophia was also looking forward to it. They wanted to enter the Lin group and go deep into Andrew's power to disintegrate him.

When Alfredo noticed that Andrew and Mandy had come back, he waved his hand and called the two of them over.

"I can't make a decision on this. You have to ask your uncle. After all, he is the one who gets the power of the Lin group now."

Alfredo said with a smile as he sipped the tea.

Jacob looked at Andrew with a fierce look.

One day, he would be the ruler of the Lin group.

Andrew sat down next to his grandfather and said, "It's not difficult to find a position for

and let you do less, forget it."

Mandy's tone was extremely cold, and there was actually a trace of Andrew's tone in it.

Sophia stared at her angrily.

She thought, 'Why is Mandy the Secretary General while I am just a charlady?'

"I hope you will obey the company's arrangement as soon as you enter the Lin group."

Mandy said indifferently. Her arrogance made Sophia very angry.

'Isn't it just a few months earlier than me? Why does she pretend to be a superior to a subordinate?'

Sophia snorted coldly, but pretended to nod obediently.

"But I just came here. I don't know what to do..."

Mandy pointed at the secretary department without any expression on her face. "Well, everyone is very busy. You can help them."

Then she turned around and left.

Sophia was so angry that her face turned pale. Mandy actually asked her to do chores for the people in the secretary department. Wasn't she worse than a small secretary?

Even so, she could only follow Mandy's orders. After all, she was her nominal boss now.

But she thought to herself that one day she would trample on Mandy under her feet.

Alice returned to her seat, but she couldn't restrain her curiosity. She patted on the shoulder of Colin curiously.

"Do you know? Didn't Mr. Lin get married a few days ago? His wife is also here. It's the woman named Sophia. She seems to be familiar with Mandy. "

Other than Amanda, the people in the secretary department were all gossipy, so they came up to Alice and discussed.

"Didn't Mr. Lin say that Mandy is his ex girlfriend? Why does Sophia seem to have a good relationship with her? "

"Who knows? Maybe it's just a show. "

They were so gossipy that they didn't notice that Sophia had entered the secretary department.

"What are you talking about?"

Sophia pretended to be surprised, and when they saw her, everyone returned to their seats.

However, Amanda didn't even look at it and continued to type.

"I heard you mention me and Mandy just now?"

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