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   Chapter 48 Crew

Fall For You At The First Sight And Everyday By Xiang Si Characters: 6938

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Charles didn't see Bella until the morning of the second day. At that time, she was still in a deep sleep, motionless like a dead pig.

It was Crew who sent her back. Seeing Charles's angry face, he was still as cynical as before and played a joke on Charles.

"What? Your wife left you? Are you angry because of that?" Looking at the smiling face of Crew, Charles had an impulse to give him a punch. This guy couldn't tell the importance of the matter. It was not appropriate time for him to grin cheekily in front of Charles at this very moment.

"How did you find her?" Charles exuded an air of tenderness and relaxed calm as he looked at Bella, who was in her deep sleep on the bed next to him.

"I saw her wandering on the street alone last night. She was so pitiful that I took her home and she stayed here for a night." Crew stressed the second half of the sentence, as if he was deliberately provoking Charles. Charles would have given him a hard punch if they hadn't know each other well.

"Oh?" Si Charles raised his eyebrows, which meant this woman was now too free in her behavior. She even had the temerity go to any man's house to stay overnight at her will!

"Well, she just stayed in my house for one night. If I didn't do that, how could I bring her here?" Crew shrugged.

In fact, the fragrance of lavender in that room had a sleeping effect. Ordinary people would sleep at least twenty-four hours after smelling it. Since the smell was concocted by Crew himself, it would bring no side effect to pregnant woman.

"Okay." Charles replied indifferently. Although Crew truly had helped him a lot, he was not grateful to him at all. He had already shown much tolerance for not blaming Crew since he took upon himself the responsibility to bring Bella to his house.

Crew stopped grinning cheekily as he noticed the veins on Charles's left arm bulged slightly. He didn't want to be beaten black and blue.

Crew changed the subject and said, "But I do have to remind you that it's not easy for a woman to be away from home. You should take good car


"Don't worry. I have no interest in mentioning the old stories. Please don't mention it to me anymore, or I will have an illusion that I am in collusion with you. After all, you know, the labyrinth of complicated relations among rich and powerful families is not something I dare to provoke. So... Is that okay for you?"

Crew knew that if he continued to talk with this woman, it would be endless. Instead, he preferred to enjoy the full garden scenery and feel the breath of nature. Standing here, people would be much calmer.

No wonder the old director liked to play with flowers and plants so much. It made sense.

Seeing that he didn't want to talk to her, Michelle suddenly thought of Bella.

"Well... You and Bella... What's your relationship?" If he and Bella worked together to deal with her, she would have no chance of winning. Even Charles would leave her in the end.

"It was just a chance acquaintance," Crew said lightly. Although Crew was telling her the truth, she felt they were very close.

"That's good. I hope you stay away from Bella."

"You two are so interesting. Why are you both so interested in Bella?" Crew said with a fake smile. It was hard to tell whether he was mocking or something else.

But the message he conveyed was that Charles also took Bella seriously. Michelle sighed heavily and enunciated slowly, "I see. Thank you."

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