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   Chapter 4 Best Friends Became Enemies

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Mandy had thought that this man was just a ruthless man, but his several words had simply ridiculed her from inside to outside. Not only did he embarrass her, but also made her start to doubt herself.

Her face was pale and her lips were trembling slightly, it seemed that she was on strike all over her body, it was painful and her head was dizzy.

Seeing her reaction, Andrew sneered and left.

The waiter chased after Mandy from the next room and watched the whole process, he couldn't bear to see her like this, so he handed her a piece of tissue and said, "Miss, please wipe your hands first."

Mandy sniffed and took the tissue then expressed her thanks, she looked down at her hand and found that the scalded place was red and blistered, which looked terrible.

She then put away the tissue and left after paying the receptionist.

When she returned to her dormitory, Sophia was standing in front of the mirror and trying on her new clothes, it was a red dress, which was very charming on her, just in line with her flamboyant temperament.

When Sophia saw her in the mirror, she tilted her head and smiled at her. "Mandy, come and have a look at this dress, what do you think?" After a pause, she continued, "This dress was specially bought by Jacob for me today."

Mandy's face suddenly changed, she picked up the pen container at hand and smashed it towards her direction. "Get out, get out!"

The pen container didn't aim at the target at all, even though Sophia was still standing there, it still passed her and just smashed into the mirror. With a crisp sound, the mirror immediately disintegrated.

"Sophia, is this how you treat me? I have treated you with all my heart and soul these years, but you just repay me in this way? "

Mandy's figure was reflected in the mirror, thousands of mirror images were simultaneously shouting at Sophia, hysterically, disappointed, angry, shocked... All sorts of emotions were pouring out.

Sophia looked at her quietly, when she was about to give over vent to her anger, she chuckled, pointed at one of the mirror images and said, "Mandy, look at her. What does she look like?"

Following her fingers, Mandy looked at herself in the mirror. She was even wearing pajamas, slippers, a long black coat, a hat covering her head, messy hair, so others couldn't even see her face clearly.

"Crazy woman." Before Mandy could answer, she continued, "Look at you and then at me. If a man chooses between you and me, who will choose a crazy woman instead of me?"

It seemed that she was not wrong, Mandy smiled bitterly and seemed to understand the reason for the scene today.

"Jacob is a member of the Lin Family, he will attend many important occasions in the future. Obviously, I'm better than you in both ability and appearance. Mistress and involvement are just your excuses for failure. There was always the survival of the fittest."

Mandy slowly calmed down in her words, at last, she sneered, "Is this the excuse you find for yourself? Are you telling yourself that you are not a mistress just in this way? "

"When did this happen?"

Anger flashed through Sophia's eyes, she raised her chin slightly and said, "Half a month after you confirmed your relationship."

Mandy was suddenly enlightened. "It turns out that you are in such a hurry to be a mistress. You haven't broken up with each other for so long, so it seems that you really love each other. Well, I'll give up on the trash and give him to you today."

If they had a quarrel a few more years later, Sophia would have experienced more, her scheming and experience might have given her a better way to fight back and humiliate Mandy. However, she was still young after all. After enduring her anger for a few years, she was finally irritated and went to hit Mandy in high heels.

Generally speaking, Sophia's foot was not injured and she was still wearing ten centimeter high heels, she was much taller than Mandy, so it was easy to see who would win.

However, the angrier she was, the soberer Mandy's head was. The moment Sophia rushed towards her, Mandy gently moved aside and quickly grabbed her hair.


But Sophia didn't expect that she would be caught so easily. After a short scream, she began to counterattack, her red sharp nails waved at Mandy in a disorganized manner. For several times, they directly hit Mandy's face, leaving long and red marks.

As if Mandy didn't know how painful it was, she gritted her teeth and grabbed Sophia's hair tightly. Looking at her twisted face in pain, Mandy kept away from any sound in her ears, her mind was full of the thought that she must hold on and not let her escape.

The situation didn't stop until she was pushed away by a strong force and fell to the ground, she came back to her senses and looked up, only to find that Jacob came over unexpectedly and was guarding beside Sophia.

"Jacob, go and teach her a lesson! Go! My hair. " Sophia was lying in his arms, grimacing in pain. At this moment, she only felt the pain as if her scalp was torn apart, she didn't even dare to touch it. When she saw that Mandy was holding a large pile of hair in her hand, she immediately exploded.

