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   Chapter 4 Best Friends Became Enemies

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Mandy knew Andrew was a ruthless man, yet she had forgiven him. At the moment, her biggest enemies were Jacob and Sophia. But to her utter shock, this man had not only embarrassed her, but also planted a seed of self-doubt in her heart.

Her face was pale and her lips began to tremble slightly. The little bit confidence she had in herself also disappeared.

Seeing her reaction, Andrew flashed a mocking smile and sprinted out of the teahouse.

Once he was gone, the waiter walked towards Mandy. He had watched the whole scene and he couldn't but worry about her. There was something about her that instilled his heart with pity. Handing her a piece of tissue, he said, "Miss, please wipe your hands first."

Mandy took the tissue and expressed her thanks. Looking at her hands, she realized the area where she had spilled tea had scalded. Blisters had formed around. All in all, it was a terrible sight.

She couldn't stay here any longer. She paid her bill and left the teahouse.

When she returned to her dormitory, Sophia was standing in front of the mirror, wearing a gorgeous red dress. She was admiring her beauty. Even though Mandy hated her with a passion, she couldn't help but admit she looked charming.

When Sophia caught sight of Mandy in the mirror, she tilted her head and smiled at her. "Mandy, come over here and tell me how I look. Isn't this dress gorgeous?" After a pause, she added, "Guess what? This is a gift from Jacob. How well he knows my taste!"

Mandy's expression changed all of a sudden. Looking around, she found a pen container. She hurled it towards Sophia. "Get out!" she screamed.

The pen container didn't hit the target. Instead, it smashed into the mirror. With a crisp sound, the mirror broke into pieces.

"Sophia, is this how you treat me? All these years, I have loved you like you were my sister. And you repay me with betrayal!"

Mandy shouted at Sophia hysterically. All sorts of emotions welled up inside her heart.

Sophia looked at her calmly. Instead of being angry, she chuckled and pointed at one of the broken pieces of the mirror. "Mandy, look at yourself. What do you see?"

Following her finger, Mandy looked at herself in the piece. She was wearing pajamas, slippers, and a long black coat. Her hair was quite a mess. Even though one couldn't see her face properly, she looked disastrous.

"You look like a crazy woman!" Sophie announced, still laughing. Before Mandy could answer, she went on, "Look at you and then look at me. If a man has to choose between the two of us, he will definitely choose me. Why would anyone want to waste their time with a crazy woman?"

The truth was, Mandy herself knew Sophia wasn't wrong.

"Jacob is a member of the Lin family and he will have to attend many important functions. Obviously, I am better looking than you and my personality is much more impressive. Go ahead and call me a mistress if that makes your jealous heart happy. But the truth is, you are nothing when compared to me."

Listening to this explanation, Mandy flashed her a bitter smile. "No, Sophia. No matter how you are trying to defend yourself, you are a cheating bitch. Sleeping around with your best friend's boyfriend is a testimony to it.

May I know when this started? When did you go behind my back and start an affair with Jacob?"

"Half a month after you confirmed your relationship," Sophia announced without an ounce of shame.

Mandy was shocked. But hiding her bewilderment, she went on, "Wonderful! Looks like you have been in a hurry to become a mistress. Now that I think of it, you both are made for each other. A bitch and a scumbag are a perfect match."

When Mandy first came here, Sophia was in a good humor. After all, she had Jacob by her side. However, Mandy had crossed the line. She couldn't listen to Mandy's rubbish any long. In her high heels, she went towards Mandy, getting ready to hit her.

Fury roared through her. To her advantage, Mandy had injured her ankle. She was certain she would win this fight.

Mandy, on the other hand, remained calm. The moment Sophia rushed towards her, she gently moved aside and quickly grabbed her hair.


Sophia didn't expect Mandy would attack her so brutally. After a short scream, she began to hit back. Her red, sharp nails dug into Mandy's face, leaving behind red marks. The pain was horrible but Mandy wouldn't give up so easily.

She gritted her teeth and continued to pull Sophia's hair. Seeing her face twisted with agony, Mandy felt satisfied. She wouldn't let her go at any rate!

Sophia continued to cry but to no avail. Suddenly, a strong pair of hands caught Mandy and threw her aside. Pain shot through her legs. Coming back to her senses, she looked up and found that Jacob was standing beside Sophia. Lovingly, he was caressing her head.

"Jacob, go and teach her a lesson! Go! My hair," Sophia wailed, lying in his arms. At this moment, she felt like her scalp had been torn apart. When she looked at Mandy, she noticed a large pile of hair in her hand. She broke into another fit of tears.

'Damn bitch! How dare you touch my hair!' she thought.

Jacob wanted to teach her a lesson. Also, the incident that took place in the teahouse had filled his heart with intense hatred towards Mandy.

