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   Chapter 11 Buy Rings

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Sophia's smile was ridiculous and hypocritical.

Mandy didn't say anything, when she saw them again, she could barely calm herself down.

"Do you like this ring?"

Andrew put his arm around Mandy's waist in an intimate gesture, and even his voice was magnetic and gorgeous.

The design of this ring was unique, simple but perfect. Women liked beautiful and exquisite things, and Mandy was no exception.


She didn't lie or refuse, but admitted frankly that she liked it.

Andrew asked the manager to pack up the rings without considering the high price of them.

The two of them had the tacit thought, they both ignored Jacob and Sophia at the same time.

Noticing that Jacob and Sophia were getting angrier and angrier, Mandy felt relieved. She had suffered a lot before, but now she was happy to see them being bullied.

She turned around and gave Andrew a grateful look, and he also smiled faintly.

His smile could not be noticed if one didn't look carefully, however, Mandy was grateful to him and happened to see his smile.

Her heart skipped a beat.

"Mandy, you had just set up the relationship with Mr. Andrew, but you are in such a hurry to get such an expensive thing. Look, as if you are in love with his money."

Seeing that Mandy didn't respond to her, Sophia tried to sow discord between them in a casual tone.

Jacob and Mandy didn't know that she and Andrew were just acting together for Alfredo, so they thought they had become a real couple.

If it was an ordinary couple, they might really have a conflict after being provoked like this. But the situation of Mandy and Andrew could not be measured by the normal situation.

The men and women who were selecting jewelry around all cast subtle gazes at Mandy.

Mandy couldn't help but feel a burst of anger from the bottom of her heart, which filled her chest, making her speak in a sharp tone.

"Sophia, you're wrong. I'm not with Andrew because of money but his face! That's why I agreed to be his girlfriend! After all, Andrew was ten thousand times more handsome than Jacob! Every day when I wake up and see such a handsome face, I will feel better, won't I? "

Mandy's words almost pissed off Jacob. From childhood to adulthood, what he hated the most was to be compared with Andrew. Since childhood, Andrew had always been better than him in every aspect, and in all aspects, he was inferior to him. As time went by, he actually had a hidden inferiority complex in his heart.

Now that this sad wound was exposed, his face became a little twisted.

"Mandy! Shame on you? You betrayed me and climbed into my uncle's bed. How dare you say such shameless words! "

Mandy was also overwhelmed by her suppressed anger, she didn't show any fear on her face, but even sneered and refuted Jacob, "You know clearly what kind of thing it is. From beginning to the end, you just want to use me, you don't have to look at yourself? Only those stupid people will believe your words!"

The angry Mandy was so sharp that even Andrew couldn't help but show a surprised look.

As their conversation became more and more explosive, many people had stopped choosing rings and focused on watching them tearing.

As a famous person in the business world, Andrew didn't want to cause any negative gossip. He stood out and said to Jacob indifferently, "You've grown up now, don't be as childish. Even if you want to attract attention, you don't have to use this method. If there's anything, let's go home first."

His voice was neither loud nor low, but with an irresistible deterrent.

The manager had packed up the rings, Andrew took out a black card from his wallet and handed it to the manager.

After signing his name, Andrew said to Mandy, "I have never thought that I am just good-looking in your eyes!"

These words were inexplicable, but some onlookers couldn't help laughing.

People with discerning eyes could see that Sophia and Jacob had been trying to slander and irritate them, trying to sow dissension between them, but them two even showed affection to the bystanders. This was really unexpected.

Back in the car, Mandy had gradually regained her sanity.

Now she felt a little embarrassed, she was so fierce just now that she didn't know what he would think of her Her mind was in a mess, she secretly glanced at Andrew and found that he was still as calm as before, then she secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Andrew gave the ring to Mandy for safekeeping and sent her back home, but he still didn't go in. After watching her go back, he drove away.

Back to the hall of the villa, Emma was lazily lying on the sofa and playing with her mobile phone. When she saw Mandy come back, her eyes lazily scanned her body. Finally, when s

he saw the exquisite shopping bag, her eyes widened!

