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   Chapter 50 Mixed Blessing

Fall For You At The First Sight And Everyday By Xiang Si Characters: 6845

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Standing in the corridor, Michelle heard the noise in the ward. She stood outside for a long time and could vaguely hear the gasp of Charles. Then she heard a loud bang inside.

She quickly opened the door to check the situation, only to find that Charles and Bella both fell to the ground, and the table beside them had already been tilted to the ground.

Michelle's adaptability was not bad. She pulled Charles up quietly and said, "Take care of yourself. Don't hurt your arm again."

Instead, she ignored Bella as if she was air.

Bella snorted. If Charles hadn't been here, she would have taught her a good lesson. The atmosphere in the ward suddenly became a little stiff.

At this time, the fat director came with a lot of things. The smile on his face was so bright that it could bloom. His arrival made the atmosphere in the room relax a lot.

"I'm telling you, these are gifts from your fans. They asked me to bring them to you." The fat man said with a red face, as if he had just encountered some good news.

"What?" Bella knew that she had filmed a TV series before and indeed accumulated a certain number of fans, but who would send so many gifts to her?

"You don't know that yet, do you? I'm here to congratulate you on purpose. The promotional advertisement you and Mr. Charles have shot is very popular. Now everyone is busy ordering the "pale moonlight" cosmetics!" The fat director said as if he was asking for credit, hoping to be praised by everyone.

Charles looked normal when he heard this. He had already known about it. After all, this kind of advertisement was closely related to the products. If it could be promoted, it could also improve the reputation of the products.

But to his surprise, the advertising advertisement he shot by Bella received such a big response. These days, he often received gifts from his fans in the hospital, but they were all quietly handled by him. Otherwise, he really couldn't put these places in the ward.

Bella had been worrying about Charles and Michelle these days.

behind her back.

But... Who would do that? What good would it do to him?

At this time, she saw the live news on TV, and saw that Emily was being interviewed by a group of reporters. Those reporters asked her how to think of the star endorsement.

Michelle: "About this matter, I believe that Bella is innocent. There must be someone behind it. I hope you don't lose your ability to think because of some people's one-sided words. If Bella is really as bad as they said, I won't ask her to endorse this product."

"Excuse me... What do you think of the advertising of Bella and the CEO of Si Group? Has Mr. Si been affected by this matter?" A reporter asked.

"I support Mr. Si, because there was a shortage of actors on the film set at that time. I really appreciate Mr. Si's spirit of volunteering, and the final effect of the advertisement to the audience is also commendable. I don't know whether he is affected by this matter or not."

Michelle said seriously, as if she had made up her mind in advance.

Bella thought for a while and felt that she must have found the culprit who bought off the water army this time.

This news was a live broadcast. She carefully observed the background behind Michelle and found that the place was not far from her place. She could arrive there in a few minutes by driving.

She had to explain it herself!

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