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   Chapter 41 Bidding For The Painting

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Seeing the innocent look on Mandy's face, Amanda wanted to laugh. Maybe it was because she had never seen such a simple person as Mandy.

Although she was about the same age as Mandy, she was used to the ugliness of the workplace, so she could understand many things at a glance.

"Although I'm not sure if it's true, Lola's dismissal must have something to do with it. She brought you the medicine. Are you sure she didn't do anything with it? "

Hearing Amanda's words, Mandy took a deep breath. She recalled that she had taken medicine that night and had a stomachache at night. But she didn't eat anything during the day. How could she have diarrhea for no reason?

"But... Why? "

She still didn't understand that even if Lola tampered with the medicine, it shouldn't have anything to do with the dismissal. Unless...

All of a sudden, she thought of Andrew's icy face.

Did he know about it?

Mandy felt that it was impossible, and she was even more surprised.

Although Andrew treated her well, he would never fire an excellent secretary for her.

After lunch, Mandy went back to Andrew's office to study the documents. Before leaving, Amanda told her that she was most likely to be the next Secretary General and suggested her to be prepared.

And for this, Mandy was indeed very confused.

There were a lot of documents. She hadn't finished reading them even after work. Looking at a small pile of documents on the table, she inexplicably felt frustrated.

"You can't do that?"

Andrew's words came to her ears, making her stiff for a moment.

She grinned, "No, No."

Then she continued to read.

At this time, Andrew put down his work and slowly walked to her side.

Mandy only felt that his aura was getting closer and closer, and she gradually became nervous.

"Are these things difficult for you?"

Andrew asked in a low voice, glancing at those simple words in his eyes.

Mandy shook her head. It was not difficult to say, but she felt a little reluctant.

"It's not difficult... But I always feel that it's very complicated, as if I can't figure out the connection between them. "

Although she majored in business management, it was the first time for her to learn such a huge amount of content, so it was difficult for her to digest it for a while.

Andrew nodded slightly and said thoughtfully, "No hurry. I believe you."

Mandy was moved. She couldn't help but look up at him.

"Boss, I heard that Lola was fired."

He didn't expect that Mandy would ask such a question and frowned.

He vaguely remembered that last night, after he was picked up by the Butler, he decided to dismiss Lola. It was not because she seduced him, but because of her unintentional words.

"Why can't I compete with Mandy?"

Lola was hysterical, unwilling to give up, which made Andrew feel disgusted for no reason.

At that time, he even subconsciously wondered how this woman had the confidence to compare herself with Mandy.

Andrew hated badgering women, so he dismissed her directly in case he would b

e painting and wanted to take it away.

The auction officially began, and the first person had already raised the price to three million.

For a moment, the audience all took a deep breath. The people who had planned to compete gave up in an instant.

Mandy pinched her palm and offered the price.

Fortunately, Andrew said that she didn't need to worry about money, so she was so confident.

But when she looked around, she found that Andrew was gone.

She looked around in confusion and saw his back in a black shirt at the edge of the crowd. He seemed to be on the phone.

Mandy didn't care, because the next round of bidding came again.

On the other side, Andrew received a call from Hans.

"Oh, I'm accompanying Mandy to pick up a birthday gift for Grandpa. Come and have a look when we see a painting auction. "

He said casually, thinking about answering the phone and going back to Mandy as soon as possible.

But on the other end of the phone, Hans got excited at once.

"Drawing? Is there any good work? "

Andrew frowned slightly and then remembered that Hans was a fan of famous paintings and had thousands of paintings at home.

"Yes, Mandy likes a picture of Mr. Xu's, Thousands Of Horses Running. I told her not to worry about the money and just bid. "

"Thousands Of Horses Running by Mr. Xu?"

Hans frowned at the other end of the phone, and Andrew also felt that something was wrong.

The auction had entered a white hot stage, and there was only one person competing with Mandy.

The man seemed to be determined to get it, and the price had soared to tens of millions.

Thinking of the joy of sharing this beautiful painting with her grandfather-in-law, Mandy closed her eyes and said fifty million.

At this time, the man was immediately stunned and gave up dejectedly.

"What is it going?"

Andrew asked with a smile, "How is the bid going?"

"I think we can get it," said Mandy excitedly.

However, before she could finish her words, another voice came from the crowd.

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