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   Chapter 2 A Plot (Part Two)

Flash Marriage: Love Lives Eternally By Ai Huo Characters: 5785

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Her eyes widened in surprise. Even in her wildest dream, she wouldn't have thought he could treat her like this. Thinking her ears had played a trick on her, she hurriedly towards him and asked, "What's wrong with you, Jacob?"

Repulsed by her touch, he quickly shook her hands off. "Mandy, you are a shameless woman. Don't you dare touch me with your disgusting hands."

His attitude towards her had changed completely. She had met him during her freshman year at university. Since then, their friendship had grown strong and turned into love. They had been together for three years. Over the years, he had treated her like a priced treasure. In fact, he was afraid to even raise his voice in front of her. 'What happened to that love?' she thought as her heart broke into pieces.

"Jacob, please don't treat me like this," she said, hoping he would at least explain the reason behind his fury.

He sneered, walked toward the tea table and picked up an envelope. Instead of handing it over to her, he threw it on her face. The contents inside were all over the place.

As soon as she saw the photos, she felt dizzy. There were photos of her entering the hotel last night and leaving this morning. Although she was all alone in these photos, her ruffled look told everyone what had happened.

"Jacob, listen to me," she said trying hard to maintain her composure.

"No need to explain. These photos are self-explanatory," he said with a mocking smile.

He gazed at her, his eyes as sharp as a knife. Slowly, his gaze slid down from her face and went to her chest.

Without giving her any time to react, he went forward and opened the buttons of her shirt. Her bruised skin was revealed.

"Mandy, do you still want to explain? All these years, I've tried my best to satisfy you. Is my love not enough for you? Is this how you repay me?"

He spoke at the top of his voice and his eyes turned red.

She opened her mouth, wanting to say something. But his rage stopped her from doing so. After all, what was there to say? She realized nothing she said would justify the photos he had seen with his own eyes. Even though she hadn't done it deliberately, the truth was she had betrayed him.

"I'm sorry, Jacob. I didn't do any of this on purpose. Please forgive me this time, okay?" she cried out and grabbed his sleeve, pleading for his forgiveness.

"I don't know how any of this happened. I am sorry, Jacob, but please believe me..."

Raising his hand, he slapped her.

"Do you mean to say you were forced? Look at that photos! I don't see anyone forcing you inside.

Mandy, just shut up and get out of my sight. If you remain here, I might end up killing you. If you have an ounce of dignity, just get the hell out of here!" he roared.

"No!" She shook her head desperately, tears streaming down her face. She grabbed his sleeve, not letting him go.


able to speak, she tried to look into his eyes. But he turned his face away from her.

Something told her that he still felt pity for her. If she tried hard enough, perhaps he would forgive her. After all, they had been together for three years. How could they break up so easily?

Seeing she wasn't leaving, he said, "The harm has been done. Have some pity! Please leave now."

He was imploring her to leave. She couldn't understand how her life had changed so drastically in the blink of an eye. 'How can he hate me so much?' she wondered.

"Okay," she mumbled. The best thing she could do was leave his house. If he didn't believe her, there was no point in begging. She turned around and rushed out of the door.

He had thought it would take a long time to sort it out. However, she had left without a fight. Looking at her receding figure, he frowned.

Her mind was in a mess. After leaving his house, she didn't know what to do. She had gone there with a lot of hope. Everything was shattered.

She wasn't even aware of her surroundings. Suddenly, a car began to honk, bringing her out of her reverie. She turned around and watched a man getting out of his car. On looking around, she realized she was sitting in the middle of the road.

The frightened driver stood in front of her and said, "You're courting death, aren't you? If that case, find another way to kill yourself. Don't trap me, bloody bad luck!"

Realizing her mistake, she slowly got up from the ground, looked at the man and said apologetically, "I'm sorry for the inconvenience."

Instead of accepting her apology, the driver spat on her face and got back into his car.

She lowered her head and smiled bitterly. 'My day couldn't get any worse, ' she thought and wiped her face with the back of her hand. When she was about to go back to school, a piercing pain suddenly rose from her ankle. She bent down to check and saw a large bruise on her ankle. Blood was gushing out of it.

She tried to move her ankle but the pain brought her to a halt. It looked like her ankle was sprained.

She took out a tissue and pressed it against the wound. Sharp pain shot through her ankle. In spite of it, she forced herself to walk. After the heartbreak she had experienced, no physical pain could deter her.

When she returned to the dormitory, Mandy Ai lost all her strength and fell down. She leaned against the wall and started to weep. Seeing this, Sophia Wan, who was playing with her mobile phone, put it aside and rushed towards her. "Mandy, what's wrong with you?" she asked.

Sophia Wan was Mandy's best friend and they had known each other since childhood. Their relationship was stronger than that of biological sisters. If there was anyone in the world who could help her in this situation, it was Sophia Wan. Looking at her, Mandy Ai helplessly asked, "Sophia, what should I do now?"

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