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   Chapter 31 His Fury

Fall For You At The First Sight And Everyday By Xiang Si Characters: 6728

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Charles still remained sceptical about the middle-aged man's words and made a phone call to her to come here for confrontation. The voice over the phone was very calm, as if she didn't know what was happening here at all.

Charles looked at Bella who was lying aside and felt a lingering fear. If he hadn't come here in time, would this woman be raped tonight? He suddenly had an impulse to protect her, but he didn't know what to do.

Michelle came very soon. She was quite composed as if it was none of her business.

Charles frowned, "Why did you do that?"

In fact, when Michelle received his phone call, she had already been mentally prepared. After all, he knew about it. Michelle smiled and said in confusion, "I don't know what happened."

Charles said with complicated expression, "Michelle, maybe, Bella was innocent." Looking at gullible and feeble Bella who was still lying on the ground, he began to doubt his original judgment.

The smile on Michelle's face froze. She pointed at Bella and said, "You said she was innocent? Who killed my father and who forced me to leave?"

Her tears fell naturally at this time, and her words revealed her fate as a miserable woman.

If Bella was sober at this time, she would probably jump up and beat Michelle because what she said was not true at all.

Charles moved his lips but said nothing in the end. Indeed, it was Bella who made Michelle end like this. It was understandable if Michelle wanted to take reprisal against Bella.

But, there was no need to do that in such a way. Anyway they were all women.

"Well, now you know it, right?" Michelle giggled as if she was the victim.

Fortunately, Bella was safe in the end. Charles sent her back to the villa to get her nursed back to health.

As for Michelle, he felt it necessary to talk to her.

After his conversation with Michelle, he learned that Bella had already secretly found a job behind his back. She seemed to be in desperate need of money so she begged Michelle to get he

d physically. Sometimes, when he saw her, he was like an addict who saw a pot and couldn't extricate himself from smoking.

At least at this moment, he was deeply infatuated with her eyes full of fear and confusion.

Before leaving, he specially said to her, "As for the company you worked for... I've already bought it. Maid is the right job for you."

Charles meant what he said. At dawn the second day, Bella was called to clean the windows and floor by the butler. As for the other servants, they were busy packing their luggage.

She knew that Charles was playing tricks on her, but what could she do? She couldn't swap their position right now.

If that day really comes, she would definitely torture Charles and let him know how hard she was now.

"Miss Bella, it's time to cook." The butler reminded.

Bella had to put down the broom and went to the kitchen to make breakfast. However, due to the high temperature, the omelets and bacon were fried. Even the bread gave off a smell of burning.

When she put them on the table, Michelle said with a sneer, "You have probably forgot how to cook. How can you stay here any longer with such skills?"

Bella rolled her eyes at Michelle. She hadn't got even with Michelle for her artifice, yet now Michelle was gaining the upper hand by picking holes in her cooking skills.

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