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   Chapter 14 Bella Got Pregnant

Fall For You At The First Sight And Everyday By Xiang Si Characters: 7217

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In the following days, Charles was rarely seen. Nobody knew what business he was busy with.

Truth be told, this was not the life Bella wanted. But then again, that meant she live a stable life for at least a few days.

Since she threw up the fried eggs that day, there had never been fried eggs in her dishes.

One day, Bella got up at noon. Although the butler had prepared sumptuous dishes for her, the sight of the dishes only made her want to vomit. Even the smell was too greasy for her.

As usual, all the dishes were taken away. Bella thought it over and felt that something must be wrong.

For these days, she wouldn't want to get out of bed. Her reduced appetite and very little food intake had made her much slimmer than before. If it weren't for the fact that Charles was busy these days, she would definitely not be able to bear the way he tortured her in the past.

Her reduced appetite just happened without any reason, Bella thought it was better to go to the hospital to have a check. By the way, she could pay a visit to her mom.

No sooner said than done. The butler immediately arranged an ordinary sedan to send her out as he was informed of her intention.

Although Bella was banned for the moment, Bella still covered herself well and went out in a low profile to avoid any unnecessary commotion.

Upon arriving at the hospital, she went to visit her mom and had a long chat. Then she went to check her physical condition alone.

Having learnt her condition, the doctor arranged a B-ultrasonic examination for her.

Inexperienced as Bella was, she roughly guessed what was going on with her. Anyway, she had read so many film scripts.

As her B-ultrasonic examination done, Bella sat straight in the chair. Perturbed in mind, she even wanted to leave the hospital directly without learning her check result.

"Miss, congratulations! You are pregnant."

"What? Pregnant? "

Her heart was almost in her throat as her B-ultrasonic examination result came out. Trembled, she reached out her right hand and got her report. The word 'pregnant' only send her heart twitch violently. Unexpectedly, he was pregnant...

"Thank you..."

Bella walked out of the ward and slouched on the bench dejectedly. She had no idea whether it was good or bad news. After a long time, even the bodyguard had run out his patience and went into the hospital to look for her.

The bodyguard found her on the bench in the corridor. Being in a daze, Bella sat there silently, like a puppet whose soul had been extracted.

It made the bodyguard's heart ache to see her like this.

Bodyguard walked forward and asked, "Miss Gu, what happened?"

Bella looked up blankly. Seeing the concerned look in the bodyguard's eyes, she suddenly had an impulse to cry, but she held it back anyway.

After a few deep breaths, Bella only shook her head and said calmly, "Nothing! I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Let's go back!"

After saying that, Bella rose to her feet. Maybe because she had been sitting there for too long or because she was too weak, her feet became soft and she fell forward. Subconsciously, she reached out her hands to protect her lower abdomen.

There was a little life there!

Fortunately, the bodyguard was quick enough to hold Bella in time. Otherwise, the consequences would be unknown!

An outsider he was, Bella's pale face and emaciated body still aroused the bodyguard's compassion. He couldn't help but ask with concern, "Miss Gu, are you really okay? Do you need...?

Bella knew what the bodyguard was going to say. She waved her hand, indica

ting that she was fine. Then she stood up straight and walked forward step by step.

The bodyguard sighed a silent breath behind her. This woman would never succumb to hardship!

After returning to the villa, the butler noticed Bella's absent-minded look and wanted to ask what was going on. However, he finally refrained from posing any question out of Bella's icy manner.

After entering her bedroom, Bella locked herself in it and habitually sat in front of the French window. Only the scenery outside could make her feel a little peaceful.

The B-ultrasonic examination report was beside her. She still remembered the doctor's faint congratulations to her as he gave her the report.

Bella reached out to touch her lower abdomen, and the corners of her mouth curved slightly. It was just like a magical thing to her as she thought that she was having a bun in the oven.

However, as Charles's face crept into her mind, the smile on her face suddenly froze. Although he hated her much, he should love his own child, shouldn't he?

Or else, it was just agony to give birth to that baby.

Or maybe he would ask her to have an abortion.

Bella smiled bitterly. There was never any contraceptive measures between them. This time it seemed the Luck Fairy forgot to favor her.

But what should she do with this unborn baby?

Bella took out her phone. She really wanted to call her mother and ask her to make a decision for herself. But on second thought, Bella abandoned the idea of calling her mom. Having no knowledge of her current relationship with Charles, her mother would definitely be happy to let her keep the child!

Bella had no choice but to put down her phone in silence. As night fell, it was getting darker and darker, her heart was also getting colder and colder.

All of a sudden, she thought of something and immediately stood up, folded her B-ultrasonic examination report and put it into the cabinet.

It happened so suddenly that she hadn't figured out how to tell Charles. She'd better try it out first and then talk about it later.

As soon as Bella put the report away, the door was suddenly pushed open.

She looked over in panic and happened to meet Charles's cold eyes.

Seeing Bella standing in front of the cabinet in a daze and looking a little panic as she saw himself, Charles wondered if she had hidden something.

"What are you doing here?" Charles approached Bella and put ice in his voice.

Bella shook her head indifferently, "Nothing, I was just packing up some stuff."

Hearing Bella's words, Charles's suppressed anger was ignited again.

He grabbed Bella's hands, pulled her over her head and pressed her against the cabinet.

Bella stared at Charles angrily, but as she thought of the baby in her womb, her attitude softened a lot. She remembered that it was often seen in TV dramas that after pregnancy, the mother must keep a good mood. Any bad temper or anger might affect the infant and lead to miscarriage.

Charles was a little surprised at her change, but he couldn't care so much. He hadn't touched her for several days, and now her smooth and tender skin only aroused his erotic lust.

The following activities were always the same as usual. Charles unfastened her clothes and got inside her body, each of his thrust violent and powerful. But this time, Bella chose to accept his attack meekly. She just hoped that her obedience could make his attack less violent.

Charles never stopped until his pleasure was satisfied. At this time, he began to notice Bella and saw her swollen groin and meek expression.

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