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   Chapter 14 The wife of the CEO

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The sarcastic smile on Jacob's face froze all of a sudden. He didn't have time to take it back and it stayed uncomfortably on his face.

When Mandy saw him, she naturally wouldn't have a good face.

"What are you doing here?"

Sitting on the chair, Andrew spoke in a lazy tone and looked relaxed, which gave Jacob an indescribable sense of oppression.

"Nothing. I just haven't come back to see you for a long time, so I just passed by to see you."

Jacob smiled and said lightly.

He didn't know why, but when he thought that his previous girlfriend had married his own uncle, he was a little unwilling, but this kind of emotion could not be exposed, so when he passed here today, he couldn't help but come in and have a look.

He wanted to see if Mandy and Andrew would be happier after they got married than when they were just in love and whether they two had really become a real couple.

Things had gone too fast. When he saw that Mandy really had breakfast with him, there were nothing different between them and common couples. Jealousy and resentment were hovering in his heart like snakes, cold and gloomy.

After dinner, Mandy followed Andrew, which made Jacob slightly open his eyes.

"Uncle, are you going to take Mandy to the company? How can you do this?"

Without looking at him, Andrew said coldly, "What's wrong? Is there anything wrong with this? "

Jacob's face darkened. Following the two of them, he spoke in a gloomy voice.

"Mandy is just a fresh graduate without any work experience. It doesn't seem appropriate to let her work in our company."

Clenching her fists, Mandy's face turned a little pale. She nervously turned her head to look at Andrew, only to find that there was still no expression on his face.

"It's none of your business. Just mind your own business!"

Andrew spoke in a more unfriendly tone than strangers.

Jacob's face darkened. Mandy ignored him and just took him as air.

After getting in the car and sitting on the passenger seat, the scene outside the car was constantly flashing backward. Andrew focused on the road in front of her.

"Is Jacob... Is he also working in the company? "

Mandy asked with a frown when she saw that Jacob's car was following them unhurriedly from the mirror.

Andrew nodded and said, "He works in the company, too. He is the director of the support department. You can just ignore him when you work in the company."

Mandy's frown became more and more obvious. She felt uncomfortable at the thought of working in the same company with Jacob, that bastard.

When they arrived at the company, Mandy followed behind Andrew. Not far behind them, Jacob kept a short distance from the two of them. As soon as the three entered the company, they received open and secret glances.

Mandy lowered her head awkwardly and tried to pretend to be indifferent.

Almost every employee passing by them stopped to greet Andrew, and he just nodded slightly.

When they arrived at the office, Mandy was sitting on the sofa. A middle-aged woman in a simple and capable position suit walked towards them.

When she saw Mandy, she was slightly stunned.

"Mr. Andrew, this is the cooperation plan from the Zhuang Group."

Andrew took the plan and nodded, but talked about something unrelated to work.

"She is my wife. We just got married a few days ago."

Lily didn't get any news before. She was so surprised that her jaw almost dropped.

Although her heart was surging, she could still keep calm on her face.

"Good morning, Mrs. I'm Mr. Andrew's secretary, Lily!"

Mandy smiled politely and shook hands with her.

"Hello, I'm Mandy. I'll work here from now on. Nice to meet you!"

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. They were no different from ordinary strangers who just knew each other.

One day, the CEO brought a beautiful woman to the company. It was inevitable to make people misunderstand.

In the spacious and bright tea room, several young women with delicate makeup were chatting, "Who is the girl brought by our CEO today? Who knows? "

"Anyway, she must have a close relationship with the CEO!"

"Of course we know it! If she doesn't have a close relationship with the CEO, how could she follow him? "

Those women had been discussing and arguing for a long time, but there was no specific conclusion.

With a cup of coffee in his hand, Jacob swaggered in from the outside of the tea room and stared at them with a smile.

"I heard you were talking about the girl who followed the CEO this morning, right?"

Jacob's voice was deep and charming to the female colleagues.

