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   Chapter 10 Being Unreasonable

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Jacob's eyes suddenly turned gloomy, "Do you want to possess my girlfriend so easily? It's impossible! But as long as you give me ten percent of the Lin Group's shares, I won't care about it! Otherwise... I won't let it go! "

Andrew glanced at him with disdain, as if he were looking down at an ant.

"You want to set yourself against me? Just by your tricks? That's ridiculous! "

However, Andrew didn't take his threat seriously at all, he turned to Mandy and said, "Get in the car and let's go, you can ignore those you don't want to do in the future, in case of wasting your energy!"

"If you don't give me the shares, I won't let you go!" Jacob suddenly stopped the two person. Believe it or not, I'll make trouble in front of great-grandfather every day! "

There was nothing he could do about it, he had thought of defeating him in work, but when he arrived at the company, he found that there was a huge difference in ability between him and his uncle.

Since he couldn't defeat his opponent face to face, he thought for a while and could only use such a trick to have a try.

His words completely crossed Andrew's bottom line!

Andrew's handsome face instantly sank, and his breath suddenly became cold, his voice was not loud, but it gave off a chill.

"You can have a try. If anything happens to Grandpa, I promise you will end up miserably! If you don't believe me, you can have a try! "

Jacob's face turned ghastly pale, he tried his best to resist the impulse of his legs trembling. Not to be outdone, he threatened, "I just want to have a try! Great-grandpa knows that you have stolen your nephew's girlfriend and are going to marry her. I don't know what will happen... "

Before he could finish his words, he was interrupted by Andrew, "I warn you that you'd better behave yourself and don't try to take the advantage of the Lin Group. Besides, grandpa is getting older and can't bear any stimulation, if he is hurt by you, do you believe that I can inherit the company legally and all the property of the Lin Group will not fall into your hands at all? Since Grandpa is still alive, you'd better try your best to please him. Maybe Grandpa will be softhearted and give you something... "

Listening to the conversation between the two men, Mandy personally witnessed the one-sided crush!

Even Jacob dared to threaten him with Alfredo, Andrew not only didn't have to pay any price, but also made the other party afraid and dare not act rashly.

This scheming method surprised Mandy, who had always been disdainful of these intrigues.

To her surprise, Andrew was indeed one of the outstanding business leaders evaluated by the business magazine, just the sharpness in his words made Mandy stunned.

Jacob was rendered speechless, he could only glare at Andrew and Mandy with gloomy eyes.

The two of them didn't have the time to talk with him, after getting on the car, he stepped on the gas and left quickly, leaving only a cloud of exhaust gas to Jacob.

On the way from Mandy's villa to the manor, Andrew said to her lightly, "Send me the data of your measurement and shoulder width later. I have booked the wedding dress in a company in Milan. As for everything on the wedding, you don't need to worry about it. At that time, you just need to pay attention to it and don't make any mistakes."


When the car arrived at the villa of the Zhuang Family, Mandy bowed her head and agreed in a low voice.

When she got out of the car, she happened to meet Paul who came out. When he saw the famous Andrew, his dignified and serious expression suddenly changed into a somewhat amiable one, but his expression changed too suddenly, when the smile appeared on his face, she felt that it was totally strange.

"Mr. Andrew, I've heard a lot about you!"

Paul stretched out his hand to greet the man, his hand stayed in the air for one or two seconds, and then Andrew slowly reached out his hand to touch him. It was not difficult to tell what was wrong with him from the etiquette, but on the whole, his every move was subtle and indescribable arrogant.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Mandy's fiance, Andrew."

"Mr. Andrew, since you've already been here, why not go inside and have a cup of tea?"

Without hesitation, Andrew refused, "The wedding date of Mandy and I have been set on the fifteen next month. I have something to deal with, so I won't go in. Goodbye."

Before Paul could say anything, Andrew had already got in the car and left.

Obviously, he didn't take Paul as his real father-in-law.

Paul's smile was quite inconsistent, now, as Andrew turned around and left, his smile stopped on his face, which was very ugly.

"Have you told him about that project?"

