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   Chapter 12 Work Together

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Mandy smiled politely and said indifferently, "Hello, I'm Mandy."

Mandy didn't say that she was Andrew's fiancee, because she had keenly sensed the hidden malice towards her just now.

Mandy guessed in her heart that Alice might like Andrew. Otherwise, how could she have inexplicable hostility towards her who followed him?

Regardless of this, Andrew took out the contract and read it carefully.

He was very handsome and serious, which made him more charming. It was as if a simple look could bewitch people unconsciously.

Mandy felt her heart skip a beat and she was in a bad mood.

She looked away uncomfortably and dared not look at him again.

Andrew spent some time reading the contract carefully.

This project was almost not out of expectation. Ninety percent, after investment, there would be a rich return.

After reading it over, Andrew signed his name without hesitation.

Alice had other things to do. She was very serious about her work!

Mandy was bored alone. She sat on a chair and watched them working.

With a blue folder in her hand, Alice walked towards Mandy with a smile.

"I'm busy with my work now, so I can't do something else. This business document is very important. Miss. Mandy, can you help me translate it?"

She handed the folder to Mandy. With a smile on her face, she looked easy-going, but in fact, her actions could not be refused.

"But I don't know much about business translation. If I make a mistake, it's not for fun. "

After thinking for a while, Mandy expressed her doubts and worries.

Alice comforted her with a bright smile and said in a warm voice, "It's Okay. This business document is not difficult to translate."

A hint of hesitation flashed across Mandy's eyes. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes to agree to interpret for her.

She didn't speak good business English. There were many technical terms that she didn't understand.

She frowned. The translation of a simple document was intermittent and not smooth.

Andrew was about to finish his work, but Mandy hadn't finished her translation yet.

Looking at the obscure Business English, Mandy scratched her ears and didn't know what it meant.

Looking at her worried face, Andrew looked up at her and asked, "Is it that difficult?"

Mandy lowered her head and explained, "I've only passed level Four of the College English, and I've only studied daily English but not professional business English. I don't know much about it..."

"Come here..."

Andrew took the document from her hand and began to translate it carefully.

His translation was so fast that Mandy was dazzled by it and couldn't help but widen her eyes.

At this time, Alice came in with two cups of coffee.

"Miss Mandy, haven't you finished translating yet?"

Putting down the coffee, Alice asked casually.

Mandy lowered her head with embarrassment and forced a smile. "I didn't major in Business English, so I don't know much about it. Naturally, I can't translate fast."

Alice nodded to show her understanding.

"My major in college is not business English, but I chose it after class. I think it's not difficult, or even very simple...

Somehow, Mandy felt that her words were full of thorns, but when she saw the amiable look on her face, she felt that she might be wrong.

When she finished her work, it was time to get off work.

Putting down the pen in his hand, Andrew stood up and said to Mandy, "Let's go! I've sent someone to pick grandpa up. Let's go back for dinner. "

Alice, who was tidying up documents, lowered her head when she heard this. A hint of disappointment flashed through her eyes.

The three of them left the company together. Thinking of the doubts in her heart, Alice put on a beautiful smile and joked casually, "So you are the girlfriend of the CEO! I didn't recognize you just now! "

After saying a few perfunctory words with a stiff smile, Mandy got in the car and left with Andrew.

When they arrived at the Lin Family's house, the servants had almost prepared the dishes and were serving them on the table.

Sitting on the sofa and reading newspapers, Alfredo's wrinkles on his face smoothed out at the sight of Andrew and Mandy. "You're back? The dinner is just ready. Wash your hands and get ready for dinner. "

This was the first time that Mandy had dinner with Alfredo at the same table, but she was not nervous at all. Perhaps she had accompanied Alfredo several times before, and knew him well. Without the sense of reverence, there were not so many gaps between them.

As soon as the three of them sat at the table, the door of the villa was pushed open, and the evening glow was projected in from the door.

Jacob held Sophia's hand and walked in unhurriedly.

"So you are having dinner..."

The two of them washed their hands and went to the table for dinner.

The relaxed atmosphere suddenly froze because of Jacob and Sophia.