Moreover, he was also handsome and capable. Among the female colleagues in the company, his popularity was only a little inferior to A


He had always been gentle and easy-going in the company, so when he asked, the female colleagues were not frightened by his question.

On the contrary, they admitted it frankly.

"Mr. Jacob, do you know who that girl is? Why does she look so intimate with the CEO? "

Jacob took a sip of his coffee unhurriedly and glanced at the girl who was asking.

"Of course I know!"

Those women couldn't wait to ask.

Jacob saw their expectation and confusion, and a malicious look quickly flashed across his deep eyes.

"That girl is my ex-girlfriend! How could I not know her background? "

Jacob left, leaving behind a group of confused people.

Mandy followed Andrew back to his office. Under the guidance of the secretary and Andrew, she quickly got familiar with her work.

After a whole day's work, Mandy had already secretly expressed her admiration for the strength of Andrew!

If it was for her, she would have been exhausted! Not only the intensity of work, but also the secretaries around Andrew surprised Mandy.

Five secretaries and two special assistants specialized in supporting Andrew.

Among the five secretaries, one was a man, one was a middle-aged woman, and the other three were young and beautiful ladies. In Mandy's previous school, they could easily get the title of the most popular beauties in school. Because of these beautiful women, Mandy felt that the whole office was full of vitality.

"Mandy, take this document and translate it. In the afternoon, Mr. Andrew is going to negotiate with the person in charge of that company. Lola handed a document to Mandy, she took it and saw a business cooperation document in a minor language.

Lola looked at Mandy and said calmly, "You're a new employee. If it's too difficult for you to complete this task alone, you can tell me and I can arrange someone else to help you!"

Lola was the Secretary General of the secretaries, and she had been responsible for the work of these secretaries. She was only twenty-three years old, but she had already obtained the graduation certificate of Columbia Business School. She was beautiful and excellent in work. All the people in the CEO's office were very convinced of her. However, what she arranged today made everyone subconsciously feel that something was wrong.

Mandy lowered her head and looked at the document in her hand. She didn't say anything and frowned tightly.

Not far away, a few people secretly noticed the reaction of Mandy. Some were watching the scene, some were gloating, and some were expressionless.

When Andrew was about to say something, something came to his mind. He closed his mouth and an unnoticeable smile appeared on his face.

Mandy gritted her teeth and hesitated.

"If you can't do that, just tell me. I can arrange other easy work for you."

Lola said concisely and efficiently.

Said Mandy, gritting her teeth.

"I can..."

This kind of language was a course that Mandy chose when she was in college. At that time, she just accompanied her roommate to have a look. Who knew that she would meet Jacob and fall into his love trap? She still foolishly believed that it was because of this language that she could meet him, so she insisted on learning.

Mandy took the document and translated it herself, She was so focused on translating that she didn't notice the colleagues in the office looking at her up and down.

An hour later, Mandy printed out the translated document and handed it to Andrew.

Andrew took the document and looked up at Mandy playfully.

"I didn't expect you to have such a skill!"

In a bad mood, Mandy forced a perfunctory smile and said, "It's just a coincidence. I've learned it."

Raising his eyebrows, Andrew didn't say anything more.

Mandy had shown her talent in the office, she found some people had stopped looking down upon her. She could clearly feel that other people were much more polite to her, and their harsh tone was no longer as bad as before.

On the first day of work with Andrew, everything was normal. However, on the second day, Mandy noticed the subtle gaze from her colleagues.

As soon as she entered the company, people from all directions looked at her, which scared Mandy a lot.

When Mandy quickly took the elevator to her office, she was still curious.

"Mandy, tell me the truth. What's your relationship with the CEO?"

Before the working time was set, Lola took a sip of the morning tea and looked at Mandy up and down secretly.

As soon as Mandy sat down, she stiffened at the question.

The embarrassment on her face could be seen clearly as long as one was not blind.

Mandy turned her head and asked back unnaturally, "Why do you want to ask such a boring question all of a sudden?"

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