Paul ask

ed Mandy with a straight face.

"He never allows me to get involved in his work. Even if I tell him, he won't take it to heart..."

Paul's face turned livid, although he wanted to scold her, he finally said to Mandy coldly because of the identity of Andrew, "You should learn the etiquette from the teacher tomorrow!" Then he left angrily.

When Mandy returned to her room, she was tired and hungry, since she only ate a little in the morning, and then she didn't eat anything later. Now that she felt relaxed, her stomach began to grumble impatiently.

It was already lunch time, Mandy had no choice but to take some fruits and snacks to fill her stomach.

Although Mandy didn't want to learn etiquette, she had to admit that although Paul was mean, it didn't make sense. So she went to bed early in the evening to recuperate. On the second morning, she tried her best to welcome the coming etiquette training with the full spirit.

After breakfast, at about nine o'clock, her teacher finally came to her. In the spacious hall of the villa, Emma came in with an elegant woman who looked about twenty-six years old.

"Ellie, this is the student you are going to teach. My sister, Mandy! She has been living a hard life since she was a child, so you don't have to be polite to her and don't worry about what she will suffer! "

Ellie was tall and slender, and her perfect figure gave off an elegant, smooth and sexy beauty. Her features were regular, and she was not that charming. If it were not for her outstanding temperament, this person could be so plain as if a duster cloth could erase her existence.

Mandy's heart sank. What Emma said almost made it clear that she didn't need to be polite to her.

Ellie glanced at Mandy coldly, but there was no malice in her eyes, Mandy breathed a sigh of relief in her heart.

"Hello, Miss Ellie. I'm Mandy. Nice to meet you."

Ellie replied indifferently and asked Mandy to take her to her room.

Emma wanted to go, but Ellie stopped her. "Miss Emma, you have received training in this respect since you were a child, do you need to review your manners again since you've forgotten it?"

Emma blushed and left with embarrassment.

Mandy learned the social etiquette of the upper class from her. In just a few days, she had learned a lot, especially when she had the intention of retaliating against Sophia and Jacob, so she was very attentive to learn.

Even Ellie, such a picky teacher, couldn't help but praise Mandy. 'This girl is smart, attentive and willing to suffer to learn, and she is very outgoing. She is the best lover in men's hearts!'

After several days of concentrating on her study, Mandy's sad mood was alleviated a lot.

When she saw them again, she could already be calm, and was not as hysterical as before.

In a jewelry store, Mandy and Andrew were selecting wedding rings.

"Didn't you say that I don't need to worry about anything? Why did you ask me out today? "

Mandy asked curiously.

On the other side, Sophia and Jacob were selecting the couple rings, they had already noticed each other's existence, but Mandy didn't want to talk to them, so she randomly found a topic to talk with Andrew later.

Andrew frowned and clenched the rings slightly.

He had thought the same, but his friend, Hans, didn't agree when he knew what he had done, he said that after all, she was his wife, even if he didn't love her, he couldn't be so perfunctory, or it would cause a lifelong regret.

At that time, he had drunk too much and unwittingly agreed to his advice. Helplessly, he had no choice but to ask Mandy out to accompany her to choose a ring. He had thought that he would condescend to accompany her, so she should be grateful to him. However, he did not expect that she would not have any desire for him at all and even asked such a question directly!

"Nothing. I just want to ask you out to have a wedding ring. Marriage may be very important for women. Although it's just a show this time, I hope it can be perfect."

"What a coincidence! I didn't expect to meet you here! "

Jacob felt uncomfortable as the other party ignored him, he gave a mean and sarcastic smile and walked to the two to find a sense of existence.

Sophia also followed him, when she saw the diamond ring in Mandy's hand, a hint of jealousy flashed through her eyes.

This ring was a masterpiece of a French jewelry designer, it was limited all over the world and only a few in China. She had come to this shop before, but she was not a senior member, so she couldn't even see it, and even if she had money, she couldn't buy it.

"Mandy, after all, we used to be good friends. Now that you have gotten this position, are you unwilling to greet me?"

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