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   Chapter 8 Irony

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After everything was sorted out, Jane said to Mandy before leaving, "Mrs. Alisa and Mr. Conrad are on a trip and will be back tomorrow night. As for Miss Emma, she is holding an open-air party behind the villa now. If Miss Mandy is interested, you can go to it."

Her official tone made Mandy have no doubt that it was definitely Paul who asked her to listen to it. The hidden meaning in her words was that he wanted her not to make them angry for no reason.

Mandy was lively and cheerful by nature, but when she came to the Zhuang Family, she was never stingy to guess them with the worst side!

As for her, sorry, Mandy had never thought of herself as a member of the Zhuang Family!

She felt much too hungry and went downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat. When she opened the fridge door, she was dazzled by a variety of things. Most of these things were expensive, and the cheapest ones were the imported fruits in the fridge.

Mandy took an imported red apple and washed it carelessly, then she opened her mouth and bit it.

The fruit was crisp and sweet, especially when Mandy was very hungry, the sweetness was several times bigger.

When she was eating happily, there was a faint laughter in the corridor outside, she finished the apple in her hand in a few bites, washed her hands and walked out.

In order to avoid meeting those people she didn't want to see, she deliberately chose to leave after the laughter disappeared.

"Wow! Isn't she my sister? Yes? Did father finally bring you back? "

Emma and several young, beautiful and fashionable girls of the same age walked towards Mandy.

Emma said in a slightly brisk tone, sounding like she was joking.

Mandy's body was stiff. Seeing Emma, she could only try her best to calm down. Although she was not afraid of Emma, her disgust for her was like the moon in the sky, which was difficult to hide.

"So what? Don't you welcome your sister back? "

With an expressionless face, Mandy said in a hoarse voice. Facing the aggressive Emma, whose side was outnumbered, it was inevitable for her to feel psychological pressure.

A trace of contempt flitted across Emma's eyes when she looked at Mandy, her smile was very sweet, making people feel like bathing in the spring breeze, gentle and comfortable.

Emma's voice was also very sweet, as long as others heard this clear and attractive voice, it was not difficult to imagine how sweet and lovely the owner of this voice was.

She turned to her companions with a smile and said, "Let me introduce to you. This is my sister, Mandy, who has just moved back..."

As soon as they heard the name, the way they looked at Mandy changed.

In the upper class circle, it was very common for people to have illegitimate children, so it had been a long time since they despised people of this kind of background.

Although they didn't say anything, their eyes made Mandy more embarrassed than words did.

Emma looked at the humiliation in Mandy's eyes with satisfaction, she smiled sweetly and even her voice was as happy as singing. "I have another news. My sister has engaged to the young master of the Wang Family. Emma patted her head, opened her eyes wide and said to Mandy.

"I forgot to congratulate you. Congratulations on finding a simple man to be your husband."

The women beside Emma couldn't help but burst into laughter.

Someone quickly gave Emma a gentle touch and said with a smile, "You are still as mean as before. Why do you mean by saying he's a simple man? The young master of the Wang Family is just an idiot, okay?"

Mandy didn't wear any makeup, even if she wore a simple casual shirt, with her own super handsome appearance, she could directly defeat these girls with makeup.

"Wow, such a beautiful lady is going to marry a fool. What a waste!"

"You can't say that. Although the young master of the Wang Family is an idiot, his family is rich! Otherwise, with her identity, she might not even be able to reach the gate of the Wang Family for the rest of her life... "

"Is your sister really going to marry that idiot from the Wang Family?"

Emma smiled, "Of course..."

"What are you talking about?"

With a cold face, Paul walked over, he had heard every word they said just now.

Emma wasn't afraid of her father at all. After all, he had spoiled her since she was a child, he would do whatever she wanted. She was afraid that he would change her mind if she held him in her hands. So she didn't have any scruples when Paul looked a little unhappy.

"Father, we were just discussing that sister Mandy was going to marry the young master of the Wang Family..."

Emma walked over with a smile and held Paul's wrist intimately, not noticing anything unusual.

However, when Paul heard this, his face turned cold, he was rarely angry with his daughter who had been spoiled by him since childhood.

"Shut up! This kind of joke must not be casual. Don't you know? Your sister has already set the wedding date with the CEO of the Lin Group. Do you know what the consequences will be if

you talk nonsense like this? "

After scolding Emma coldly, he looked at the young girls beside her.