After dinner, A

lfredo discussed the details of the wedding with Mandy and Andrew. After confirming that everything was arranged, Alfredo kept smiling.

Looking at them talking and laughing, Jacob was speechless with anger, but he didn't dare to say anything in front of Alfredo.

On the second day, Andrew planned to pay a visit to Mandy's family with her. But Mandy didn't want to take him to the Zhuang Family.

After all, that was not her home. Even if she really had to take this "future husband" to meet her parents, she was only willing to see the person to be her mother.

Andrew agreed to her request and followed Mandy to the hospital where her mother stayed.

On the way, Mandy was sad and lonely. It would be great if everything today was true! Her mother would be happy for her to marry a good man.

Finally, Mandy arrived at her mother's ward. After hesitating for a second, she slowly pushed the door open.


The woman, who was sitting on the bed and looking out of the window, turned her head happily when she heard the sound at the door. She saw her daughter smiling at the first sight.

But after a moment of joy, she noticed the man behind Mandy, and her expression gradually became suspicious.

"Mandy, who is this?"

As a member of the upper class, Andrew had long been used to all kinds of luxurious and beautiful women. But when he saw her mother, he had to be surprised that there was such a beautiful woman.

Although time had left some traces on her face, one could still see her outstanding appearance when she was young.

"Mom, he is my boyfriend, Andrew."

Mandy said apologetically, holding her mother's hand with a rare gentle smile.

In fact, she had never told her mother that she dated with Jacob before. Because her mother had always been in poor health, she didn't want her mother to worry about her.

At this time, she was glad that she didn't say anything and could now bring Andrew here now.

Elaine looked at Andrew in disbelief. She was surprised that her daughter, who she thought was very young, had reached the age of making a boyfriend.

But when she looked at the handsome and extraordinary Andrew in an expensive suit, she felt a little confused.

"Hello, auntie."

Although Andrew's tone was still as calm as before, there was a bit of politeness and respect in it.

Elaine had seen the sons of rich families, so she guessed that Andrew was not a simple man.

"Mom, forgive me for making the decision without your permission..."

Mandy paused for a moment, held her mother's hand and looked at Andrew.

"I have decided to marry Andrew. He just proposed to me a few days ago, and I also wanted to marry him. Although it's abrupt to act first and report later, I hope you can understand me and bless me. "

She said in a soft and sweet voice. Although it was just not true, there was still a little sadness in her heart.

Elaine was a little surprised. Her daughter had always been obedient, but this time she suddenly said she was going to get married. She couldn't help but look at Andrew up and down with hesitation.

Seeing that her mother was suspicious of him, Andrew strode forward and held Mandy's hand.

"Auntie, I really love your daughter so much that I proposed to her as soon as she graduated from college. Don't worry. I will take good care of Mandy and won't let her suffer any grievance. "

Although it was a lie, Mandy felt at ease.

Elaine was a little hesitant. After all, it was her daughter's marriage, so she asked Andrew about his information anxiously.

When she knew that he was the CEO of the Lin Group, Elaine was a little worried.

She was a woman who had fallen in love with a rich man. The ending was heartbreaking, so she was naturally worried about her daughter.

"Can you promise that you will never lie to my daughter or hurt her?"

Perhaps it was because she had suffered too much from Paul, Elaine was a little excited at this moment.

Andrew held Mandy's hand and looked at her with his ten fingers interlocked.

"I promise."

His words and expression were so firm that Mandy thought it was true.

After Andrew's persuading Elaine successfully, the two of them hugged and cried for a long time before they parted reluctantly.

It was a sunny day.

Sitting in the room, Mandy was wearing beautiful and romantic wedding dresses with the help of several women.

She sat on the chair and everything was ready.

She looked at herself in the mirror, her big clear eyes a little absent-minded.

Her small face was as big as a palm, and her delicate and beautiful makeup made her face, which was originally only eight percent delicate, become perfect.

A white dress covered her head, long to her feet. The romantic white lace made her look quiet and elegant.

The bridesmaids were her former high school classmate. Seeing that Mandy had become so beautiful, all of them could not help but show an admiring look.

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