Before he could do anything, he heard a noise coming from outside. Their screams had attracted a lot of peopl

e. If he went forward and hit her, people would blame him.

He plotted a devious plan in his mind. Soon, his feigned an injured look. "Mandy, I beg you. Let bygones be bygones. What has happened has happened. Let's just peacefully break up."

Hearing this, Mandy was stunned. "Jacob, don't shed your crocodile tears in front of me. You had a relationship with Sophia behind my back. Instead of feeling ashamed, you are putting all the blame on me!"

"Mandy, don't lie. If you hadn't betrayed Jacob, he wouldn't have broken up with you. How could you do this?"

Sophie spoke loudly, making sure everyone heard her words. To their delight, they all did. Even more people walked out of their rooms, getting ready to see the spectacle. Some of them even texted their friends.

At this point, Mandy knew that nothing she said would help her come out of this situation. Clenching her fists, she remained silent.

Sophia noticed Mandy's earlier determination had weakened. "Well, a while ago you were talking a lot. What happened to you? Why are you silent now?"

She took a step forward, rudely tore open Mandy's clothes, and turned to the people outside the door. "Tell me, where did these marks come from? Tell me!"

Receiving nothing but silence from Mandy, Sophie went on, "In the past three years, Jacob has done everything possible to protect you. Is there anyone in the school who doesn't know about it? And look at the way you treated him!"

As Sophie spoke, people came forward and looked at the marks on Mandy's body. Their eyes kept flitting towards Jacob who seemed forlorn. This confirmed that Mandy had indeed cheated on him.

People around them began to whisper, and their words were filled with contempt for Mandy. In the past three years, everyone admired Mandy and Jacob's relationship. They always noticed how lovingly he treated her.

In fact, many girls at school envied Mandy's good luck.

Mandy listened to the whispers around her but she didn't have the strength to react. Yes, it was true. Jacob was such an amazing lover that he had slept with her best friend as soon as they started dating. On top of that, he drugged her and sent her to his uncle's bed. And now, he had the audacity to humiliate her in front of so many people.

She admonished herself for being so naive. This was the man she had wished to spend the rest of her life with.

When she came back to her senses, she realized the noise around her had disappeared. In fact, even Jacob and Sophia had left. Every now and then, people passed by her dormitory. Since the door was open, they peeped and looked at her disdainfully.

Mandy tried to move her ankle and realized the pain had gotten worse.

With a lot of struggle, she went towards the door and closed it.

As soon as she reached the bathroom, her phone rang. 'Who could it be?' she wondered. Anyway, she wasn't in a mood to talk. Ignoring it, she went into the bathroom and washed her face.

Standing in front of the mirror, she noticed the marks Sophia had made. They looked quite horrible. Enduring the pain, she wiped them with a towel. Then slowly, she washed her hands, tidied up her hair and walked out.

She was stunned to see the phone was still ringing. Annoyed, she walked towards it to turn it off. However, her finger accidentally hit the answer button.

Having no choice, she kept the phone near her ear and said, "Hello? Who is speaking?"

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone. After waiting for a moment, she gradually lost her patience. Thinking it was a wrong number, she decided to cut the call. But before she could do it, the person on the other end said, "It's me."

'You? Who are you?' Mandy thought, not recognizing the voice.

The man on the other end seemed to have guessed she didn't know who he was. "Andrew Lin," he said cutting to the chase. She was shocked and made no reply. 'Why is he calling me?' she wondered. "I'll give you ten minutes. I am waiting outside the school gate. Clean yourself up," he ordered in his authoritative voice.

As soon as he finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

Mandy was in a daze. He had rejected her offer to become allies. But now he called her, saying he wanted to meet up. None of this made sense. In fact, everything that had happened to her in the past two days made no sense. She didn't want to meet him after what he had said earlier this morning. 'I am going to sleep, ' she decided.

But somehow, she found herself walking towards the wardrobe. She picked a light blue sleeveless dress and wore it. Next, she combed her messy hair and applied concealer on her bruises. Before she left, she took a creamy white coat and put it on.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to her. After what happened today, she couldn't face any one. Taking out a mask, she put it on.

When she walked out of the school gate, she didn't spot him. Suddenly, a man wearing a black suit appeared in front of her. "Excuse me, are you Miss Mandy Ai?"

"Yes," Mandy said as she nodded her head. There was a skeptical look on her face.

"Miss Ai, I was sent here by Mr. Andrew Lin. Please get in the car." He flashed her a gentle smile which meant to convey he was a trustworthy person.

The car he pointed his finger towards was a black Bentley. It was parked at the school gate and attracted a lot of attention. A few inquisitive eyes fell on Mandy.

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