Paul knew their family background very well, so he didn't have any pressure to scold them.

"And you, you are so mean at such a young age. You don't know the ins and outs of the matter and just make fun of it casually! How could you make fun of such things? How ill bred you are! "

Being humiliated in public, Emma felt embarrassed.

Mandy stood out and said with her head held high, "You don't have the right to judge me. If you want to have a sense of superiority in me, then I'm sorry that you've found the wrong person!"

After saying that coldly, she left without looking back, leaving the girls behind, in surprise and disbelief, they showed a twisted expression of envy and jealousy.

The open-air party ended quickly under the interference of this scene.

After those people left one after another, Emma looked for Paul with an aggrieved face.

"Daddy, why did you blame me for her today?"

Stroking Emma's head lovingly, Paul said earnestly, "Your sister will be the hostess of Lin Group from now on, remember to be polite to her when you see her in the future. Even if you don't have to force a smile and pretend to be a good sister, you can't offend her, understand?"

Emma curled her lips with dissatisfaction and didn't take Paul's words seriously.

"Even if she the hostess of Lin Group, so what? I don't believe that Andrew, such an arrogant man, really takes a fancy to that useless woman! "

Mandy didn't know about the conversation between the father and the daughter, when she returned to her room, she collapsed on the bed, holding her pink phone and staring at the screen absent-mindedly.

With the other hand, she held the business card that Andrew gave her that day.

"Anyway, there is no better choice!"

She whispered to herself, with an indescribable loss and sadness in her voice.

She quickly dialed a series of numbers with her fingertips, the phone rang and was quickly connected.


Andrew's deep and magnetic voice came from the phone, Mandy was so nervous that her voice became a little dry.

"I have made up my mind! I promise you. "

Andrew was not surprised at all, it could be said that the other party's choice was already within his expectation.

"Well, come to my house tomorrow. We'll talk in detail when we meet."


After hanging up the phone, Mandy found that her heart was beating so fast that it was a little dangerous.

Covering her beating heart, she took a deep breath to relax.

When they had dinner in the evening, unexpectedly, Emma didn't satirize her anymore, but just quietly ignored Mandy completely.

"The etiquette teacher will come tomorrow, you have to be ready for the training..."

After dinner, Paul told Mandy coldly.

"Tomorrow, Andrew asked me to go to him and discuss the details of the wedding..."

Mandy's words made Paul's face a little strange, he thought for a while and said to Mandy, "When you see Mr. Andrew tomorrow, help me ask him about the cooperation with the Zhuang Group's FM Project and see if we can cooperate with the Lin Group."

"I've never told him anything about work, Andrew also told me at the beginning that he would make decisions on work, and I don't need to interfere or worry about it."

When Mandy said that, she was not surprised to see that Paul's face became more and more gloomy.

Not wanting to argue with him anymore, Mandy stood up and said coldly, "I'm full. Enjoy yourself."

Without looking back, Mandy could feel Paul's burning eyes on her.

"Think about your mother! If you don't help me... "

When Mandy was halfway through, she heard Paul's gloomy voice behind her.

Closing her eyes tightly, Mandy said unwillingly, "I'll help you. As for whether I can make it or not, it's not up to me! "

After saying that, Mandy went upstairs to her room.

Mandy's mother had been sent to hospital for treatment because of advanced cancer, the money she spent every day was sky high for her!

If it weren't for Paul's willingness to pay for the treatment of Mandy's mother, she would have died a long time ago.

There were too many things in a mess, which was quite a headache for her.

Mandy tossed and turned all night and couldn't fall asleep.

Early in the morning, she got up, washed up, changed her clothes and had a simple breakfast before going out.

"Let the driver drive you there!"

Said Paul casually.

"This also shows the importance the Zhuang Family attaches to you, then you won't lose face when you come to the Lin Family!"

If Paul's words were said to some innocent girls, they would definitely believe him. But Mandy had experienced too much since she was a child, she didn't want to hear a word like this!

Attach importance? Lose face? Mandy thought that she had already shown Andrew her worst and ugliest side. Moreover, they were just partners, not really lover, she would never care about these things.

"No, thanks. I can take a taxi by myself."

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