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   Chapter 49 Return To The Tiger's Den

Fall For You At The First Sight And Everyday By Xiang Si Characters: 6623

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Bella smelled a strong smell of disinfectant when she was sleeping.

She struggled to open her eyes, only to see a pale face and Charles sleeping on the bed next to her.

After a while, she came to her senses and realized that she must have been tricked by the private doctor called Crew!

She recalled the smiles he had shown to her before, which were obviously the smiles after his trick succeeded!

What could she do now? Of course, she was going to escape from Charles again!

Then she found that her limbs were weak, as if she had been anesthetic. She thought of the fragrance of lavender in that room. There must be some anesthetic in it. Otherwise, she wouldn't have slept from last night till now. Perhaps the drug hadn't taken effect yet.

Looking at Charles, who was still in sound sleep, she felt mixed feelings. She had thought so many ways to escape from him, but the destiny sent her back to him again.

She left without saying goodbye this time. According to Charles's bad temper, he must have been extremely irritated this time. Wouldn't it be worse for her to fall into his hands now?

Thinking of this, she even breathed lightly. She was afraid of waking him up, so that she could suffer later.

But lying on the bed and doing nothing, she felt bored after a long time.

She turned her head to observe Charles's sleeping face. They used to sleep after having sex, she had never watched carefully Charles's sleeping face.

At first glance, his face was firm, giving people a sense of security. A heroic spirit appeared between his eyebrows, which made his face a little more handsome. With a closer look, one could actually see a feminine beauty.

Bella admitted that she was a little moved. In fact, if this man could be kind to her, she wouldn't have run away.

"Bella... Bella Gu..."

Bella was startled. She thought she didn't make much noise. How could he wake up?

Silence followed. Bella opened her eyes again and found that he was j

ul this woman was, she couldn't escape from his control in the end.

He continued to tease, "As a mistress, you should have self-awareness. I won't pursue what you have done before. Remember to conduct yourself well in the future."

He liked the feeling of being superior to Bella, whether in bed or in reality.

Although sometimes Bella's discomfort also made him uncomfortable, he could not resist this kind of pleasure. He had thought that Bella] had been out of his control, and he began to be anxious and uneasy, but now she was back, and everything was still the same as before.

Seeing that Bella was about to leave, he pulled her into his arms. He bit her ear affectionately, even bleeding. He wanted to leave his marks on her body, both inside and outside.

Just like a pet dog was lost, the logo on its neck would let people who had seen it know that it had a master, so they would obediently return it to the master.

Bella felt that her ears were about to be bitten off by him. She struggled and bumped into the table aside. Fortunately, Charles protected her, or she would also be injured.

"I found that... You are becoming more and more impudent recently."

Charles still didn't let her go, even though his body was hurt. But he really wanted to hold her like this till the end of his life.

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