'Damn bitch! How dare she hit her so hard! '

Of course, Jacob also wanted to make a move. What happened in the restaurant and what happened just now made him want

to tear Mandy apart.

However, the noise just now attracted all the people in the surrounding dormitories, if they went up to join the fight at this time, it was inevitable that it was unreasonable.

He had made all kinds of plans in his heart, and then his face showed an injured expression. "Mandy, I beg you. Let bygones be bygones, I won't investigate them anymore. Please don't badger anymore, okay?"

Hearing this, Mandy felt it sucked. "Jacob, don't shed crocodile tears. You have a relationship with Sophia, and you are still making trouble out of nothing. Disgusting?"

"Mandy, don't complain first. If it weren't for the fact that Jacob caught you betraying him, how could he break up with you?"

The people around them were supposed to come out to see what was going on, but when they heard this unexpectedly, they all showed a meaning look. They immediately walked out of their dormitory, surrounded by the outside to watch the play, and some went back to invite their friends.

It turned out that she was waiting for her at this point. Clenching her fists, Mandy knew that no matter what happened today, she would lose.

Sophia caught her weakness and became more and more arrogant, she began to press her step by step, "Well, you seemed to have a lot of words just now. Why are you silent now?"

She took a sudden step forward, rudely tore off Mandy's clothes, and turned to the person outside the door. "Tell me, where did these marks come from? Tell me!"

"In the past three years, Jacob has been doing his best to protect you from being wronged. Is there anyone in the school not knowing this? But now you treat him like this? "

What Sophia said, the marks on Mandy's body, and the performance of Jacob just now seemed to confirm this matter.

People around them began to whisper, and their words were full of contempt for Mandy. In the past three years, everyone knew that Jacob and Mandy were a couple, and the reason was that the man was so kind to the woman.

At school, many girls envied Mandy's good luck.

Mandy listened to the whispers around her indifferently, she didn't even have the strength to react. Yes, it was true. Jacob was so good to her that he could slept with her best friend in half a month after their relationship was confirmed, and he could drug her and send her to her uncle's bed, he was also good to discredit her in front of so many people.

How stupid she was to think that he really wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.

She didn't know when the noise around them disappeared. When she came to her senses, Jacob and Sophia had left, and the onlookers had also dispersed. People passing by the door from time to time would poke their heads into the room and then look back with disdain.

Mandy moved her feet and found that after a whole day's walking, not only did she not get better, but she was getting worse.

She struggled to get up, closed the door and was ready to wash up.

As soon as she reached the bathroom door, her phone rang on the table, she just ignored it and went into the bathroom to wash up.

Her face, which had been scratched by Sophia before, looked a little horrible now, it was all red and swollen, and it was even a problem to wash her face. She endured the pain and wiped it with a towel, then she slowly washed her hands and tidied up her hair before walking out.

The phone on the table was still ringing, she was annoyed by it, so she walked over to turn it off, but unexpectedly pressed wrongly and had to answer it.

She was annoyed again, but she had to answer it, "Hello? What's up? "

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone. After waiting for a moment, Mandy gradually lost her patience, when she was about to hang up the phone, the voice on the other end of the phone rang out, "It's me."

'You? Who are you?' Mandy sneered in her heart and almost wanted to hang up the phone.

The man on the other side seemed to have guessed what she was thinking, and added, "Andrew." His words were brief and to the point, which was in line with his cold character. "I'll give you ten minutes. Wait at the school gate immediately." After saying that, he seemed to think of something and said, "Clean yourself up. We need to see someone."

As soon as he finished speaking, the phone was hung up by him.

Mandy hung up the phone, thinking of what she had experienced in the past two days, she couldn't help but feel resentful. Moreover, she didn't care much about his words and was about to go to bed.

But somehow, she just went to the wardrobe and picked up a light blue sleeveless dress. After dressing, she combed her messy hair and barely covered the scars on her face. Before she went out, she took a creamy white coat and put it on.

Thinking of what had happened today, she came back, took out a mask and put it on.

When she walked out of the school gate, she was in a daze. Suddenly, a man appeared in front of her, he was wearing a black suit and looked gentle. "Excuse me, is this Miss. Mandy?"

"Yes." Mandy nodded hesitantly.

"Miss Mandy, I'm sent by Mr. Andrew. Please get in the car." When he saw the right person, he smiled and invited her to get in the car.

This was a black Bentley, parked at the school gate, attracting a lot of attention, and even a few inquisitive sights also fell on Mandy.

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