"How much did father give you! How could you afford such a luxury! "

Mandy just sneered, "I can't afford this kind of luxury, but other man can give it to me! Do I have to buy it myself? "

Emma was choked by Mandy's words and watched her go upstairs angrily.

"It's not a big deal. A man gave it to you, not a big deal, okay? If I want to find a man, he'll be willing to spend a lot of money on for me! "

Emma didn't lower her voice at all, when Mandy was halfway up the stairs, she heard clearly. Mandy didn't take her words seriously.

No matter what kind of man she wanted to find, it had nothing to do with her.

Before the wedding day, Mandy got her graduation certificate first.

When she went back to school, many people were talking about her, she felt very uncomfortable being stared at by those strange eyes.

So she did some basic process after graduation, but she didn't even attend the graduation party, just wanted to leave here as soon as possible.

"Aren't you going to the graduation party? After all, we have been classmates for four years, and if you don't even attend the graduation party. Isn't it too inhuman? "

A man with thick eyes stood up and stopped Mandy who was about to leave.

A female classmate with exquisite Lavender makeup next to them showed a sarcastic and cold smile. "She is just a disloyal slut. How dare she attend the party? It's so funny! "

Several people gathered around that girl. Hearing this, they all agreed to be together and agreed with her.

"Exactly! Even if she wants to take part in the competition, she must be thinking of hanging the young man! "

"Are any of you boys interested in being the scapegoat?"

Those boys who had planned to ask Mandy to join the party became cowards in an instant, without saying a word.

When Mandy returned home with her graduation certificate, Andrew called her again and remind her of visiting Andrew in a sanatorium.

Mandy packed up and took a taxi to the sanatorium.

Perhaps, Mandy and Alfredo were born with the same aura. No matter what Alfredo said, she could say one or two words, and from time to time, she would make a point of view that lit up Alfredo's eyes.

After chatting with Alfredo for about an hour, Mandy was about to go back.

As soon as she walked out of the sanatorium, she saw Andrew in a well-tailored and exquisite suit, and his black suit pants wrapped his straight and long thighs.

Andrew leaned against the black car, the famous car and handsome man formed a beautiful scenery in the sanatorium.

Mandy walked up to Andrew, who asked indifferently, "How is Grandpa today?"

"He seems to be in a good mood, and his face is much ruddy. The special nurse said that he has been much better these days, and there will be no problem for the time being..."

Andrew took a glance at Mandy and was in a good mood, he smiled generously and said, "It seems that you are really good at coaxing elderly people to be happy!"

Mandy touched her nose and said shyly, "When I was in college, in order to earn some money, I had always been a tutor. I had met all kinds of naughty and difficult children. People always said that the elder were just like old children, so it was almost the same for me to coax them..."

Andrew smiled faintly, his grandfather was getting better, and he was obviously in a good mood.

"Let's go. I have something to deal with in the company, and I have something to tell you after I finish my work."

Andrew opened the door for her. Mandy got into the car easily and fastened the belt, then the car rushed out like an arrow from the string.

Lin Group was one of the leading companies in the country. As the headquarters, its decoration style was high-end and high-grade.

All the employees in the company knew that their CEO had always been single, so when he suddenly came back with a beautiful lady, the employees who passed by them couldn't help but look at them curiously.

Mandy had not been used to this, so her fair face was slightly pink.

She felt a little uncomfortable and avoided those glances.

With a straight face, Andrew took Mandy to his office.

"Mr. Andrew, the business contract with the Wan Group is ready. Please have a look."

As soon as Mandy entered the CEO's office, she saw a capable woman in an exquisite and capable suit, a top, a tight black skirt.

She had delicate eyebrows and a tall figure, she looked only three or four years older than Mandy.

Since the appearance of Mandy, the woman had secretly sized her up, with a touch of uncertain darkness flashing in her eyes, she showed a generous and decent smile and said, "Hello, I am Alice, the special assistant of Mr. Andrew."

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